Georgia couldn’t agree less, she really regrets being born into that family called the Sterling!

“Don’t you think it’s time to make them pay? I mean they have done such ho..rrible things to you and even the people you care about, I bet they couldn’t do anything to me because of my background”
Leah suggested with a grim expression.

Georgia paused
“But how? I really want to make them pay but how?
She was tired of putting up with their nonsense and hate.

She couldn’t even go anywhere in peace in fear of running into any of them just like how she did few minutes ago.

Leah kept quiet in deep thought as she bit her fingernails, something she does whenever she was thinking hard.

Her eyes lit up as she thought of something and looked at Georgia

“Look I know this sounds weird but I’ve noticed and observed things for the past few days that my brother seems to loose his mind around you”

Georgia’s eyes began to narrow into slits
‘What is she insinuating now?
She thought as she kept on listening to Leah

“So why don’t you date my brother?, woah woah woah, let me finish”

Leah said immediately she saw how Georgia shot lasers at her.

“Never! I won’t let you finish, you know why? because it won’t end meaningful, the beginning is already senseless as it sounds”

Georgia couldn’t believe Leah, these bunch of siblings were something else, Ryan had asked her when was the wedding the first time he eavesdropped on them.

Dylan had been on her tail ever since that day, now Leah wants her to have a relationship with Dylan.

“Georgia, I know my brother and I know he hasn’t treated any woman the way he treats you, he is Dylan Donovan we’re talking about, look I can tell he loves you’

Leah said, she would gladly root for her Gi and her iceberg brother, they really compliment each other well.

She smiled thinking of the possibility of them getting married and having children.

Georgia looked at Leah’s weird smile
‘what was funny? aargh this girl!

“Special you say, well because I had a one night stand with Dylan doesn’t mean I’m special”

Georgia said and unknown to her, she didn’t know she looked like she was really yearning for someone

Leah sighed
“It’s obvious you’re in love with my brother”
Leah shook her head as if she was a mother tired of her child’s slow-witted brain.

Unknown to them, Ron gripped the stem of the glass cup so tight that it almost got ruined.

Thanks to his ability to hear quite distant conversations due to the type of training he received, he was able to hear the girls and it wasn’t quite difficult as he was sitting not so far from their table.


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