“You can all leave. The interview is over” Steve said to the rest of the interviewees then went in with Rachel.

“I didn’t accept you because I wanted to and you haven’t been hired yet. We still have to try your cooking if it’s worth your stay” Ernest said coldly as he looked away.

“My cooking skills is one in a million. When you try my cooking, you would never try any other cooking” Rachel bragged with her hands on her waist as she brushed her hair backwards.

“We will see about that” Ernest shrugged.

I’ve never come across any lady who brags like her. She’s so full of herself, her cooking better be good, else she’s fired before she even gets started. Ernest said in his head as he glared at Rachel.

She’s not leaving here anytime soon. She’s just exactly what Ernest needs. Steve exclaimed in his head excitedly.

“Where’s your kitchen? Let’s go straight down to business” Rachel cut in their thoughts.

“Sure, let’s go” Steve said and they all head to the kitchen.

“What are your favorite food?” Rachel asked curiously as they got to the kitchen.

“What does that got go to do with your first cooking?” Ernest asked rudely and Rachel walked to him with a mean look in her eyes.

“I really don’t appreciate it if people look down on me or speak rudely to me. I’m here for the both of us so it’s advisable if you give me some respect” Rachel said rudely and Ernest smirked.

“Don’t get tough with me, I’m a really tough one” Ernest sneered and Steve came in between them.

“We’re here for a purpose so please can you put your principles aside” Steve half yelled and they both looked away.

“What would you like for me to prepare? Western dishes or Korean dishes?” Rachel asked.

“Ernest grew up in Los Angeles so he grew up eating western dishes but it would be best if you try cooking any Korean dishes” Steve suggested and Rachel nodded.

“He grew up in LA and that’s why he’s so full of himself” Rachel murmured sarcastically.

“I can hear you” Ernest pouted.

“Alright, I will prepare some bibimpab, mixed with vegetables, pork”

“Prepare something else, I’m allergic to pork” Ernest pointed out.

“OK, how about some gimbap”

“Something else, I’m allergic to spinach”

“Glass noodles isn’t on the table either so how about cold noodles?” Rachel asked curiously.

“Too bad, I don’t eat cold food. Something else” Ernest said sarcastically and Rachel frowned.

“Why are you so choosy? Are you a prince or something” Rachel half yelled and Ernest smirked.

“Of course I’m the only prince in the Shin family, do you have any problem with that”

“Whatever… Anyways, how come you know the ingredients of all these dishes if you only eat western dishes?” Rachel asked getting pissed.

“That’s because I’m very cautious of what I eat so get started already” Ernest ordered handing a sanitizing spray to Rachel.

“What’s this for”

“You need to get sanitized before you start cooking. The last time I remembered, you stink like garbage just like your worn out shoes” Ernest mocked and Rachel frowned as she sanitized herself.

“I’m done now so please can you get me a bottle of soju. I can’t cook without having a bottle of soju” Rachel uttered and Steve chuckled.

“Now that’s a very strange way of motivating yourself but you’re not allowed to make any mistakes. If anything happens to me after eating your food, I will send you to jail so get that into your head” Ernest threatened and Steve ran to the refrigerator and got Rachel the bottle of soju she ordered.

Rachel gulped down the whole bottle of soju in one go.

“Wow she’s energetic” Steve whispered surprisingly and Ernest shrugged.

Rachel stayed put for five minutes before she started cooking.
Steve and Ernest took a seat as they watched Rachel cook in her own comfort.

They had no idea what she was preparing.
An hour later she was done. The aroma of the food drove the maids to the kitchen.

Rachel served the food on the dinning table and Ernest glanced at her before he dipped his spoon into the kimchi stew.

Everyone’s heart started racing but Rachel stood still so full of confidence.

“What’s this?” Ernest asked with a blank expression on his face.

“Isn’t it good?” Steve asked anxiously and Ernest couldn’t help it but finish the whole bowl of rice and kimchi stew.

“I told you I’m good at everything” Rachel bragged removing her apron and Ernest looked away.

“It wasn’t bad but I clearly told you I’m allergic to pork” Ernest shouted.

“You’re allergic to pork so there’s no way pork meat will be in your kitchen. I cook with my brain but I’m glad you liked it so that means I’ve been hired” Rachel smiled and Ernest stood up.

“You’re still under check but for now, you’re hired but not completely hired” Ernest said coldly.

“What!” Rachel shouted and Ernest ignored her as he left the dinning room to his room.

“Welcome Rachel” The maids said calmly to her and she fakes a smile.

Rudy watch and see how I bewitch you with my cooking..

Ernest got into his room and locked the door.

“What was that? I’m completely bewitched. That stinky shoes got some talent” Ernest exclaimed excitedly as he rubbed his stomach.


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