During their early years, whenever Dylan and himself visits the Donovan’s home, Leah in her pre-teenage years would run to him, following him wherever he goes and when it was time for himself and Dylan to leave as they do not stay up to a day in the mansion, she would cry and insist he stays.

Sometimes she would tell him, they would be a couple when she grows old enough for marriage.

Even though Garfield knew it was just a child’s talk and her heart would change when she grows, he couldn’t help but have her in mind.

Garfield tried to tell himself several times that they were two different people of different worlds.

He was a servant and she was the favoured young miss of the Donovans
it would never be possible for them.

He was right though, now that Leah had grown to be a fine wine, she doesn’t even look his way anymore.
Not that he wasn’t handsome but the difference was clear.

He wasn’t an elite.

Leah walked past him, moving forward she halted and moved close to Garfield

Gesturing with her hand for him to bring his head down as he was much taller than he was.

Garfield obeyed still puzzled what could be the reason.

leaning towards her, she brought her lips to his ear and whispered
“Call me Miss Donovan again instead of Leah and I’ll kick your balls, it’s a promise”

Leah winked at him and went further inside the house, leaving the oh so frozen Garfield whose heart was ramming wildly in his chest.

Poor Garfield blushed for the first time in his adult years.

“where is my brother?
Leah asked Garfield who had just recovered from the emotional attack he just got.

He shouldn’t behave like a young highschool kid, she even thought nothing of what she did.

Garfield thought

“umm in his study, and he doesn’t want to be disturbed, you should know that already”
He answered.

“Ohh, is there dinner?

Leah asked again, glancing at the kitchen path

Garfield shook his head
“I’ll make something very soon”
He said, he had already ordered for foodstuffs. He would make dinner later in that evening.

Leah’s face brightened up
“Why don’t we make it together?
She asked excited all of a sudden that got Garfield wondering why?

“You can’t come to the kitchen Miss- I mean Leah”
He stated

Leah rolled her eyes
“and who’s going to stop me?

With that Leah walked in the direction of the kitchen like the owner of the house.

Garfield shook his head and followed after her.

‘This was going to be a long night of headache ‘

He thought.




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