Rachel yawned tiredly and she had a glance at the wall clock.

“What! It’s 1Am already. Please can I just leave the washing till tomorrow. You won’t feel bothered anyway, it’s not like you’re spending the night in my room.

I will fix it tomorrow morning before you even wake up so please can you go back to your room, I’m so sleepy” Rachel yawned tiredly and Ernest glared at her.

“Pack your dirty clothes and come with me. Dirtiness isn’t allowed in my mansion, else you want to get fired this night” Ernest shouted and swiftly Rachel carried her luggage and Ernest lead the way to the laundry room.

Who does the laundry this late at night? He’s just so crazy. I can’t believe I’m this unfortunate to meet someone like him.

What’s his business with my room? Rachel said in her head angrily as she threw her clothes into the washing machine.

Wait a minute, this is just so like another palace in Shin mansion. Is this place just a laundry room. Rachel gasped in her head looking around.

“Now that I’ve given you some tips on hygiene, I’m quite exhausted and hungry. You will have to prepare something for me after you’re done with your laundry.

I’ve never seen anyone as dirty as you my whole life. Did you grow up in the gutters? How come you’re so dirty?” Ernest asked sarcastically and Rachel glared at me.

“Enough! Stop pouring insults on me. I’m doing my laundry now so please can you quit with the abusive words. It’s annoying” Rachel said rudely then went out of the laundry room.

“He’s so annoying” Rachel groaned as she walked around the garden then she sat down on the bench at the garden.

It’s 1am and he’s being all fussy and annoying. I’m so sleepy as it stands and yet he acts like some arrogant brat. Rachel uttered in her head seriously as she lay down on the bench and suddenly dozed off.

“Rachel! Rachel you’re not done with your laundry” Ernest shouted looking for her around the garden and he saw her laying on the bench.

“There you are” Ernest said slowly as he walked to her.

“Truth be told, she’s pretty. Very pretty” Ernest complimented subconsciously as he bent down staring at her face and Rachel opened her eyes, swiftly she slapped Ernest across the face.

“What the! Are you crazy” Ernest yelled holding his cheeks and Rachel stood up quickly.

“I’m so sorry boss. I didn’t mean to. I thought it was a thief, I’m so sorry” Rachel apologized with a bow.

My consciousness got me something I really love. He deserves at least one slap for waking me up this late at night. Rachel uttered in her mind smiling inwardly.

Rachel was done with her laundry so they head to the kitchen.

“Boss I’m sorry about the slap” Rachel apologized again with a smile.

“It’s okay, just make something for me to eat”Ernest said seriously rubbing his cheeks with an ice bag.

“What would you love to have? I can’t make anything heavy for you, it’s late already”

“Can you make a namyun Korean instant noodles for me? ” Ernest suggested with a smile and stopped smiling when he realized he was smiling too much.

“Fine, namyun it is” Rachel said slowly as she yawned.

“Do you need a bottle of soju?”

“Of course not. I can make namyun with my eyes closed so I don’t take soju for it” Rachel replied then she started cooking.

Few minutes later, she was done.

“Finally!” Ernest exclaimed excitedly holding his chopsticks.

“Go ahead” Rachel said as she served the noodles and swiftly Ernest dipped in and finished the bowl of noodles in one go.

“You’re fast” Rachel mocked and Ernest looked away with a frown.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Ernest said sarcastically and Rachel yawned.

“Can I go to bed now” Rachel said rudely and Ernest nodded.

Rachel stood up about to leave for her room when Ernest stood up from his chair and fell to the ground.

He couldn’t move.

“Boss!” Rachel shouted as she ran to Ernest. She tried to get him up but Ernest was paralyzed.

“What ingredients did you use?” Ernest asked curiously as his eyes turned red.





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