BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

??????????Episode 31

4 Day Trip

Jason quickly checked his watch and grabbed my hand.

“Come, we are late!” he said.

“Late for what?”

“Just wait. Hurry!” Jason said, helping me off of the edge.

We ran for the door and down the stairs. We rushed into the limo,

which drove us to the airport. We got on Jason’s private jet again

and it took of as soon as possible.

“Sleep, I’ll wake you up when we are there.” Jason said.

I nodded and soon I fell asleep to the soft hum of the airplane

and the way Jason’s arm keep on brushing my arm when he leans

Soon I was woken up by someone shaking my shoulders.

“Vanessa, wake up!” it was Jason.

I groaned, but reluctantly open my eyes. I squinted my eyes,

waiting for my eyes to adjust to the light.

“Are we there yet?” I said, my voice was hoarse.

“Yeah, hurry up!” Jason said.

I groaned agin and got up from my seat, smoothing my dress. I

followed Jason to the front of the jet and right away the cold air hit me in the face. I shivered.

“Here.” Jason said, handing me his jacket. I took it without a
second thought.

“Thanks.” I said, looking around, this place was lit up with mini

lanterns. I squint my eyes, trying to have a better view of the dark

surrounding. Their was small, half – bloomed cherry blossoms on a

half – bared tree. There were small house mad out of wood a little

farther down. And I could see a mountain a head of me.

I grinned, I knew where we were. Japan.

“Jason!” I exclaimed, “We are in Japan!”

Jason rolled his eyes and smirked a little.

“What are we doing here?” I asked.

“Eating sushi.” he said, “Each year, this place,” he pointed to a

big, wooden sushi palace, “they have an eat – all – you – can day. You

would pay $25 and you could eat as much sushi as you want.”

I smiled. I like it here too.

“Can we go inside now?” I asked, a little impatient.

Jason laughed as he slide the wooden door open.

We got inside and there were plenty of people.

“They make the best sushi here.” Jason said to me.

“How may I help you?” a waitress asked with a Japanese accent.

“I reserved a table here, the Cohens’.” Jason said.

The waitress quickly nodded, “Oh yes, follow me.”

We followed her to the corner of the room, where where was a

I sat down next to the window, the slide the window open and

gasped at the sight. You could see the moon, Mount Fiji and have a

perfect view of the near by cherry – blossom field. And it didn’t feel

cold sitting next to the window.

“Do you like it here?” Jason asked, grinning.

“No, I love it here!” I said, smiling at him as he read the menu

with the English translation.

“Do you eat sushi?” Jason asked.

“Yeah – oh, Miss, I would like to order something. I would like to

have 4 peice of California roll, 2 eel handroll, 6 peice of salmon

without spice and I would like a cup of green tea, please.” I said.

Jason gave me his lopsided – smile. I laiughed a little.

“And you, sir?” she asked.

“I would like 6 peice of salmon, 4 peice of spicy tuna, 2 dragon

handrolls, 2 crunchy eel with spice and a cup of Jasmine tea,
please.” Jason said.

She walked away to get the other table’s order

The food came and it was amazing.

“Mmm, I love this place, we should come back here.” I said,
eating my handroll.

He nodded, stuffing a crunchy eel in his mouth.

I laughed a little watching him mouth with such a big peice in his mouth.

“The crunchy eel is amazing! It’s too bad you didn’t order any.”

Jason said, swaying the peice of sushi in front of me.

I grabbed one of the peice of crunchy roll from his tray and

stuffed it in my mouth as I watch his shocked expression.

I swallowed, smiling in satifaction.

“What was – ”

“You stole my lunch, isn’t is going to be fair if I steal some of your

dinner and that ‘some’ means 1 peice of sushi.” I said.

“But that’s a whole different story. You couldn’t finish your lunch

so I have to help, you don’t want to waste food right??” Jason said,

“And that means that I get to take a sushi from you because you stole mine for a no good reason.”

And before I refused, he grabbed my last peice of slamon (my favorite one) and stuffed it in his mouth.

My jaws dropped, “THAT IS SO NOT FAIR!!” And I quickly leaned

forward and stole another sushi from him. I smiled, because that was his last peice.

We kept on stealing each other’s sushi, until I complained, “Time

out! This game is not fair! You eat faster than me and you ate more than me. You have to stop.”

