BETROTHED : Episode 21 – The End


???She has supernatural powers???

??????????Episode 32

4 Day Trip


I woke up feeling the sun in my face. I leaned over and rubbed

my face before I felt like I am fully awake. I didn’t know why I was

smiling, but I couldn’t stop myself – maybe I am just a happy person.

I walked over to the bathroom when I hear the water running.

“Jason, could you please hurry up?” I asked.

“Oh, you’re awake!” he said.

I walked over to the shopping bag and tried to dig out something that I could wear today.

I hear the bathroom door slide open just as I turned around and

saw that Jason only has a towel wrapped around his waist. Water

ran down from his hair to his muscular chest. Just the sight of seeing him, made me blush like cr@zy.

I turned around and cleared my throat. “Umm, we went shopping

yesterday, so I am sure you have clothes.”

I knew that he was smirking behind my back, “I forgot to get it.” I

could almost hear the laughter than he was about to spill in his voice.

I grabbed my clothes and zoomed off to the bathrrom without a
backward glance.

I quickly showered and brushed my teeth. Outside I could hear

Jason get ready to leave.

“Are you done?” he asked.

“Yes!” I said as I threw the towel aside, stepping out of the bathroom.

“Wait for me at the limo, I am checking out.” he said. Our bags

were already loaded into the back of the limo. I got inside, and asked

the driver, “Excuse me sir, do you have any idea where we might to heading today?”

“Good morning, Ms. Cohen, sadly I don’t know where you guys

are going, but I am supposed to drive you to the airport.” he said.

“Thank you.” I said, shooting him a smile.

I sat down as Jason got into the limo.

We headed to the airport and got into Jason’s private jet.

“Good morning, Mr. and Ms. Cohen, this is Captain William Smith

again – ” the pilot continued to talk as jason said, “So how was yesterday?”

I shrugged, “Nuhh, it was ok.”

Jason smirked, brushing his index finger gently underneath my

chin. The movement brought back a memory. It reminded me of the

first time Jason had came into my life. The first time Jason actually

touched me – on my chin. It also reminded me that this was not the

first time I’ve sat on his jet. All of those memories came back – how

much I hated him back them, how I’ve jugded him because he was

rich, how much I didn’t want to be with him . . . and how it all changed . . .

“Do you want breakfast?” Jason asked smiling.

I nodded, smiling back.

He snapped his fingers and the breakfast came.

“How you like waffles.” he said, handing me the breakfast tray.

I tried to keep my face straight. All of the sudden, I didn’t feel hungry.

I hate waffles . . . I thought, but of course I didn’t want to tell him, it was rude.

I slowly peel the aluminum foil back and a memory came back to

him. When I ate waffles for breakfast and threw up in class because I felt sick.

I was about to pour the syrup when Jason stopped me.

“Wait.” he said to me and turned to the flight attendance, “Threw

it all away, get us another breakfast.”

I could see that the flight attendance was shocked, but quickly

covered it. She picked up the trays and hurried away before I could

reject. But my jaws hung a little . . . why did Jason say that? How does he know?

“How did you know?” I asked.

He smiled a little while scratching the back of his head, “Well, I read your mind.”

“What – ? How – ? What?” I asked confused.

“I have the power to.” he said, smiling his lop – sided smile.

“How do you do that?” I asked.

“That’s ’cause I’m a future Alpha. I could read my mates thought

even before we mate.” he said. I blushed.

He saw the memory. That’s sooo embarrassing.

Kill me!!!

Don’t need to, he’ll accept you Layla said. I wish it was like

Jason chuckled a little, letting me know that he read my mind.

“Stop!” I said.

Jason laughed.

“Stop!” i said, “Please stop reading my mind. I swear! I am gonna


“I’m ok with that, sweet cheeks.”

“I’m not!!”

He brushed the hair out of my face and put his hand on the side

of my neck and kssed my lips gently. I didn’t know what was more

embarrassing; letting someone see your most – embarrassed –

moment – of – life or letting a flight attendance come just in time to see him kssing me.

I pushed his shoulders and blushed while the flight attendance

speak, “Umm, h- here, sir. You’re breakfast. E – enjoy.”

I smoothed my shorts and fixed my hair.

“Beacon, scrambled eggs with an English muffin.” Jason said,

“Are you ok with that?”

I nodded, peeling the foil and started to eat.

“So where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere fun.” Jason said, smiling. I rolled my eyes. I quickly

finish my breakfast and watched as Jason ate him. I smiled a little,

liking how he chews, his jaws look strong. I teared my eyes away

from his jaws and open the window. I squinted as the sunlight pour in strongly.

I looked outside and looked down. All I see was the ocean – blue,

blue and more blue. I smiled a little, admirering the incredable bluse.

You will never see this near New York. It was beautiful, it almost seem unreal.

I stared out for who know how long, just long enough to see land.

“I see land!” I said, tugging onto Jason’s arm. He leaned over me

looked out of the window. Being this close to him, I could smell the

shampoo that he was using and his cologne embraced him. My

inside melted a little.

