Ernest went back immediately after his meeting with Mr Lee.

“Sir, what are we preparing for the boss?” One of the maids asked curiously.

“Don’t worry about that. Tell your fellow workers to keep off. The boss isn’t in the mood to take shit so everyone retire for the day” Steve instructed then ran to Ernest room.

Ernest brought out some can of beer from his fridge.

“Ernest no, you can’t drink alcohol. You’re allergic” Steve reminded and Ernest shrugged.

“The mood I’m in right now, deserves a can of beer. I won’t be taking much anyways”

“Ernest you’re holding four cans of beer and you call that little. You failed to sign the contract with Mr Lee, what happened? This is the first time you’re going against your personality.

You’ve never failed to get any contract you which to have” Steve said seriously and Ernest glared at him.

“You can’t blame me for that. I tried my possible best to convince Mr Lee but he was so full of himself that he didn’t notice my efforts” Ernest said angrily then opened one of the cans of beer.

“Ernest you were so rude to him and that’s why he declined our offer. If this news gets to your dad in LA, you will get an earful.

Don’t tell me you screwed up because of what happened before we met Mr Lee” Steve questioned and Ernest gulped down the whole can of beer then crushed the can with his hand.

“You have no idea how stinky her shoes were. I lost my mood immediately that happened. Just wait and see how I crush her if we ever cross paths again” Ernest groaned and suddenly he couldn’t make a move. He became instantly paralyzed.

“I told you not to take it. I have no idea why you’re so stubborn and petty, she said it was a mistake and you can’t let go” Steve complained as he took the remaining can of beers back to the fridge.

“I’m not nice so I don’t forgive easily”

“You’re under allergy effects yet you can still talk. You sure do know how to hold a grudge. Let me get you your pills” Steve said and went into Ernest’s drugs room.

“Ernest which if them am I getting for you?” Steve asked looking around the shelves.

“Get out of my treasure room” Ernest shouted rudely and Steve rolled his eyes then went back to the room and opened the drawer next to Ernest’s bed.

“You should be grateful to have me here. What will you do without me” Steve teased as he fed Ernest his allergy pills.

“I didn’t ask you for help” Ernest pouted then walked to his bed.

“Ernest don’t you think we should visit your doctor again. You’ve been having so many allergies on so many things lately”

“Never” Ernest shrugged then fell on his bed.



Rachel deposited her savings already. It’s morning already so she ran to the office of the business advisors but their office seem emptied out.

“Excuse me sir, please where’s the business advisors who stayed here?” Rachel asked curiously.

“They packed out of here last night. So many people came here already, saying they lost their money. I wonder why people aren’t careful with their money.

I’m an old man but I would never believe those con artists, their job is to scam people who are ignorant of crosschecking things they do” The elderly man said and went back into his shop and Rachel sat on the ground frustratedly.

“My 1million won. I’ve been saving that money for almost all my life. How did I get myself involved with con artists?”

“Rachel wake up, you must be dreaming. This isn’t true you’re just dreaming” Rachel uttered faintly then she slapped her cheeks.

“I can’t even feel any pain because my heart is broken into pieces” Rachel muttered and tears roll down her cheeks.

“Young lady, move away from the road” A lady holding so bags shouted but Rachel ignored her as she cried over her money.

“Oh my goodness, what’s wrong with youngsters now a days. Sobbing in the middle of the road. Has she lost her mind or what” The lady cursed and pushed Rachel with her bags and Rachel fell on her face.

“It hurts, it hurts so much” Rachel said slowly then boost into heavy tears.

Steve was driving when they drove pass where Rachel was.

“Such a beautiful young lady, crying in the middle of the road. Isn’t that insane” Ernest mocked.

“I heard con artists used to own that place and they happened to have scammed people off their money, she must have been a victim as well. Too bad” Steve said and Ernest laughed.

“What’s bad about that? Serves her right for being foolish. No one is to be trusted when it comes to money” Ernest shrugged as they drove off.

Rachel cried her eyes out and people began to look at her.


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