A black SUV car speeded into the dark colored mansion as if it was going to smash anything on its way.

Literally jumping out of the car, Ron walked ran into the hall way and into the large room where his men were present

Some were sitting playing chess, some were drinking and smoking as sexy Ladies that were almost naked hovered around them, pleasing them.

They all paused when Ron barged in with a gvn in his hands as he searched around with his eyes.

The ladies were giddy to see him as he was the most handsome and rich.

Don who’s cock was being sucked by a brunette, dismissed the lady and raised his brows in confusion.

Ron ignored their confused gazes as his eyes searched around and then

Bam! Bam!

Everybody gapsed, the men sitting stood up immediately in shock, the ladies screamed as they they his behind the men in fear while some ran out.

A lady who was covered in blood stood still in shock as she made a flinching stance, it wasn’t her bI.ood but the man who she was flirting with some minutes ago.

The man laid dead right now as he was shot on his forehead not once but twice.


It took one word for everybody in the room to scurry out without hesitation except Don.

Don was surprised but not shocked when his brother shot the man

“Care to explain how that one offended you? or is it that you never forgave him for not completing his job of assassinating Dylan?

Don asked casually, unfazed about the dead body nor the room which held a stench of metallic liquid at the moment.

luckily, He spared the man’s life by just shooting him in the arm that day but finally he klled him.

“I swear I’ll kll Dylan, I’ll end his life slowly but painfully as I deep my hands into his chest and burst his heart! How dare Dylan fk my woman?! He touched her!

Ron boomed as he began laughing like a maniac.

Even Don was shocked to see his brother act this way.
BI.ood would flow, he was sure of that.

He just hopes they would get out of this unscathed, knowing Dylan, he was a devil himself and can’t be considered a weakling.

“I need a favour from you Leah”
Georgia pleaded

“I’ll do anything for you, what’s up?
Leah asked as she cut the steak on her plate, placing it in her mouth.

The flavour bursted on her tongue that gave her the feeling of heaven on earth.

She took note of the restaurant, she would definitely place an order.

Georgia fidgeted a little, she was about to ask of something difficult and nearly impossible but she had to try
There was no harm in trying anyways.

“Umm you know my mom’s necklace, the one I always put on around my neck right?
She asked

Leah paused and nodded
“true, come to think of it, I haven’t seen it around your neck for sometime now”

Georgia agreed
“Yeah, well that’s because it’s with someone who had refused to give it back”

Leah frowned
Who was the moron that would not let go of something that wasn’t his property?

“Who is that bch?! Tell me and I’ll make sure the person doesn’t stay another day without returning it!

Leah boomed in superiority.


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