Jimi Benson was having the time of his life, things were falling in place and he couldn’t ask for anything more

His life was gradually changing and he’s aware of it, these last few months has been a new era for him, everything was different from the way they use to be. It’s like he can breath in fresh air

He moved to his new apartment, in the same estate as Philip and Diana just a few blocks away, and although his responsibility as the CEO of Benson’s corporations was huge responsibility he was still very happy and ready to give it his all

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Most days after work, he picks up Diana from work and they all have dinner at her place, sometimes he didn’t even want to leave because he had grown attached to this woman and her daughter.

He even go as far as spending weekends with them, making fun doughs with Abby, watching cartoons and reading comic books has become addictive, even as old as he is, he still catches himself singing the theme songs to their favorite cartoon, that’s how far he has gotten

But above all he had no regret, infact he was proud of himself the things he has established for himself this last few months was greater than all he has managed to put together all these years


Today they were dinning at an eatery, all three of them one sunny Sunday after church…. Yes he had recently started attending church, Sunday morning tend to be really boring for him and so Diana invited him to church and he couldn’t say no and that was how he became a regular member.

Diana wasn’t sure how to control this back and forth in her life. She can’t even bring herself to say the words that were begging to jump out of her mouth

Since Abby’s sick phase ended, Jimi has planted himself in their lives and he is germinating so fast she doesn’t even know how to uproot it

Abby adores him so much, every step of the way through her recovery Jimi was there, watching her, taking good care of her, spoiling her with gifts and helping her get better

The two weeks they spent at home for recovery, it was like Jimi placed himself on leave too. He was there in the morning before going to work back in the evening with fruits, cookies and sweets

Diana tries her best to reduce it but sometimes he puts into consideration things she hasn’t even thought about and she is slowly begining to understand what is it to have an helpmate.

Someone who helps to lift off your burden, who is present even when they are not needed.

He is calling constantly every now and then so much Diana has gotten used to it.
He bought Abby a tab and it helped her get through the recovery time and made a companion when she was lonely

When he asked to take them out to dinner. Diana didn’t want to go, another public outing with Jimi could be a disaster but they can’t continue to camp indoors.

And Jimi seem really eager to show them off for reasons Diana couldn’t comprehend, he wants to be branded as Diana’s partner and Abby’s father

The scary thought of that coming to reality

As they took their seats in the restaurant, Jimi glanced through the menu. He didn’t even notice the waitress approach them until she stamps her fist to the table making a rude thud

“Wha da h’ll…. ”
Jimi looked away from the menu to see an angry pair of eyes glaring at me

“see this mother fker o”

Diana stare at Jimi but he cleared his throat and turned to the waitress

“Do we have a problem here…. Miss”

“Miss, who you dey calling Miss” she rattled

“OK waitress, what’s the problem?”

“Are you kidding me, oh because you have carry your perfect family to eatery you want to be forming innocent…. Come when you marry sef,. Ah you don even born… Guy you no get level ooh… Shey your wife know how you take dey run street abi,
dey jump from one babe to another….
Kai Your sin no get weight one.
You get fine wife like this and pikin join am and your thing just dey jump up and down”

“Hey Enough miss what’s wrong with you . Is this how you talk to your customers ”
he shook his head
” you have made your point . Can someone who is not irrational attend to us”

“Am not going anywhere oga. You come here to eat and am here to serve. And this is what you’re getting”

“Where’s the manager here? ” Jimi stood up and toss the menu on the table
“Am sorry darling. Am going to fix this madness”
He held the waitress hand and pulled her away from the table

“What’s your problem. Do I know you?”

“Look closely Jimi Benson. Do I not look familiar to you”

“No and if you have a problem with me meet me later we will talk about it as you can see am trying to dine with my family”

“That’s not what you told me when you were riding me ”

“How….. When?”

“Last year. Ginger’s pool party in Abuja”

“Jesus christ. Abuja”

“Yes. You left and didn’t look back after you gave me a fake phone number”

“Isn’t that obvious that I don’t want anything to do with you”

“So that’s all she ever was to you a one night stand abi”

“Who are you talking about”

“Ginger my jamaican friend the rapper who threw the birthday party”

“Oh you mean Ginger Bee ” he scoffs
“Ginger and I are friends so what’s your own problem”

“You mess with a good person Jimi Benson. She doesn’t deserve it, she’s a good person and now she’s a junkie because of you”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I had nothing to do with that so stop saying nonsense. She was in a relationship with Bj my friend”

“But she was in love with you”

“That’s bullsht”

“No it’s not. She was hoping you’d come for her”

“Look that’s enough pls, I don’t have time for this”

“She was my helper. She has done so much for me and now she can’t even help herself”

“Well sorry about that but that’s not my problem and can you stop yelling at me. Enough of your nonsense”

“So you don’t care at all”

“Obviously and what are you doing here”

“I work here now”

” since when, I was here on Friday and I didn’t see you”

He has dined here a few times until today nothing has ever gone wrong. Why today?