“Good we are almost there.” he said.

The jet started to land and I felt excited. I don’t know why, maybe

it is because I know I am going to have a good time when him. I
hope so.

We got off of the jet and headed towards the waiting limo.

“How did you get a private jet?” I asked, as I looked out of the

limo window and onto his private jet. It was beautiful, such a luxery.

“I don’t know. . . I guess it was because when I was younger I

wanted to travel the world, so my father promised me he will get me a jet.” he said.

“Do you know how to fly it?” I asked.

Jason smiled to himself, “I guess not. I never got lesson on it.”

I laughed, “You have a jet but you don’t know how to fly it?”

He smiled, “Well, I would reather relax on it than worry that I am going to crash it.”

I smiled. “Wow, that’s something interesting.”

“But I tried flying it once with Captain William, but you know . . . I


“What happened?” I asked.

“Well, I nearly crashed, the landing wheel came out when we

were up in air, I nearly head towards a storm and a lot more of bad

things.” he said, “Don’t know how I survived, but I didn.”

I laughed, “You are terrible!”

“It’s not easy and I would like to see you do it!” Jason said, rasing his eyebrow.

“NO!” I said, “I will die and it’s not even my jet, I don’t want to damage it.”

“Well, I give you the permission to us it and who cares if it is

damage, there is such thing as a repairing shop.” he said like it was

like the most obvious thing in the world.

“I pass! I would probably crash during take off.” I said. Jason

smirked. He just like knowing that he is better than everybody else.

Typical Jason.

The car stopped and I realized that we were on a beach, a realy,

really, nice beach – probably the most beautifulest beach ever.

“Wow, but what’s with all the people.” I asked as Jason helped me out of the limo.

Jason shoot me his smirk as he pulled me to a shop, “You’ll see.”

“Wait, where are we in the first place?” I asked.


“What?! The island that is right above a volcano?? NO!!!???” I

exclaimed, “I don’t want to die, what happens if the volcano erupted?

What happens if I die? I don’t want to die yet, I’m too young!”

“Be quiet, I checked for volcano eruption and there is no sign that

it is going to be erupting.” Jason said, pulling me into a bathing suit

shop. Yeah, we didn’t buy a bathing suit.

The shop only sells b!kinis.


“Here.” Jason said, handing me an outfit. A black b!kini.

“No this shop, please?” I asked.

“Just change.” he said, pushing me into a changing room.

I reluctantly changed into it and looked at the mirror, I didn’t look

that bad. I steped out of the changing room. Jason nodded in

approval and paid for the bikini. Surprisly, Jason already brought his truck suit.

Wow, I must took a long time.

“Come here.” he said, once we were outside of the shop, “Here.”

“What?!” I said, looking at the white surfboard with a thin sky blue outlining.

“For you.” he said, looking away.

“For me?” I asked. He nodded.

“Those are your favorite color, right?” he asked. I nodded, my

heart fluttered knowing that he knows my favorite color.

I looked at him, i didn’t know how I want to express how I feel

right now. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to kss him on the lips. I

wanted to cry. I wanted to buy something in return, but I wasn’t sure.

I wasn’t sure if I could do any of those. Instead, I said, “Thank you.” and kssed him on the cheeks.

He looked away.

“Come on, we have to hurry.” he said, grabbing his black

“Why?” I asked.

“The competition is starting.”

“What competition?” I asked.

“The surfing competition is starting.”

“You are in it?” I asked, shocked. He could surf.

“Yeah, for you.” he said. He pulled me to the front row where everyone was.

” . . . and the last contestant is Jason Cohen! Please give a big,

big, BIG round of applause for all of the contestants!!!!!” the speaker

announced. The crowd went wild and applause. I smiled at Jason.

“I’m going to win for you!” Jason shouted across the beach and smirked. I blushed.

“Are we ready, audience??!!” the speakers shouted out. The

crowd screamed, especailly the women next to me.

“ARE WE READY??!!” the speakers said again. The crowd went

loud again and this time, I screamed ‘yes!’ too.


. . . GOOOOOO!!!”

I cupped my hands around my mouth and shouted, “GO JASON!”

I smiled, cutching onto the surfboard.

He smirked at me and did his boyish salute. I couldn’t help but

smile back before he turned around and continue running to the water.

“Oh, look! I see a really good wave going ashore, let’s see who is

going to catch this one?!” the speaker said. I watched as Jason

paddled his way through the water.

I just notice that he was good at surfing, really good at surfing.

And I just found out that he could surf – I never knew that. When I

first saw Jason I usually think of a rich, spoiled brat who does

nothing but party all day and all night long, making out with another

girl in find of his ex or something like that, or playing video games all

day like tomorrow is going to be the end of the world.

“Just look at Cohen and Hannings, trying to fight their way to that

big wave, you can do one hell of a trick on that way!” the speaker said.

