BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

????????Episode 23

The Night of Engagement

“Oh, honey, you look handsome!” mom exclaimed, adjusting my

I checked my reflection.

“Oh, good, you’re ready. I think Vanessa is ready too!” mom exclaimed.

She patted my hair and said, “I am so glad you made the right

She smiled and kssed my cheeks.

I adjusted my tie and combed my hair again.

Mom grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the guest room and
to my bedroom.

She threw the door open and immediately everyone in the room stopped moving.

Mom snapped her finger and all of the maiden rushed out of the

Vanessa was sitting on the chair. She was beautiful in that white

dress. The dress holds her figure perfectly and showed off her long legs.

I want to just seduce her right here.

Our eyes met for a moment before she looked away from me.

“Here, sit down.” Mom said, pointing at a spot next to Vanessa.

I sat down and mom grabbed one of my hand and one of

Vanessa’s hand, holding our hand together.

I could feel the tingling sensation coming from her hand.

I wanted to leave the world behind and hold her. I want to whisper

in her ears that I was really sorry and I want to ask if we could start over again.

“Look, I know that something is wrong, but its ok, sometimes we

all fight. But tonight, I beg you guys; please don’t make it look like

you guys are fighting. I need you guys to look like you love each

other, ok? Let’s just forget about the fight for tonight, ok?” mom said,

squeezing my hand.

I looked at Vanessa.

There was a knock on the door and dad came in.

“I think that both of you should go downstairs, there are a lot of

people who wants to see you.” Dad said.

“Don’t forget what I said!” mom said.

I stood up and hold out a hand to Vanessa. She took it and we

linked arms before we walked out of the room.

We walked down the stairs and immediately everyone started

saying praises to us.

“Look at that cute couple!”

“They look so lovely together!”

“Oh, they are beautiful!”

“G0sh, just look at them!”

“They were definity made for each other!”

We took a seat at a table at the front of the room.

Mom gets onto the stage with a microphone in her hand.

“Welcome everyone, welcome, thank you for coming to the Night

of Engagement Party!” mom said and everyone cheered, “As you all

know, I am Maria Cohen.”

“This has been a fantastic year having Vanessa and Jason

together. Vanessa is such a darling, she is so lovable, I want all of

you to met her! Vanessa and Jason, please stand up so everyone could see you.”

I took Vanessa’s hand and stood up with her.

I can feel Vanessa squeeze my hands and that made me smile,

knowing that she needs me when she feels nervous.

Everyone ohhhhh and ahhhhh.

I smirked.

“Don’t they just look fantastic together?”

The audiences agreed.

“Jason and Vanessa, darlings, please come up here.”

We linked arms and walked up on the stage. Vanessa squeezed
my arm this time.

I smiled, again, at that.

“Vanessa, I would like to have a few words from you.” Mom said,

smiling her billion dollar smile, while putting the microphone in front
of her.

Vanessa laughed nervously and said, “I – I don’t know. . .”

The audiences laughed. They quiet down before she said

“Hi, I’m Vanessa. I am really graceful to be here. Well, I also want

to say some thanks for certain people. Umm, I would like to start off

by thanking Mrs. Cohen for everything, for, ummm . . . bring us,

Jason and I, together and helping us through everything. I wouldn’t

be here with Jason, wearing this dress, feeling this if it wasn’t for

you. Umm, I also want to thank Mr. Cohen for helping me through all

of the health problems. I wouldn’t be standing here right now. I – I

also want to thank Jason . . .” she said, turning to me.

Her eyes drifted from my eyes to her feet. I wanted to hold her

chin so that she could look in my eyes forever. She nervously rubbed

her thumb with her index finger.

“For being there for me when I needed him and creating many

great memories with me. . . Yeah, and also, I want to thank everyone

that I know and I meet. Thank you.” She said, turning back to the audience.

Everyone clapped and Vanessa passed the microphone without
looking up.

“What about you, Jason?” mom asked.

I tolld the mircophone and smirked, feelings everyone’s attention on me.

“I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for me. I

am very graceful for having all of you by my side. I want you guys

have a have a great time here.”

Everyone clapped.

We got off the stage.

I looked at Vanessa from the corner of my eyes.

We took a seat and mom made the final speech.

Vanessa figet with the dress.

“Vanessa,” I said, breaking the silence between us.

She didn’t enough.