Jason chuckled, “Awhh, that’s too bad, right??”

I slapped Jason’s arm playfully, “Shut up elephant!”

He laughed.

I crossed my arms, “Fine, let’s have a mini contest.”

Jason immeditatly stopped laughing.

“Ok, we will see who eats more sushi and you said that this is a eat – all – you – can – sushi palace, right?”

He nodded, while smirking.

“Ok, bring it on. Excuse me, may you bring 2 plates of California

rolls, please?” I asked the waitress.

She nodded.

“For your information, a plate of sushi has 24 sushi you know that right?” Jason said.

I shrugged, “I don’t care.” I said, smiling.

The food came and I smiled my devil smile, “Bring it on,


“I will, sweet cheeks.” he said, smirked.

I laughed a little, before starting to dig into my plate of food.

After 2 and a half plates, I rested my chin on the table. I groaned

a little, as I feel my stomach squeezed.

“Oh my god, how did I even get pass 1 and a half plates?” I said

to myself, “Ahhhh, I feel sick.”

Jason softly chuckled. I didn’t know how he ate 3 and a half

plates of sushi. He is one true elephant.

“I feel like I want to throw up, but the food wouldn’t come up.”

“You want to get some rest, I think you would feel better

afterwards.” Jason said.

I nodded.

We got into the limo that was heading to our reserved hotel room.

“Vanessa I got to tell you something.”

I nodded telling him to.go ahead.

“About the room, there wasn’t enough room, so I only reserved 1 room . . .”

“That’s fine.” I said.

“And that means that there is one bed.”

I turned to him with my.eyes widened.

“Look, I tried, but all of the 2 beded rooms ran out and that was

the only hotel that isn’t 20 miles away.” Jason said just as we pulled up to the hotel.

“It’s fine, Jason.” I said, hoping that my voice sounds certain.

We got out of the door and headed for the wooden hotel building.

Inside was nice and warm. The light was dim saying that most

people were asleep.

“Hi, we reserved 318 under the name of Jason Cohens.” he said

to the lady at the front desk. She nodded heading him the keys.

We made our way to 318 and found out 2 things. One, our bags

of clothes are there already and two, there was no bed. Instead,

there was a bog, thick blanket with 2 pillows right next to each other and a blanket for covering.

“Wow, this is an interesting ‘bed’.” I said.

“This is the Japanese style.” Jason said, rminding me of where we are.

I nodded.

“The bathroom is over there.” Jason said. I nodded again.

After I took a shower, I thanked Jason mentally for buying me

clothes, because I didn’t want to sleep in a dress.

I quickly got into bed and tried to sleep as soon as possible

before Jason comes out of the bathroom because knowing that he is

lying next to me isn’t helping me fall asleep, but knowing that he will lie down next to me also didn’t help.

But it wasn’t long before he came out of the bathroom in only a

boxer. I blushed, but quickly squeezed my eyes shut when he looked my way.

He chuckled a little. I opened my eyes and blushing.

He lay down next to me and my heart picked up.

I just ly down on the bed, trying to pretend that he isn’t there so

that I could at least get a wink of sleep. But as time passed, the room grew really quiet and cold.

“Jason?” I whispered softly, trying to see if he is still awake. I shivered in the coldness.

There was a moment of silence, before he answered me, “Yes?”

His voice was hoarse, which told me that I woke him up.

“Can you turn on the heat? I’m cold.” I said as I rubbed my arm.

“Now you tell me?” Jason whispered, “Come closer to me.”

I scotched on a little closer to him and just by moving this closer

to him, I could feel his body heat.

“You never asked about turn on the heat, ok?!” I said.

Jason put his arm around me and pushed my back closer to him.

I could feel the sparks that was rushing from his bare skin to me and

I could feel his heat go through my thin layer of clothes. My folded

arms were the only thing that was seperating my pounding heartbeat

from his chest. I blushed.

“Shut up, sweet cheeks.” Jason whispered, his voice sounded
really tired, “Sleep.”

I couldn’t help, but smile of how comfortable I was feeling, “Good night.”

I gave one big yawn and fell into a deep sleep after.

Maybe sleeping next to him wasn’t that bad. I liked sleeping next

to him, under his warm arm, he made me feel like I am safe. I really like being near him.

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