My eyes went wide open as I had a closer look at the boss.

“Stinky shoes!” He called out and I tried to hide my face but I guess my cover is blown already.

What’s he doing here?

“Stinky shoes what are you doing here?” He asked seriously.

Oh no, I’m losing this job. No possibility of me getting this job. I uttered in my head tiredly as I stared at him.

“I’m about to ask you that question, what are you doing here?” I threw in and he smirked then sat down.

He might not be the boss but the other day, he seemed superior over the other guy standing next to him. I said in my head thinking of what to do next.

“Are you kidding me?” He sneered and I swallowed hard.

Rachel you can’t afford to be all mighty. You have to get this job.

“I’m so sorry for the other day. I’m apologizing from the deepest part of my heart” I said with a very remorseful face as I went on my eyes and they both stared at me in shock.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked seriously as he stood up and I brought my head down.

“Sir I’m really sorry, I know because of my actions the other I’m not getting this job but I really need this job. You will be saving a million if you get me this job” I said with a pitiful face.

This better work on you. Such an arrogant brat. I can’t believe I’m kneeling for you. I uttered in my head with a frown.

“I’m not nice so I can’t hire you. My feet still hurt from your hit” He said coldly and I rolled my eyes then stood up.

“Why are you standing up? Are you done apologizing?” He sneered.

“I have no idea why I knelt down in the first place. I regret it now, I will take my leave now” I said sarcastically and I turned around to leave.

Please call me back. Please call me back. I uttered in my head walking slowly.

“Go ahead, I’m not calling you back. You’re just too dirty to work leave in my mansion. I’m not calling you back” He shouted and I clenched my fist.

He’s just so rude.

“I don’t want to work here either. You’re just an arrogant brat who doesn’t deserve a great cook like me” I bragged as I turned around and he chuckled.

“Hmmm” I smirked with my shoulders high.

I may be poor but I just can’t let go of my pride. Rachel you’ve become officially jobless. I uttered in my mind frustratedly as I walked out of the building.



“Next!” Ernest shouted angrily and the next interviewee came in.

She’s even more uglier than the others. Ernest said seriously in his head as he glared at her.

“Steve, I’m getting pissed” Ernest said coldly and Steve swallowed hard and signaled the interviewee to leave.

“Ernest, Rachel is pretty and she’s perfect for this job. She’s the only one you had no complaints of so please can you swallow your pride and hire her.

She’s pretty and social, she has a perfect height for her age. What else do you need? She apologized for what happened the other day so please can you let things go” Steve tried to convince.

“You heard her clearly, she said she regrets apologizing to me. She called me an arrogant brat, who does she think she is to call me names. I can buy her if I want to. How do you expect me to hire someone like her” Ernest complained and Steve rolled his eyes tiredly.

“You spoke rudely to her and that’s why she said those things. Anyways if you can’t forgive her then just pick anyone else, I’m actually getting exhausted so please be fast about your decision” Steve shrugged and Ernest furrowed his eyebrows.

“Looks like I’m left with no other options but to accept her” Ernest murmured almost inside his throat and just like wind, Steve disappeared.

“I’m not done talking yet…” Ernest shouted trying to call Steve back but he went out already.


“He’s so rude and arrogant. Why did I have to meet him here of all people? I knew something was off about my day when I met Dylan in the bus today.

He has his own car but yet we met inside the bus and now that brat is the boss looking for chefs but it would have been perfect if he was convinced with my acting” Rachel mumbled as she walked out of the building slowly. Hoping for a change of mind.

“Rachel Park!” Steve called out from behind and she turned around swiftly.

What’s this feeling? Has he accepted me? I’m finally going to get employed. Rachel exclaimed in her head excitedly as Steve ran to her.

“Rachel congratulations” Steve said giving his hand out for an handshake and Rachel received the handshake with a wide smile on her lips.

“Thank you so much. Does this mean I’ve been accepted?” Rachel asked curiously and Steve smiled.

“Yes you have so please come with me, let’s go complete the interview” He said professionally and lead the way.

Rachel walked behind him excitedly.


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