Rachel went back to her neighborhood and packed her stuffs. She came back to the Shin mansion and Ernest glanced at her with grimace.

“Why’s your stuff so many?” Ernest asked rudely and Rachel ignored him and walked to Steve.

“Sir Steve please where’s my room? I need to freshen up, it’s been a long and stressful day” Rachel sighed tiredly.

“One of the maids will show you to your room. Geum take Rachel to her room” Steve instructed and Rachel left with the maid, ignoring Ernest’s present.

“Steve you saw that as well right. She just ignored me, wow I can’t believe this. Should I remind her I’m the King of this mansion? She has no idea who she’s messing with but this doesn’t mean, she’s retired for the day right?” Ernest asked curiously pretending to play cool.

“Of course she’s retiring for the day. She has prepared dinner for you, although you said her cooking was ordinary. I’m also retiring for the day. Good night Ernest” Steve yawned then left for his car.

“I was hoping I would have some supper tonight. Nobody asks me about what I want. You think you’re the only ones who’s exhausted, I’m exhausted as well” Ernest shouted then picked his phone up from the couch then head to his room.


Rachel got into her room and she flung her mouth open in shock.

“Am I sure I’m in the right room?” Rachel questioned as she peeped out of her door but the maid was gone already.

Rachel you just got struck with riches. My prayer worked, if I would be staying right here in this room then I never want to leave Shin mansion.

I’m sorry Shin mansion but I’m here for good. Rachel exclaimed in her mind excitedly as she fell on the floppy, soft and large bed.

“From today onwards, I will respect riches and rich people except for rudy of course. If a chef like me is given this kind of room then just imagine being the lady of the house” Rachel mesmerized as she felt the softness of the bed.

“Snap out of it Rachel, there’s no way you would be the wife of that rudy. I wouldn’t even date him for a million, I would die of migraine” Rachel chuckled as she waved the thought out of her head.

“BI.ood, sweat and tears….” Rachel sang as she began to unpack her things.

“I never realized I was this dirty. I can’t believe I brought dirty clothes all the way here” Rachel grimaced as she pushed the clothes aside then fell on her bed and swiftly dozed off.


Ernest is laying down on his bed but he kept on turning around, he couldn’t fall asleep. He kept on thinking about Rachel’s dishes.

“Ernest what’s wrong with you? You’ve had dinner so go to sleep”

“But I can’t… Should I go ask her to make something for me?”

“I just can’t get my mind off food. Ernest you’re so not like this so please can you snap out of it”

Ernest sneaked to Rachel’s room.

“Boss!” A maid called out as she saw Ernest sneaking around and Ernest held his chest in shock.

“What are you doing out here this late at night? You scared the hell out of me” Ernest half yelled and she bowed immediately.

“I’m so sorry boss but it’s just so unlike you to walk around at night” She pointed out and Ernest glared at her.

“What are you still doing here? Get lost” Ernest said coldly and she ran away.

I can’t believe I’m sneaking around at night just because I’m hungry. Ernest this is so unlike you. Ernest uttered in his head as he head to Rachel’s room.

He knocked on her door but she was fast asleep already.

“Rachel, how dare you fall asleep when I’m still very awake” Ernest shouted as he began to hit her door.

“Am I dreaming or that’s coming from my door?” Rachel questioned in her sleepy tone as she struggled to stand up.

“Rachel!” Ernest shouted again and Rachel stood up sluggishly.

“What’s he doing here? It’s late already. What does he want” Rachel groaned then head to the door.

Rachel opened the door with her eyes closed.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been knocking on your door” Ernest yelled and Rachel rubber her eyes tiredly.

“What do you want? It’s late already so please can you let me sleep in peace” Rachel said tiredly and Ernest frowned.

“What’s that smell? What’s that disgusting smell?” Ernest grimaced and pushed Rachel aside as he went into her room.

“Where’s your manners? You can’t barge into a girl’s room without her permission”

“This is my mansion so I don’t need permission to enter your room. Oh my goodness, it’s so disgusting.

Rachel what the h’ll did you do to this room? You haven’t showered for days or what? This room stinks” Ernest grimaced covering his nose with his palms and Rachel looked away feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Can you just leave. I can fix my room so please can you leave, it’s none of your business if my room stinks so leave” Rachel half yelled.

“If your room stinks this way, how am I supposed to eat what you prepare for me. Are you this dirty? Don’t you know about personal hygiene? Did you even shower before going to bed? Why’s your room so scattered when you’re only arriving today? I think all this clothes stinks. Rachel!” Ernest shouted seriously glaring at her.

“Boss are you always this fussy? Fine if my clothes the reason why you came to my room this late at night. I will wash them” Rachel said angrily as she began to pack the clothes into her luggage.


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