“I resumed today and guess who is my first customer. Jimi Benson…… Ah my leg just dey bring beta people come here for this people make dem do increase my salary o”

“It’s a good thing that you are working now but you chose the wrong time to resume.
Manager!!” Jimi called out and the pot belled Mr James walked out

“Oh hello sir”

“Your waitress just ruined my dinner with my family with her rass and loud attitude”

“We are sorry sir, she’s new and she’s still learning”

“She’s not learning anything. I can’t handle this madness. If you can’t find me a better waitress and take this crazy lady out of my sight am leaving and never coming back to dine here”

“We’re sorry sir. We will fix it immediately.
Hey you follow me”

“Jimi Benson you are a ba$tard and you are going to pay for this”
She screamed after him creating a much bigger scene as the security and the manager pulled her inside their backroom

Jimi adjusted his suit and returned to the table

“Guys am so sorry. I don’t know what that was about. I swear I don’t know that lady from Adam”

Diana was already feeling humiliated but she’s just trying to stay calm

“She seems to know you quite well”

“She just started working here today, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing. It was so inappropriate and I spoke to the manager about it they’re going to contain her”

“Contain her like she’s a mad person”

“No I mean just keep her from making a bigger mess”
Diana sighed picking her words carefully since Abby’s here

“Are you okay”

“Yeah yeah am fine”

“The person she’s fighting for is my friend BJ’s ex we went to her birthday party in Abuja and that’s it”

“I thought you just said you don’t know her from Adam”

“I don’t, I mean we only met once I don’t even know her name, Ginger the girl we’re talking about broke up with Bj like a year ago so I don’t know what the fuss is about”

“I don’t need details Jimi, I just don’t like her around… She’s scaring Abby”

“Oh am so sorry, Abby are you OK, dont be scared baby you know I won’t let anything happen to you…… Am really sorry. Do you want to go somewhere else to dine”

“No jimi let’s just get takeouts and go home”

“Diana answered bluntly”


Simi was walking out of the Nancy’s house when Esther walked in

“Hey babe how far”

“Am fine, where are you coming from”

“Up and about nothing much”

“Oh you went shopping again” Simi observed

“What can I say, girl has to look good all the time you know”

“Yeah, I wonder if someone is the reason for this…. Seeing anyone new” Anyone would be fine if that means she’s over Jimi

“Just the regular fling, You know I don’t have time for any relationship at the moment”

“But you are not even working, what could be consuming your time”

“My life is a full-time job, am taking care of myself and trust me that is enough work besides how can you say am not working You know about my online market now”

“Oh please Esther, just because you have a few thousand followers on social media doesn’t make you an online marketer”

“Six thousand is not a few, but what I do is vital believe it is lucrative and time consuming, anyways why am I even bothering its not like you will patronize me anyway”

Simi raised a brow

“Am not exactly a fan of mixed concortion for bleaching or enhancing”

“It’s organic products it’s original and authentic”

“I know”

Nancy joined them at the gate

“So you are busy gisting, here you forgot your phone ”
Nancy hands the phone to Simi

“Jimi called. You have missed calls from him ”

“Oh really”

“Yeah, ain’t you going to find out what he wants”

“Nah he just wants to confirm that am still coming to visit him at his new place”

“Oh really”

“Jimi moved out of his friend’s house ”

“Yes he did”

“Wow that’s good”

“So where does he stay now”

“You know maybe I should get him an house warming gift or something”

“There’s no need for that, he moved in like few weeks ago”

“We should go together”

“That’s a great idea”

Simi paused to recall that her friends were only trying to cajole her to tag along to see Jimi and she’s not about to fall for their nonsense

“That’s not necessary guys. I don’t think I’ll be going Anyways”

“Why not”

“No reason we will meet some other time”

“Okay but can you give us his address so we can visit him”



“He is not entertaining guests at the moment, something about the house not yet in order”

“Am sure we won’t mind”

“Maybe we can help put somethings in place for him”

“He doesn’t need your help guys. Don’t bother yourself”

“Okay maybe I’ll just call him myself”

“Why does it seem like you don’t want us to know your brother’s house Simi”

“Maybe it’s time for you to focus on yourself and leave Jimi alone. At least now you won’t pretend to be coming to see me when you’re actually looking to find Jimi”

“Now Simi that’s not fair. You make us look petty cheap girls with no self worth”

“Well I am hoping you change that about yourself and give yourself some class at least”

“Now you sound like you have never fought for anything your whole life. Even if everything was handed to you on a gold platter you still seek to find true love”

“Maybe true but I don’t drag myself down the mud just to find it. If am going to find true love I won’t have to beg for it. These lousy goose chase is becoming pathetic guys. Grow up and let him be. Am heading out, bye for now ladies”

She got into her car and drove off. Esther hissed once she was gone

“I don’t know what is wrong with this babe. She’s too full of herself”

“She thinks am begging Jimi to love me. That’s just ridiculous”

“Don’t mind her she’ll soon understand what it means to find yourself in an unrequited love situation”

“So how do I get the address now”

“Call Jimi nah”

“I think it’ll be best if I surprise him”

“That’s a brilliant idea. Don’t worry I’ll find that out for you”


“Yes now’

“Wow that’s would be great. Thanks Esther what would I do without you”

“Hmmmn. What are friends for. Abeg let’s go inside jare”


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