BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

??????????Episode 33

4 Day Trip


“Oh. My. God. I’ve never been this tired in my whole entire life.” I

said, throwing myself on the seats of the private jet.

Jason’s head plopped on my shoulders as he whispered, “I


“Do you do this all of the time?”

He didn’t answer.

“I mean surfing?” I asked.

“No, I only surf a couple of time. I don’t have time. But when I do

surf, I surf until I am so tired or until I am freezing cold.” he said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because it is a few time life opportunity.”

“Don’t you go here all of the time?”

“Yeah, but I don’t have time. I come here either for family, visit or

business. Barely here for vacation.” he said.

I nodded and we just sat there for a long time before I asked,

“Where are we going?”

“Somewhere.” he said, looking up at me from my shoulder.

“Why do you never tell me?” I asked.


“Because what? You can’t just speak in fragments.” I said.

“Yes, I can.”

“No, you can’t.”

“Yes, I can.” he said.

“No!” I said.

“See, that was a fragment. Telling me not to speak in fragments

and now there you are speaking in fragments. What a hypocrite.” he

said, laughing a little to himself.

“You know what? Shut up!” I said, sitting up, jerking my shoulders

away from his head as he continued to laugh.

“Ahh, the puppy finally admit that she was going against herself.”

Jason said, leaning in towards me. I hate how he is always close

towards me, making me feel a lot of affection and how you don’t look

like he have any from me.

“Shut up!” I said, turning away from him, “I am going to sleep.”

“Wait,” he said, “before you do, you have to change into this.” He

snapped his fingers and a lady carrying my clothes came. She was

carrying a short, black dress.

It was beautiful, but the first thing that came into my mind was

that Jason is going to see my underwear again.

“No, that’s not going to happen again, I promise.” he said.

Again, here he is reading my mind and I can’t even sense a slight of his emotion.

“Can you please not read my mind, it is kinda . . . uncomfortable.”

I said, trailing off.

” I am just making sure that when I do I don’t hear any naughty

thoughts about me.” Jason said, smirking.

My jaws dropped, “WHAT?! I never thought of you like that! I

swear! I never did! And I am not as inappropriate! Oh. My. God!”

Jason continued to laugh by the way I was responding to him. but

he stopped laughing when I turned around and tried to sleep.

“Ok, fine, I’m sorry I won’t do that again.” he said. I turned back around.

“And also I don’t have to wear that dress.” I said.

“You have to wear it!” he said.

“Why’s that?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Because we are going to a 7 star restuarant and you don’t want

to walk in wearing a pair on skinny jeans and a tank top. You have to

dress you impress.” he said.

“By the way, if you didn’t know I wasn’t born yesterday, there is

no such thing as a 7 star restuarant.” I said.

“I am just trying to give you an image on how rich that place is.” He said.

“Ohhhhh, what a nice image I am see at the ‘7 star restuarant’.” I

said sarcastically. Jason gave me his lopsided smile.

“Fine.” I said, getting up to go to the bathroom to change.

I put on the dress. I could tell that it was an expensive dress and

it was REALLY short. It was a little higher than mid thighs.

I walked out of the bathroom to find that Jason changed into his tux.

“We’re almost there, put on your seatbelt.” he said.

The plane landed and the limo was waiting for us there. It was

breezy, but not freezing cold. I looked around still have no idea

where we were. Being in the limo and driving around made me think that we are in a nig city.

Than all of the sudden the Effiel Tower came in view.

“We are in Paris, France! France! Oh. My. God. I’ve wanted to

visit this place!” I said, beaming at Jason. Of course, he could smirk

like he knows everything.

“Glad you like it.” he said.

“I love it!” I said.

The car stopped in front of a super fancy restuarant. I couldn’t

read the name of it because it was in French. I was kinda glad that I

did what Jason told me to do because if I didn’t I would probably look

like a donkey in a resturant.

“What’s this?” I asked, smiling at Jason.

He helped me step out of the car, “The most well known and best

resturant in all of France.”

“I kinda guess.” I said. Of course, he would pick somewhere

super expensive and the best of the all best.

We walked in and the cool air hit me.

I gasped when I was inside, all I could ever see was desserts,

desserts and more desserts.

“Wait, aren’t we eating dinner?” I asked, turning back to him.

“Did I say that?” he asked, “I said we were going to a very fancy place.”

Mentally, I check off ‘visiting Paris, France’ and ‘eating only

dessert for dinner’ among a bunch of things on my bucket list.

“This is heaven!” I said as I walked up a cupcake and shoved it in

my face. I moaned in delight as the chocolate slowly melted on my

tongue. I love this. I grabbed a crepe covered with chocolate with

bananas and strawberries top and shoved it down my mouth, “I think

I am going to eat everything when I leave.”

“There are plenty more than over there.” Jason said, pointing to

the end of the room. I grabbed a cheesecake and took a big bite of it.

“That’s good!” I said as I continued chewing. I put it down and

grabbed a vanillla cake and shoved a big piece in my mouth. I

nodded in satisfaction. This was surely the best of all of the best

place to eat dessert. I grabbed a piece of brownie and shoved it in my mouth.

