“Ma please can I ask you for a favor?” I asked with a cute smile as I opened my door and she stared at me curiously.

I ran out of our building staring at the beautiful sandals the lady gave me.

“You’re just so amazing Rachel. No one dares refuse you and that’s why my life is so hard because people fall hard for me” I bragged caressing my hair as I head to the bus stop.

Will I be able to make it there before 9:00Am? It would have been perfect if I had money for cab. Girl you’re so broke, let’s not create a scene today and patiently wait for the bus to arrive. I uttered in my head frustratedly as I sat down, just then the bus heading to namsang arrived.

“Sweet lord” I exclaimed excitedly then hopped on the bus, all the seats were occupied so I stood next to a very good looking young man.

He turned around and it happened to be Dylan.

What! I take back what I just said.

“Rachel!” He called and I turned around pretending not to have seen him.

“She’s not the one” I said mimicking someone else’s voice and he chuckled.

“I can pick you out in a million. You’re even putting on the dress I bought for you” He pointed out and I bite my lower lips angrily.

Why did I have to cross paths with you, today of all days.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not Rachel and this is a designers outfit so it’s popular among women” I said seriously covering my face with my hair but he tried so hard to get a glance at my face.

“If that’s so let me have a look at your face” He requested and I frowned.

He’s so clingy, thank goodness I broke up with him. You can’t force me to show you my face. I uttered in my head as I sneered.

We’re almost there. Please can this bus go any faster. I said in my head anxiously.

“Please sir can you stay away from me else I will take it as you trying to harass me” I threatened and he moved backwards.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to go that far” He said lowly as he backed off.

I got to namsang bus stop then ran out of the bus.

I just have to walk down to the building. I uttered in my head staring at the map on my phone.

I used the direction of the map to get to the Shin mansion.

“Wow this is paradise on earth. The ulterior design is worth dying for, how can one live in a paradise like this?” I gasped with a smile looking around and I bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry. You’re here for the job as well right, please how was it?” I asked curiously.

“You’re pretty so I don’t think you will have any issues. Good luck” She said and walked away.

She looks so professional but what’s the meaning of her statement. I shrugged then head into the main building.



I was seated on the couch with a magazine on my hands.

“Next” I said coldly.

“But Ernest, she hasn’t even introduced herself yet” Steve whispered and I glared at him.

“She’s ugly so what’s there to listen to?” I shrugged and the next interviewee came in.

“Good morning sir” She greeted and I had a glance at her.

She’s tall, pretty but not curvy and she looks like a loquacious person. I uttered in my head.

“Next!” I shouted and she left with a frown.

“Ernest you’re not making this easy” Steve groaned.

“Good morning sir and my name’s Angela Kang” Another interviewee introduced.

“Girl, you’re not pretty so please can you leave. Steve what’s the meaning of this? Are you doing this intentionally? You’re pissing me off so early in the morning. I’m off to bed, after all today’s my day off” I said seriously then stood up.

“Ernest you don’t have any choice. We must get you a chef today, I’m tired of cooking for you so please can you hold it for a little longer.

I’m pretty sure a beautiful chef will walk in here” Steve assured and just then the door cracked open and a ray of light appeared at the door and this beautiful damsel cat walked in.

“Woooh!” I mesmerized and she caressed her hair behind her ears in a very seductive style.

“Good morning sir. I’m Rachel Park, I’m good at everything. I will make your kitchen a treasure home” She said with a wide smile and Steve tapped me.

“Ernest can you close your mouth a bit” He whispered and I got myself together.

And I had a closer glance at her.

“Wait a minute! Her face looks familiar” I said and walked to her and she widen her eyes in shock as she saw me.

“Stinky shoes!” I recalled and she looked away trying to cover her face with her hair.


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