Jimi made sure Pauline had left the house before stepping out of his room, he had tried to intervene as Diana had suggested but Pauline had rudely shut him out so he left them alone.

The arguments took forever to end, and when it finally did everything fell back in place, the house became so quiet.

Philip placed his hand over his head and remained calm as Jimi walked out of his room

“Where’s she, ” Jimi asked curiously

“She’s gone… Am really sorry about that”

“No apologies needed bro, do you want a beer”

“Yes pls” Jimi went to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of beer for both of them

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“Here you go…..but dmn that girl is ¢razy when did she become like that. I always thought she was cool and harmless”

“Yeah, she’s changed alot”

‘And how is that working out for you”

“I won’ t lie Jimi am fed up”

“Fed up how, you don’t like her anymore or you don’t think the relationship is working”

“Honestly I don’t know”

“Well dude you’ve gat to figure it out, you can’t keep taking this sht.. No offence but I didn’t even know you are still seeing this babe. I mean you have never spoken about her once and we’ve been living together for almost a month now and I haven’t seen her. I bet you guys haven’t hang out for that long. I mean even we that are not love struck boyfriends we don’t abandon our partners for that long, that’s if she lasts that long”

They laughed loudly

“Paula and I have been together for so long, we have been through alot together”

“Are you in this relationship for pity, my guy you better wake up if she ain’t it you’d better figure it out its not how far o but how well,. Exactly how long have you guys been together”

“Let’s say around 5 years”

“No way’

“Yeah, and we’ve been friends way longer, it’s like have known her all my life”

“That’s a long time dude, five long years I can’t try it.. No wonder the babe dey frustrated, she dey wait for ring”

“Well she’ has asked me a few times if I was ready to settle down, when I will be proposing and I told her I wasn’t ready”

“She asked you that.. I sense desperation, no wonder she doesn’t like me, I bet she told you that my stay here is ruining your life”.

“Not in those words but yes, she must have said something like that”

Jimi laughed

” women!! They are so predictable, on a more serious note Phil… I don’t want to be that guy that advices his friend to break up with his girlfriend just because she’s a bch. No. I want you to think this through yourself ask yourself basic questions like..
Do I see myself getting married to Paula in a year time or two years or thereabouts?
Will I be happy with her as my wife?
Will she be able to make me her husband indeed?
And yes do I love her? How much do I really love her?

Those are the things you need to figure because like it or not, if you avoid those questions now it’s going to be more difficult to let go as the duration increases, and if you think about it you are also doing her a favor… There you have it friend the ball is in your court”

He kept quiet and drank his beer

“But I kinda see why Paula is intimidated by Diana, I mean have you seen that girl.. she’s fire. She was by far the hottest girl on beach today and she’s a mom…dmn!”

Philip cracked softly

“Yeah right”

Jimi stood up and rub his eyes
” goodnight Philip. Five years ” he chuckled and walk to his room


The elevator chimed open and someone walked out of it, Diana couldn’t tell who it was because she was too busy signing herself in at the front desk on the first day at work, somehow she had managed to get here 5 mins past 8, she’d probably have to switch the alarm to 5:30am

When she worked at the outskirts of Lagos, she had always woken by 4 in the morning and she had forgotten to change the time and when it buzzed by 4 she had angrily knocked it off the desk, causing her to sleep till almost 7 this morning, even Abby woke up before her.

She must have been exhausted from yesterday’s outing, because after shower last night the moment her head hit the pillow she was off.

The heels grew louder but Diana wasn’t bothered she just focus on signing in, today of all days ,why on earth did she knock off the alarm, someone was definitely standing close to her. The figure basically shadowed her and she had on really nice perfume. Diana finally raised her head after putting down the last detail

When her eyes met with the really tall, oblong fair lady she smiled

“Good morning miss”

The lady cast another long glance at her

“What do you think you are doing”


“I asked what do you think you are doing”
Diana stared back at the big book on the desk and then to the secretary, who had suddenly rose to her feet and just stood mute

“I just signed in… Is that a problem”

“You tell me, Joy who’s this”

Diana interrupted before the secretary could answer
”well I’m right here miss, you could have just asked me who I am”

“I’m not talking to you. Yet, you were saying what joy”

“Yes ma’am, she’s our new OPM”

The lady obviously looked shocked she stared down at Diana’s outfit and shrugged

“If you would excuse me I need to locate my office”

She took one step to stand directly in front of Diana
” you wouldn’t even have an office if you don’t get through me so put your acts together and stay right there”

Diana nodded severally, she was definitely losing it but she wasn’t going to let this brat ruin her first day, she faked a big smile

” and by that you mean”

“We resume here for 8, you either here before 8 or exactly 8, and if you come a minute after eight you don’t have to enter your name into the register because the company won’t recognize that you came to work for that day and it would be recorded in your monthly query”

Diana raised a brow….. really!

“Okay, I apologize it won’t happen again”

‘It better not, and then.. What is this you wearing ”
her voice was mild but at the same time very annoying to listen to

Diana looked down at her chivon blouse and pan trousers on her flat shoes, there was nothing wrong with it. The lady on the other hand was wearing a suit dress, way up her knee with smashing heels, was she expecting her to wear that

“What’s wrong with what am wearing”

“Everything sweetheart, everything ”
she turned to the secretary
” who hired her?”