“This is the best brownie that I’ve ever ate!!!” I said, pointing to it.

Jason walked over and grabbed a peice. He made a face.

“Too sweet.” he said.

“Are you retarded? This is Sweet Heaven, there are only sweet

stuff.” I said, putting a cream puff in my mouth.

He shrugged, “I’m not even hungry anyways.”

I shrugged, “You’re just going to miss this beautiful chance to eat

whatever sweet you want for dinner.” I put a peice of sweet bread in my mouth.

“I could come here whenever I want.” he said, sipping his cup of coffee.

I shoved a chocolate macaroon in my mouth. Macaroons were

always my favorite and this macaroon is the best. I shoved a

vanilla macaroon in my mouth and than another macaroon.

“That’s funny, you eat like a pig, but you’re underweight.” he said.

I shoved a peice of chocolate croissant in my mouth.

I shrugged, “I don’t know why, when I eat,” I paused, putting

another peice of chocolate croissant in my mouth before continuing,

“it goes to my stomach and than a few second later it is all gone.” I

bit into a blueberry pie.

Jason snorted.

“It’s like magic.” I said, eating a peach pie and than an apple pie

afterwards, “It’s like God forbid me for being fat so he helps me out a little.”

I put a piece of flan in my mouth.

“Oh, you’re gonna be fat after this.” he said, nodding towards the

sweets. I put a piece of sweet french rolls in my mouth.

“I don’t think so.” I said, putting a piece of glazed donut in my

mouth, “What makes you think that I don’t eat this much at home?”

I bit into a strawberry covered chocolate. Jason laughed at me,

but I ignored him.

“Woah, you could slow down.” he said, “You’re going choke and

these food are not going to go away.” he said. I shoved a

spongecake in my mouth.

I shrugged.

“I love it so much!” I said, putting a chocolate eclair in my mouth,

“OMG! This is so good!”

“Pick one last food.” Jason said, as I shoved a jelly – filled donut in my mouth.

“What?! What do you mean?” I asked. I put a chocolate muffin in my mouth.

“I’m not going to wait for you.” he said.

“What?! But you said that the food wouldn’t go away.” I said,

putting into my raspberry pudding.

“But I am not going to wait for you to try every single food, that

will take forever and you will have a stomach ache.” he said, I

shoved another cupcake in my mouth.

“What?! Please, not yet, please Jason!” I said as I shoved a

piece of fruit tard in my mouth.

“Hurry up, I’ll give you 10 more second.” he said. I quickly

grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and eat it. I grabbed a sugar bread

stick and took a big bite. These food was amazing and I want to eat

as much as possible.

“Ok, time’s up, let’s go.” he said, grabbed my wist.

“Jason, no not yet!” I said.


“Please, please, I beg you.”

“But you must go afterwards.” he said.

“Fine, fine, I just want to grab one more thing before I go.” I said

and walked over the macaroon. I grabbed a chocolate macaroon.

Chocolate macaroons were my favorite. I muched on it. I munched

on my macaroon while we were in the car until I finished it.

I glance over at Jason, but he was too busy texting on his phone.

Great, I have nothing to do now.

“Wait, close your eyes.” he said breaking the silence.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to do something for you,” he said.

“Fine.” I said. I closed my eyes and I felt a blind – fold over my eyes.

“Remember the beginning of the year? We did it, now we just

have to do it again.” Jason whispered in my ear. I shivered a little.

“All you have to do is trust me,” he said, “You still trust me right?”

I nodded.

The car came to a stop.

“Good.” he said. I could feel his warmth moving away from me

until I heard the door open. He slowly and gently took my wist and helped me out of the car.

“Here, slowly walk.” he whispered in my ear. The hair on my neck

stood up and my heartbeat picked up.

I slowly walked as I feel Jason’s hand on my back guiding me.

“Ok, stop right here.” he said. I stopped walking. I could smell his

cologne in the breezy. I smiled a little.

I could feel Jason’s hand removing the blind – fold, “Leave it close.”

I really wanted to open my eyes and see what was going on, but I

didn’t. I didn’t want to. I wanted it to surprise me when he wanted it to surprise me.

I could feel Jason put a box in my hand.

“Ok, turn this way.” he said, holding my shoulders.

“Ready, set, go.” Jason whispered. I was really confused by what

he was say until I hear a high pitch puuppppp.

“Open your eyes.”

I opened my eye just in time to see a firework show in front of

me. My mouth hung. I looked down to my hand and saw a box. I

opened it and smiled like a cr@zy woman when I saw macaroon.

“Jason . . . ” I said looking up. My heart stopped, noticing how

closer he was to me. My chest tightened when he eyes looked into

mine. My stomach twisted when he put his hand on the small of my

back and my breath was hitched in my throat when he spoke. His

breath warm, making me shiver and the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

He leaned in and whispered against my lips, “Happy Birthday.”

And than he kssed me. With the Effiel Tower behind Jason bright

and glow like it was the sun. With my favorite dessert in my hand.

With the firework exploding around me like the way I feel when he

touches me. With me and him together. It was a perfect moment. My perfect moment.


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