Georgia was glad that Old Gerald had retired for the night.

In the bathroom, Georgia couldn’t get the kss scene out of her head, she could still feel Dylan’s lips on hers.

Walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her torso, she heard her phone beep

“Dream about me”
It was a message from Dylan

This Man would be the de.ath of her!!

Dropping the phone without replying she heard it beep again as it lit up

Thinking it was Dylan again, she ignored it as her heart was still racing but the phone lit up again

She picked it up and saw it was a message from an unknown ID
Clicking it open, it read,

‘I need to see you Georgia’

‘we really need to talk’

At the end of the message, a name was attached


Georgia was surprised and dazed at the same time

Why would Raymond want to talk to her?
Is there anything left for them to say to each other?

Come to think of it, she actually had questions to ask

What changed between them?
What happened that made him cheat on her with her step sister and went as far as setting her up?

She really need answers.



“You really need to tell me about this whole thing Velvet, I know you know something about it”

Louise asked Velvet who was peeling some grapes for her.
It was just too much, the kindness and all were getting too good to be real.

Velvet’s tuition fees had been taken care of even their debts had been cleared.

Velvet wasn’t surprised about it and that means she knew something.

Velvet looked at her sister who was adamant in learning the truth and sighed.

She knew Louise wouldn’t take it lightly when she learns everything.

“I’ll tell you once you’re better sis”
Velvet said as she focused her attention on the plates of grapes on her laps at the moment.

“Velvet don’t mess with me”
Louise warned in a serious tone.

“Georgia did”
Velvet let the cat out of the bag, gazing at her sister to gauge her reaction.

“What Georgia?
Louise asked confused, which Georgia is she talking about?
“Do I know her?

Louise asked again looking at Velvet with a puzzled expression.

“Georgia Sterling, she paid everything sis, everything”
Velvet revealed feeling nervous as she saw Louise’s countenance change and it wasn’t good.

Before she knew what was happening, Louise glared at her
“I’ve told you not to mention that name, any name that has to do with the Sterlings, why are you joking with that?

Louise looked hurt as she cautioned her little sister.

Velvet knew that but she had no choice than to tell her the truth
Though the Sterlings had done hateful things to their family and was the very source of their misfortune, that didn’t mean Georgia was a part of it, Georgia and her mom were innocent and only a pawn used in their game.

“I’m sorry sis but I’m not joking, actually I met Georgia three weeks ago, she….”

“You did what?!
Louise boomed
“You met with that witch? How could you Vel?

She was hurt, really hurt
Georgia had been her Best friend then as they grew up together but her very best friend had been the reason they went bankrupt, her dad leaving them and her mom laid in a cemetery now!

She couldn’t believe Velvet would be able to breathe in the same space with her!!

“Sis please wait a second, I know you’re mad but hear me out, she didn’t know about everything that had happened to us”

Velvet said hurriedly at a go but Louise scoffed

“is that what she told you? Oh my God Vel! She cooked up a lie and you believed it, you should know better than not to believe anything that comes out from that scoundrel’s mouth!


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