BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

??????????Episode 28

Full Moon


That was gross, I just ate a deer.

I tried to show how much I hate it and tried to eat as little as

possible. I just felt bad for that poor animal. Well, it at least stop my

stomach from rumbling.

We walked around the forest, enjoying nature. It was nice, the

forest was beautiful and the gentle breeze was comforting.

What do we do next?

I don’t know, what do you have in mind?

I don’t know, nothing?

Than let’s just walk around

We walked around the forest. I saw birds, but I didn’t dare to kill another animal.

Jason, do –

There was long howl through out the forest.

What was –

Than, following that, there was a loud screech.

Pure V@mpires. Vanessa, run!!!

Jason said. Jason started running.

I was really confused.

Jason, what –

I’ll explain later!!

My heart raced.

Than I heard a screech come closer to me.

My heart pounded.

I dared myself to turn my head a little and look.

My heart stopped.

It was nothing like the v@mpire that I’ve seen the other day in the

forest. The vampire’s eyes were completely yellow with no pupil and

their skin was whiter than milk.

The vampire screeched again, reviewing all of the sharp teeth

that looks deadlier than knives. Their claws reached out, trying to

scratch me. Their nails were long and yellow, covered with dirt.

My heart pound on my chest as the v@mpire moved closer and
closer to me.

I turned back, forcing myself to run as fast as I could go.

I don’t know why I feel the argue to turn back and look at the

v@mpire again. I turned my head once again and right when that

happen, the vampire clawed the side of my face.

I let out a scream.


The scratch was pain, more pain than any other scratch. The

scratch burned like someone putting little fires on it and I could feel my cheeks slowly swollen.

Are you ok?

My cheek’s pain took too much of my attention for me to reply
back to Jason.

When unexpectedly, Jason turned around and pounded on the

v@mpire the way he pounded on the prey before.

The vampire let out a screech again, when Jason growled at him.

I stopped running and I use my front paw to touch the side of my

face. The blood were dripping and it kept on hurt more and more.

I looked at Jason and I wanted to help and not just sit on the side

and watch them eat each other.

I was about to help when Jason puts his paws on the screeching

v@mpire’s chest and bring his teeth up to his neck and tear it off. The v@mpire’s body throbbed just before it’s body turn into dust and disappeared.

If my paw could cover my mouth, I would have done it.

Vanessa, are you ok?

I ran to him, feeling scary because what happens if the v@mpire

would reappear just like how the vampire disappeared.

I didn’t really understand what Jason was doing, but he rubbed

his neck against my neck. It felt good, feeling his fur against my skin.

I felt like I want to faint from the neck – to – neck contact.

Dazed, I nodded slowly.

Good, did he scratch you?

Jason asked. I didn’t know if he was mad or relieved or anything.

I nodded.

Let me see

I turned my head sideways slowly so that he could see it.

Does it still hurt?

I nodded.

Stay still

Jason took a step closer to me and I could feel his warm breath. I

shivered a little. He leaned in and l!cked my scratch gently. My chest

tighten as I felt the sparks flying off of his t0ngue and the burning

sensation on my cheeks. I didn’t know if it was disgusting or

comfortable feeling his warm t0ngue against my skin.

He l!cked my scratch again.

This time, my stomach squeezed tightly and my breath quickened

as his’s tongue’s hot trail lingered in the air.

Even when he stepped back, I felt like I want to puke (in a good way).

Breath. I have to remind myself to breath before I really faint.

Are you tired?

I notice that some of the pain went away. I smiled.

I nodded.

The sun is setting anyways, let’s sleep


Jason didn’t replay, all he did was walk off, I just followed him.

Once or twice, I turned back to see if there are going to be any more vampire attacks.

Relax, they are not going to come back

I blushed, I felt like he could read my mind perfectly when I

couldn’t even hear his thoughts or feel his emotions.

We kept on walking into the forest until we found a prefect spot

that was completely covered with un – stepped glass and a spot that

I didn’t refuse to sleep on.

I sighed and lay down.

Jason lay down next to me, turning so that he would face me. I

blushed, I hate those moments when you are very tired and when

someone stared at you when you are trying to sleep and suddenly

you sudden don’t feel sleepy anymore.

I turned my back towards him.

I quietly watch as the sun slowly set.

Some of the scenes from today flashed before me as I smiled in approval or frowned in disgust.

But I didn’t know why can’t I sleep. Is it because he is right next to

me or is it because the way he made contact with my cheek and

neck? Or is it because the day was very intense, interesting and . . . different?

I kept on thinking and thinking about Jason. When suddenly, I

realize that he could be listening to my thinking if he is awake. My heart pounded.

Please, he can’t be listening to my thoughts now. I would die of embarrassment!!!

I quickly turned around to see if his eyes are closed.


I asked, as my paw touched his paw to see if he would react to

that. And just by that little contact, my whole body tingled and

warmth spread through me.

Are you awake?

I asked softly.

He didn’t say anything.

He’s asleep!! YES!

I smiled to myself. I am so glad.

I was about to turn around and sleep when I decided to look at

Jason for a moment.

I didn’t know how long that ‘for a moment’ was, but I could tell it

was a very long time because I started to feel sleepy.

Jason, I just wanted to thank you for today because it was

beautiful and I would surely treasure this day with all of my heart. I

didn’t know why I didn’t thank you – well, it’s probably because I don’t

have the guts to say it. Jason, I am really sorry for what I did to you

to make you that mad at me. I really didn’t mean to make you that

mad . . . I am so sorry. Why didn’t you just tell me what happen,

instead? So that I would know and I will promise that wouldn’t do it

again . . . And you know I found your ring. Remember that promise

ring that you gave me? I got it back . . . Jason, I want you to keep

your promise. I really, really want you to. Or maybe you don’t have to

anymore because I think it is coming true now . . . Jason, I don’t

know when this happened and how this happened, but it just did. . .

And my feelings is really starting to get stronger and stronger. . . It’s

so strong, I can’t ignore it anymore. It’s like there in my chest and it

will always be there, it can’t and wouldn’t go away. And I want to tell

you right now . . . I always wanted to, but I know that you would think

otherwise. I know that I will never be your type . . . even if I am your

mate . . . But I really want to tell you how I feel, I want to tell

someone how I feel about you . . . I – I really, really like you, Jason.

Jason . . . Jason, I think I might even be falling in love with –

I didn’t have the energy to complete the sentence before a

sudden wave of sleepiness hit me and I blacked out.

What, Vanessa? Say it Vanessa . . . say it . . .


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