“Umm, listen, about yesterday’s night, I just want to say that I – I,

ummmm, – ”

“Look, Jason, I want to tell you along that I am sorry, I really didn’t

mean it and now I want to take back all of the words that I said to

you. Jason I really don’t want to fight anymore. But . . . But I get it. I

am just not your type of girl. It’s ok if you don’t feel the same way. I

get it if you don’t want to apologize.” she said, looking in my eyes.

There was sadness in her eyes. I want to wipe away the tear that

was about to come out and kiss her. I want to do whatever it take to make her happy.

“Vanessa, I -”

“Jason can you just leave it like that? I really don’t want to talk about it. – ”

“Vanessa!” one of her designers exclaimed.

I made a fist.

How dare she interrupt my conversation when I am talking to Vanessa?

“Come here!” she exclaimed, dragging Vanessa away.

When she was out of sight, I sighed and rubbed my temple.

Most of the night passed by and Vanessa was being introduced
to many people.

I walked over to the drink table and grabbed a whiskey.

I poured the whole thing in my mouth. I grabbed 2 more cups.

“Is there any water?” Vanessa asked, suddenly appearing by my

I looked at her, before realizing that it was her. I smiled, before chuckling.

“Water?” I asked, “When have you ever heard of water at a Night of Engagement party?”

“Hey! I never drank wine or beer or whatever there is before.”

She said, blushing.

I grinned, “There is beer, wine, whiskey and liquor here.”

“What am I suppose to drink?”

“Whatever you want to drink from this table.”

“Fine, is there any juice here?” she asked, peeking at all of the cups.

I smirked, “No, but there’s alcohol.”

“What is this?” she asked, pointing at the liquors.


She took a cup and took a sip.

She made a face and her face became to have a light shade of

I smiled.

“What about this?” she asked, pointing to the wine.


Again, she grabbed a cup and took a sip.

“Gross! It taste FAKE! It tastes like metal!” she said, when the cup was put down.

I laughed. “That why you don’t drink wine, you drink other things.”

She smiled a little.

“What is this?” She pointed to sakes.

“Japanese sakes,”

She grabbed it and drinks it.

“It taste weird,” she said.

I studied her carefully.

“Are you sure you want to continue drinking?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I like it; all of the weird taste and unique type in my mouth

– I like it.” She said, while nodding.

I raised my eyebrows.

“What is this?” she said, pointing at the Vodka.


She smiled.

“I’ve always wanted to try a Vodka!” she said.

She grabbed it and took a sip before she pours the whole thing in her mouth.

I chuckled, “D@mn, you drink a lot.”

She laughed, “But I am not an alcohol addict and this is my first time.”

“You drink a lot for a beginner.” I said.

“That’s ‘cause I like it!” she said, grabbing for another cup of Vodka.

I raised my eyebrows.

She put one of her hand on my shoulder and drank the whole

I chuckled.

“What’s this?” she asked, pointing to a glass cup.


“Ooooh, cocktail, I’ve always dreamt of drinking cocktails too!”

she said, grabbing it and pour the whole thing in her mouth.

“That tastes really good!” she said, grabbing another cup and
drank everything.

“You don’t know how to drink alcohols.” I laughing, shaking my head.

“Than how do you drink it?” she said.

“You don’t need to pour the whole thing in your mouth – it makes

you dizzy faster.” I said.

“Who cares?” she said, waving her hand, grabbed a Vodka and
drank everything.

I grinned.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Spirits,” I said.

“Spirits?” she asked. She grabbed the cup and poured everything

in her mouth.

She knitted her eyebrow and made a face.

She grabbed another cup of Vodka and drank everything.

“So, how was the night?” I asked, trying to get her attention from

drinking too much.

“Boring! It was so boring!” she said.

I chuckled and than, there was an awkward silence.

She grabbed her 5th cup of Vodka and drank the whole thing.

“Vanessa I think you are drinking too much.” I said.

She shrugged.

I shoved my hands in my pocket and looked around.

“Look, Vanessa,” I said and she nodded, looking into my eyes. I

notice that she was trying a bit pink.

“I wanted to tell you this, but you know . . . we were interrupted . .

. so what I want to say is that I am – ” Vanessa unconsciously fell

into my arms and I sighed.

“Vanessa?” I asked.

She groaned.

Someone gasped and I looked up; mom.

“Quickly, take her upstairs – I knew it, I should have gotten water

too!” she said, started getting mad at herself.

I lifted Vanessa and carried her bride style up the stairs and I

could hear the guest downstairs cheering.

I rolled my eyes.

I opened the door and laid Vanessa down.

I was about to pull away when an arm went around my neck.

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