Rachel picked her shoes then turned around to leave but Ernest grabbed her by the collar from behind.

Rachel let’s just leave. Don’t give yourself out like this. It’s nothing you’re frustrated already. Rachel uttered in her mind keeping her cool.

“Where do you think you’re going? You haven’t paid me for the damages you caused” Ernest uttered rudely and Rachel tightened her fist.

I just can’t take this. Rachel uttered in her mind as she stepped hard on Ernest’s shoes and his head went red and he let go of her collar.

“Ouch!” Ernest winced and Rachel ran away.

“Hey you come back here!” Ernest shouted trying to go after her but his foot still hurt.

“Steve go after her” Ernest ordered but Steve didn’t take a step, he was busy staring at his wristwatch.

“I told you to let go of things. I have no idea why you’re being petty. Let’s go, Mr Lee is waiting” Steve shrugged and Ernest frowned.

“I’m not petty, I’m just not nice. Let’s go” Ernest said seriously limping as he glared at the direction Rachel ran to.

Rachel ran back home and her parents with some group of oldies were gambling in their sitting room.

“Thank goodness you’re back Rachel. Come give me some money, I have the feeling I will win today. Your father and I’ve been losing but I feel I will win this time around so lend me some money” Rachel’s mum Jina uttered as she ran to where Rachel was standing.

“I lost my job” Rachel said faintly and her mum blinked continuously like she heard nothing.

“What’s that supposed to mean? That has nothing to do with what I asked you for” Jina said with a silly smile and Rachel was about to walk away when her mum snatched her purse.

“Mum give it back. I don’t have any money left” Rachel shouted trying to get her purse back but her mum searched her whole purse and couldn’t find anything so she threw the purse back at Rachel.

“You’re just so useless. What’s the use of having you here when you can’t even give money to your parents when they need it” Jina cursed.

“Mum, I gave you and Dad some money this morning before I left for work and what happened to it? You both used it for gambling.

Do you think I pick money on the streets, if you keep on losing then play it in the first place. I just lost my job so everyone should tighten their belt. I’m broke” Rachel shouted then went to her room angrily.

“I’m frustrated already so why are they adding to my frustration. It’s so annoying” Rachel sniffed as she sat down on her bed and her eyes landed on her monthly goals of the month on the wall.

“It would have been perfect if I got struck with great fortune” Rachel sighed tiredly as she lay down.



Rachel freshened up and went out for job hunting.

“Come make your job dream come true” Some business advisors advertised outside their office.

Rachel heard it and a wide smile appeared on her lips.

Luck is always on my side. Rachel uttered in her mind then went into their office.

“Your name please and what kind of business would you like to start?” The boss in charge asked as Rachel went into the office.

“My name’s Rachel Park and I would love to own a restaurant of my own. I have some savings but it’s not enough to get me started” Rachel explained.

“Miss you came to the right place. Our job is to double the amount of our clients and for you to be qualified for that, you will have to deposit 1million won to our account for saver reasons and it will be added to the amount we will be giving you for your business” He explained and Rachel smiled.

“Really sir but isn’t it way too easy. How am I supposed to repay the money you’re giving to me?” Rachel asked curiously.

“We will take it every month from your business account and we’re very generous, interests aren’t included. We want to grow the business man of the youngsters in Seoul” He smiled.

“When will I be given the money if I deposit my savings?”

“Tomorrow morning by 8am. You will be receiving your money in cash” He assured and Rachel smiled.

Rachel you’re finally going to be boss of your own. There’s no harm in taking a risk when having a business plan. Rachel gasped in her head excitedly as she brought out her savings book.


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