“Ahhhh save me Garfield!

Leah screamed as she ran far from the gas cooker and cowered behind Garfield in fear.

Garfield didn’t know if he should cry and laugh at the same time


Who throws a wet fish that had just been brought out of the fridge into a pan containing hot oil, which he didn’t even have an idea of when she put the oil on fire.

Her abnormal actions made the icecubes around the fish to react aggressively with the hot oil when being thrown into it causing flames to rise and hot oil splitting out in lake of uniformity

Leah clutched his shirt when he took a step forward to the gas cooker

“Where are you going? you might get burnt
She asked in ho..rror
If this was how all those tasty delicious meals were prepared then she would really have to bow for the chefs.

Cooking was such a ho..rrific Tour!

Garfield deadpanned
“If you don’t let go, not only would we get burnt, the house will”

He said and as expected, she widened her eyes and let go of him immediately.

“But be careful”
Leah said and Garfield smiled inwardly

Feeling bound free, Garfield gingerly walked over to the pan, switching off the gas cooker, he brought the pan down with ease.

Leah made it sound as if it was a big deal, as if there were currently walking in a forbidden wilderness.

Turning around to face her, he sighed

“This is why I didn’t want you in the kitchen Leah”
Garfield said and was gobsmacked when Leah glared at him and walked towards where he stood

“Why so? you think I’m useless in stuffs like this? Is that why you said that, I’m just a spoilt brat to you right?

Leah said at a go as a tear rolled down her cheek.
She really looked so hurt

Garfield was shocked and something stabbed his chest when he saw her tears even if it was just a drop

He didn’t know when he drew her in his arms, placing his right hand at her back and his left hand settling on her head, he caressed her hair softly

“I’m sorry for making you cry”
Garfield said as he kssed her hair

He did it reflexively, right now, he loved the feeling of her petite body in his arms

Leah wrapped her arms around his waist, her head which was placed on his chest made her smell his scent.

“You don’t even look my way”
Leah mumbled which came out to be muffled because her nose was pressed to his chest.

“What did you say miss Donovan?
Garfield asked as he didn’t get her words

“Ahhhh” Garfield released Leah immediately and doubled over
The heartless lady just kcked his balls!

“what Leah! Do you plan on klling me?!

“Oh glad you know it’s Leah!
Leah said
She had told him not to call her the ‘Miss Donovan’ but he adamantly never does oblige!

She wants him to look her way, to see her as a woman and not as a kid.

She was no longer the little girl that chases after him not minding her appearance anymore.

Was that so much to ask?!

Garfield couldn’t believe his ears
The girl really wasn’t bluffing about kcking his balls.
Wasn’t he supposed to address her formally?

Garfield decided to ignore the woman and focus on making dinner.
He could still feel the little ache down there.

Leah who saw the lines etched in his forehead felt bad.

Did she kck him so hard?

She shouldn’t have.


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