I stared at Jason and that guy that was right next to him, thinking

that that guy is probably Hannings.

“OH! They are just a few yeards away from the wave and let’s

see who is going to make it. I think this is going to be a very

interesting competition, don’t you think people?” the speakers said and the crowd screamed.

“Just look! Is it me or is Hannings slowing down? Is he really

going to give it up to Jason that easily?”

The crowd went wild; I couldn’t tell if they were telling Hannings

not to give up or cheer Jason to go on. I didn’t care, I just kept my

eyes on Jason as he went closer and closer to the wave. I watched

as he slowly got ready to stand up. He bented forward and stood up

riding above the wave. The whole crowd cheered to the top of their

lunges. I jumped up screaming, “Woahhhhh!!!!!”

“That was sick!!! More points for Cohen!” the speaker shouted, as

I watched Jason rode into the tunnel of the wave and around the

edge of the next wave, “Wait, just look at the Hannings that we all

know – never giving up. Even though Hannings didn’t catch that

wave, he is not giving up. He is trying to catch the wave behind

Cohen! But it looks like Cohen and Matthews is trying to catch that

wave too! Three is too crowded, isn’t it?”

I crossed my fingers hoping that Jason would win.

“Look at the fight!” the speakers said and I tip – toed to see what

was going on above the waves. I saw that Hannings was trying to

use his surfboard to disturb Jason from catching the upcoming wave.

Jason shoke his head as the cold water slashed his face.

Jason! You can’t let him win!! I though.

But not remembering that Jason could hear my thoughts, I think

he just looked at me and flashed me his smirk, before quickly turning

back to the wave. It could have been my imagination that he was

looking at me or he was smiling at me.

I watched as Jason moved away from Hannings, but not before

Hannings did he one last big slash of cold water. Jason nearly fell

over his board, missing the wave, but was saved when he did a quick 180.

The crowd went wild, “That was a close catch, Cohen!” the
speakers said. I smiled.

He did one more trick before the wave dies down and he surf
ashore. The crowd cheered!

I ran up to Jason and hugged his icy – cold body.

“You did amazing even though I don’t know what you do up there

half of the time.” I said, smiling at him. I could see that his once pink lips were turning purple.

Jason laughed softly, “T- That’s why I am going to teach you how to surf.”

“You are? And why are you so cold?”

“The water.” he said, holding me. I grabbed the towel on the sand and wrapped it around me.

“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, the judges got the scores!” the
speakers said.

I kssed Jason on his salty cheeks, “I think you’re going to win

because you were the best up there.”

Jason laughed, “Am I also the hottest and s*xiest up there?”

I blushed. I didn’t know how to answer that. He was the hottest

and s*xiest up there, but I can’t just say that to him? That will be so embarrassing.

Jason chuckled and moved closer to me. I notice that he wasn’t

shrivering anymore, in fact I think his warmth is coming towards me.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. He breath was hot and warm,

making me shriver, “I know right?”

He pulled away and it took me a few moments to understand

what he means, but when reality struck me, I blushed like a cr@zy

chick. He could hear my thoughts!

Why do I keep on forgetting??!!

Just let it be, he knows that already

“Got to go.” he said, smirking at me one more time before he

turned around and walked away.

I am going to kill myself tonight. I swear this is killing me.

“Who is ready for the announment of the winners?” the speakers exclaimed. Everyone cheered.

All of the surfers line up in a single line, smiling or smirking at

everyone in front of them.

“ARE YOU READY?!” the speakers shouted louder. Again the

audience roared. I hate it when people go like, “Are you ready?!” the

second time, I find it really annoying and stupid because you heard

us once, you don’t need it twice.

“Ok!!!! The third place winner is Matthews!!” the crowd cheered.

Matthews stepped forward and flashed everyone his thousand dollar

smile, before a heavy looking metal was hung on his neck.

“The second place winner is . . . Hannings!” the crowd went wild

again. Hannings stepped up and flashed all the girls his smirk before he got his trophy.

“And the first place winner isssssss . . . . ” I hate how he stopped

because it was pretty obvious that it was, “Cohen!!”

I rolled my eyes. DUH!!!

All of the girls jumped up and took a thousands of pictures as

Jason stepped up and looked at me giving me his lopsided smile. I

smiled back at him as my stomach turned. He got his trophy and

looked at everyone before leaving the stage.

“Ahh, what an intense competition!” the speakers said, “Have a nice day and enjoy everyone.”

Everyone started leaving the beach. I walked over to Jason who was grinned like cr@zy.

“You won – ” Next thing I know, he smashed his l!ps against my

l!ps. My stomach turned like a roller coaster they were going in a bunch of circles.

“Yeah,” he said when he pulled away. I nodded feeling completely dazed.

“So are you going to teach me how to surf or what?” I asked

when I finally snapped back to reality.

“If you want.” he said.

“Hell yeah!” I said, running after Jason as I dragged my

“Hey! Help me! This board is heavy.” I said.

Jason chuckled, running back to grab my surfboard.


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