Georgia laughed at Leah’s words
The girl sure do know how to make her smile somehow
What would she do without her?

The call got disconnected after Leah assured she was on her way, she would just have to pack up and then she’ll start coming.

“Would you like to order anything ma’am?
A waiter who had been observing her and waited for her to drop the call came over immediately to do her job.

“Umm for now just water, I’m waiting for a friend, we’ll order when she gets here”

“Alright ma’am”
The waiter left and came back shortly with a bottle of water and a glass cup on a tray, dropping it carefully on the table, she withdrew the tray and went back with it.

Pouring herself a glass filled with water, she gulped it at a go and that was when she realized how thirsty she was

Her mind wandered off to Louise, a sigh escaping her lips
She was mentally drained, the Sterling family always makes sure of it.


Hearing the familiar voice call her, she sighed mentally
Speak of the devil and he will appear!

Looking up already knowing who it was, she saw Susan and her “lovely” father standing beside her table

Georgia thought
‘is it hereditary for the mother and daughter to not mind their business?

Clearly they hated her, so why not they just do their business and leave her alone?!

She just had a feeling their appearance would not go smoothly for her.

Georgia chose not to humour them as she ignored their presence.

“Darling look how she’s ignoring us, she can’t even acknowledge her elders”

Susan said as if wronged, her belly obviously protruded, which she held gently

Mr Sterling’s eyes narrowed at Georgia’s indifference
Ever since she had somehow manage to be in the protection of Dylan Donovan, she had grown more defiant.

“You can’t even Respect your own father?
Mr Sterling spat as he looked down at Georgia.

Georgia scoffed,
“Father? My father is dead”

Susan’s eyes widened at Georgia’s words while Mr Sterling felt shocked

“You insolent child! How could you utter such acid words, I still have the right to discipline you, now apologize to me this instant or I’ll make a scene that would drag you down!
Mr Sterling said hatefully

Georgia had nothing to say to her father anymore
Every atom of hope that she had in her dad vanished immediately

Which father in this world would threaten to humiliate his child in public?

Susan smirked wickedly when she saw Georgia’s helplessness.

They were going to a mall not far from the restaurant but she spotted Georgia when she entered the restaurant, therefore she had a change of mind pretending to crave for food, saying it was pregnancy hormones acting up.

Mr Sterling who would do anything to please her and the unborn child, gladly complied and they went into the restaurant.

She wanted to pay Georgia back for the humiliation she caused her daughter that night of her birthday party.

“Mr Sterling I didn’t do anything to apologize!
Georgia said frustrated already
What is all this?!

Dropping cash for the water she consumed and getting up to leave the restaurant and maybe call Leah after for change of location.


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