Later at night after Rachel sobbed to her heart content, she walked down to a restaurant.

“Sir, give me a bottle of soju please” Rachel said tiredly as she sat down sluggishly.

“Here’s your bottle of soju. Do you need anything else?” The waiter asked and Rachel stared at him tiredly.

“If I needed anything else, I would have ordered for it so please can you just leave me alone and stop being nosy” Rachel said rudely and she opened the bottle of soju with a spoon and the waiter stared at her in surprise.

“I will take my leave now” He said and went back to the order table.

“She’s pretty, don’t you think?” His colleague asked him as they stared at Rachel from their table.

“She’s pretty and rude. Exactly my style of woman” The waiter mesmerized and Rachel’s eyes happened to meet with his and she glared at him with fire in her eyes.

“Rachel your life is ruined. You’ve been completely screwed. Now I’m left with nothing other than my name” Rachel said laughing frustratedly as she gulped down the bottle of soju.

Rachel ended up ordering for so extra bottles.

“This is the end of the world” Rachel uttered slowly then fell asleep on the table.


Hours later…

“Yeon this is your chance. Go speak with her. I don’t think she has any money on her” One of the waiters said.

“I will pay her bills. Here’s it” The waiter said giving money to his colleague.

He walked to Rachel and tried to wake her up but Rachel ended up slapping him hard on the face.

“How dare you try to molest me?” Rachel fired as she stood up, trying to stand still.

“It’s our closing hour. It’s time for you to go home” Yeom uttered slowly, rubbing his cheeks.

“Thank you. How much is my bill?” Rachel asked pretending to have some cash on her.

“Don’t worry about that, someone paid for you already. Hours ago you were drunk but now you look totally fine”

“That’s because I’m always conscious of my environment and help me thank the person who paid the bills for me.

I’m running late so I can’t ask who the person is. Excuse me” Rachel said sarcastically as she picked her purse and ran out of the restaurant.

“At least, I wasn’t told to do the dishes. Rachel how bold of you to go into a restaurant without having any money on you.

It would have been dramatic if someone didn’t pay for me” Rachel uttered out slowly as she held her chest feeling her racing heartbeat but her eyes caught with something on the wall. It was a flyer of chefs needed.

My life was about to crumble but fate is smiling at me once again. Rachel uttered in her head with a smile then snatched the flyer off the wall.

Rachel got into a bus heading back home.

I can still get my pieces back. Too naive and stupid of me to give out my life savings to total strangers. Serves you right for always being so ignorant. Rachel said in her head looking out the window.



I got back home but everywhere is unusually quiet. The lights were turned off.

“Mum, Dad” I called out heading to the light switch and someone tapped me from behind and I froze out of shock.

“Rachel it’s me” grandma next door neighbor identified and I turned on the lights swiftly.

“Grandma you scared the h’ll out of me” I sighed as I turned to her but I noticed everywhere was empty.

“What the h’ll happened here?” I asked in shock and grandma placed her hands on my shoulders.

“Rachel, some loansharks came looking for your Dad. He borrowed some money from some loansharks and he refused to pay back and that’s why they came looking for him”

“What? Loansharks? When did all this happen and why’s our house empty? Did they take all our belongings with them?” I asked seriously.

“Your parents ran away Rachel. They took your siblings with them. Here’s a letter your mum left you” She said handing me the letter and I opened it hurriedly.

~”Rachel, your dad and I will take care of ourselves so don’t bother looking for us. Sara, Hari and David will be fine as well. You’ve lost your job now, it would only be worthless if we all live together. We will only be piling up debts. You should hurry and move out of our house.

We sold it already in a cheaper rate so the new owners will be there tomorrow. You’re a big girl now so I know you can take care of yourself” ~

I read and tears roll down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“How can ones parents be so heartless? Just because I lost my job, they’ve ditched me” I cried out and grandma pat my back.

“Rachel, you can stay in my place till you get yourself a new place” Grandma comforted and I hugged her.

“I can’t even cry anymore because I’ve run out of tears. Grandma!” I sobbed on her shoulders.

“Poor girl”

“Go away mum, same goes to you dad, I don’t even need you. You’ve always been a burden, I’m only worried for my siblings” I shouted wiping off my tears.


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