“I guess it was the MD and other directors”

“Yeah right.. ”the elevator opened and a guy rushed out of it and died his tracks the moment he saw the tall lady ‘

“Goo ..Good. Good morning ma’am ” the guy stammered

she sighed shaking her head as she walked out of the reception

“Joy has she been here for long ” the guy that just came in asked as Joy nods in response

” why did no one tell me she was back from Germany and will be resuming at this branch, ohh gosh ”

“As if anyone can tell what iron lady is up to, you know she does whatever she wants”

“Am so s¢rewed”
he muttered as he head to his own direction

“I know how you must be feeling, she is always like that ”
joy half whispered

“Who’s she again”

“She’s Anita Roland. she’s the boss’s boss”

“I don’t understand”

“Don’t worry with time you will, understand, she wasn’t around at the time of your interview but you’ve got to deal with it. ”

Joy leaned forward and whispers
” she’s a pain in the a$s most times, especially when she knows you are this pretty…it an envious trait”

Diana scoffs ” wow well thank you for the heads up”

“Yeah, so lemme show you to your office miss”

“Oh pls call me Diana” Joy smiled as she led her to her new office.
Diana sighed heavily hoping the rest of the day will go well


Jimi was feeling pretty good about himself. He had been giving relationships tips and advices lately and it made him feel civilized, experience.

His advice to his secretary had turned out to be a good thing because she switched back her active mode immediately and then to his roomie. The five year old stringing relationship

Jimi walked in to the club house the VIP lounge had a private stair way that was mostly used by staff and really important people such as himself

Club Jade was Jimi’s favorite, not just because it belongs to his oldest friend Bj but also because he had watched it grow from an empty bar to the bubbling club. Once in a while they’d crash at a few other clubs, just to have a change of view or check out what other classy clubs had to offer but theirs was top on their list.

Jimi’s friend were sitted at their regular corner. Murphy and Steve were arguing over football as Jimi approached the table and took his seat.

They exchanged pleasantries as the waitress bought his usual drink

“Oh thanks Lucy you’re a darling”
she smiled at Jimi and catwalk back to the counter

“Lucy has never offered me a drink without asking, and those legs damn ”
Murphy protested

“Ain’t you supposed to be married ”Jimi teased

“Well my religion allows me to marry as much as four, Lucy would make a great… Side chick” they laughed

“Don’t let bj catch you talking about his favorite waitress like that ” Steve said

“And where’s bj”

“Oh he’s in there with his executives”

“Can’t blame him, everyone works in the day and his own work starts at night”

“My own work tripled since the boss lady decided to show up at work today without telling anyone”

Jimi paused immediately with his ears puffing up

” Anita is back, I thought you said she went to Germany”

“She was, so she flew in late last night unannounced of course and showed up at work this morning”


“And she’s back at her ways firing and hiring as usual do you believe she almost dismissed our best tech guy just because he came in 15 mins late”

Jimi sighed, Anita was a nut case, somehow he felt bad for asking Murphy to find a spot for Dian. He had totally forgotten about Anita and her ways. He felt persuaded to know if Anita didn’t pick up on Diana he didn’t know she will be at that particular branch… she’s always so mysterious

As he was about to ask, Bj joined them and shook hands with the guys when he got to Jimi, Jimi simply ignored him and went on with his intended question

“So uhm Murphy how about the girl that I recommended, what’s up with her”

“Oh Jimi why did I forget to mention it, where the h’ll did you find that babe. Mehn I was losing it with her at the interview.. Gosh I thought I was the only one to find out that Marcel is also drooling”

“Who are you guys talking about”. Bj interrupted

“Did she have a hard time with you know boss lady around” Jimi ignored Bj again

Murphy was rushing his drink to answer the question but BJ was getting really curious

“Wait boss lady as in Anita, wassup with that chick na, and the one you guys are talking about the one everyone is drooling about”

“Yeah guys cmon fill us in ”Steve added

“Well Diana is Jimi’s hot neighbor”

Jimi interrupted quickly ” they don’t need the details Murphy”

“Jimi since when are you now on good term with Diana. I mean the last time we spoke you couldn’t stand her, now you are getting her a job “Steve was confused

“It’s nothing serious Steve”

“Then why are building a wall around it, if you are not going to say anything, let Murphy do the talking”

“Maybe I don’t want you involved in this conversation BJ ” as much as he had tried to subdue his anger he just couldn’t hold it in anymore.
“You don’t have to involved in everything because at the end of the day you’ll be blabbing it off to anything that wears skirt”. BJ chuckled softly

“Is this about the other night. I am truly sorry Bro, I let her get to me.”

“Oh please you have your own fair share of making me the bad person all the time”

“That’s just bullsht Jimi, have never made you do anything you didn’t want to do”

“H’ll right! but you never stop putting me in harms way, every single time I try to over look it and then you just act like am suppose to be your hit man, when you go down I take the hit”

“Oh h’ll this is not just about Thursday night”

“Dmn right, it’s not ..what Do you take me for, a fool, do you think I don’t get what you are trying to do?”

“Guys guys, calm down now you are making a scene”. Steve warned

“Who cares, words had to be said regardless of where and when, you can’t keep this up BJ”

“Keep what up, are you saying you couldn’t have done the same under alcohol influence”

“But have I ever done such to you, that bch showed up at Phil’s apartment and made the worse eggs ever”

‘Murphy and Steve broke into laughter

“It’s wasn’t funny, that bch could have poisoned us”

“Thank God she didn’t but you had your last farewell before you send her off”

“Bj you just don’t get it. You have to stop with this nonsense, we are no longer baby boys we are men and we are responsible for our actions”.
Jimi got up and walked out of the lounge and to his car


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