I spent the night in our lonely house. I woke up very early the next day.

“Today’s a new day. What’s our plan for today?” I yawned as I stretched my arms looking at the window and I saw a truck packed in front of our house.

“Hmm…. They’re here already” I sighed then sat on my bed.

“Who’s in there? Come out. It’s time for you to leave” Someone shouted from outside, hitting my door hard.

“If you break down the door, you will make a refund and you have no idea how happy I will be so please keep on hitting it” I said sarcastically as I lay down with my legs crossed against each other.

“Young lady don’t joke with me. Open this door before I break it down” He threatened and I smirked.

“If you want to break the door down, go ahead. I’m not in the mood to convince you” I sneered.

“Get me the keys” He said to someone and I unbuttoned my shirt hurriedly then stood up from my bed.

He opened the door and saw my bear back and I screamed intentionally.

“What do you think you’re doing? Are you trying to molest me or what” I shouted as I buttoned back my shirt glaring at him.

“I’m sorry about that but you would have said you were dressing up” He said looking away and His wife came to my room.

“What’s going on here?” She asked curiously and then I held my chest with a pitiful face playing the victim.

“I’m only a young girl trying to survive, I can’t believe your husband tried to molest me. He barged into my room intentionally” I said slowly playing the victim and she glared at her husband.

“What!” She shouted and I smiled inwardly.

“Honey don’t listen to her. I didn’t molest her, I only opened the door and found her dressing up” He pointed out nervously and I smiled.

“We’re so sorry about that so please take your time and dress up. We will wait downstairs for you at the sitting room. You come with me” She said to her husband as she dragged him with her and I closed my door.

“If you’re bold enough, come drag me out of here. Rachel let’s go back to sleep” I smiled then fell on my bed with my eyes closed but a thought flashed in my head.

“I saw a flyer yesterday” I gasped then searched for my purse in my pile of clothes on the floor.

“Where are you? You’re my next hope so please show up” I said anxiously searching for my purse then I found it under my bed.

“There you are” I smiled then bent down and picked the purse from the floor.

I opened it hurriedly and found the flyer in it.

“Rachel you’re not going down for good. New direction of job hunting” I said with a half smile.

Shin mansion? The Shin wine is one of the best wine in Korea. Will I be able to get a job there? But their pay is huge. Who hires a chef with that huge pay?

Anyways, Rachel let’s not lose hope. Of course I’m good at anything. Let’s go get this job. I uttered in my mind summoning some courage and my eyes met with the time of the interview.

“Oh no, it’s almost time for the interview” I gasped then jumped on my feet and ran into the washroom.

I freshened up quickly and ran out of the washroom.

“What am I putting on” I questioned searching for any impressive dress from my pile of dirty clothes.

What’s wrong with you Rachel? First impression matters, you can’t put on a dirty cloth to such a huge mansion. I uttered in my head then opened my wardrobe and brought out one of my nice dresses given to me by my ex.

“I’m not putting this on because I’m thinking of you Dylan. I just can’t afford to look ungroomed” I said seriously putting on the dress.

Oh no, I’ve been struck with bad luck. I gasped in my head then sat on my bed frustratedly.

“What shoes am I going to put on!” I shouted miserably as I ruffled my hair and the new lady of our house, knocked on my door.

“What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” She asked concerned and a silly thought came on my head.

Please Rachel don’t do it.


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