Georgia walked beside Dylan towards Dylan’s parked car.

“Why did you come?
Georgia asked the question she had been wanting to ask


She watched as Dylan halted, turning to face her, he stared at her intently.

Dylan felt himself being sucked in into her hazel eyes.

He suddenly took a step forward which resulted in Georgia stepping backwards, this continued untill she felt her back hit the car softly as a small gasp escaped from her pink lips.

With nowhere else to go back to, Dylan came closer to her, she felt she was being burnt by the intensity Dylan was staring at her.

Dylan Leaned closer to her until she could feel his hot breath tease her face

He asked with a whispered
“Do you really want to find out?

Georgia didn’t even answer him because she was entranced at that moment.

“Because I want you”
Dylan huskily said shocking her to the core.

She felt happy yet scared at the same time,
is it normal for someone like Dylan to say this to her?
what if it’s all a lie?

With a look of doubt in her eyes Georgia gazed at his dark eyes

“You can’t want me, you….mmmph”

Dylan slammed his lips on hers roughly kssing her,
Georgia widened her eyes like saucers, her heart beat became so incoherent as it slammed mercilessly against her ribcage.

She tried to struggle but Dylan stepped more closer to her, removing any little space that was between them as he continued with the kss.

He weaved his fingers into her milk coloured hair as he pulled her close to him intimately as he nibbed on the tender flesh of her lips as if he was having his favourite dessert.

Georgia was battling within herself

she needed to push him away or at least stop this but her body wasn’t following her orders anymore.

She tried using her last restraint to push his chest but he didn’t even budge as if she was pushing a wall that wouldn’t move no matter what.

Dylan noticed she wasn’t struggling anymore and he held her waist pulling her close to him as if he wanted to merge her with his body.

He only pulled away when she was out of breath.

“Fk you taste so sweet!
He cursed when he saw her hazy eyes and reddened cheeks coupled with her pink lips that hard turned pinker, he wanted more,

he wasn’t satisfied yet, with this in mind, he pulled her for another round of kiss

Georgia felt Dylan’s hot tongue slip into her mouth as he played chase with her tongue, he nibbled on it to the extent that Georgia didn’t even know which tongue was hers anymore.


After five minutes, Dylan finally pulled away as he watched Georgia gasp for breathe, her legs felt weak and she wobbled but he held her in his arms to steady her.

It was at that moment that Georgia knew that her heart was in trouble
Her defence walls had finally collapsed at his attack and she could do nothing about it.

Dylan looked at the woman who was currently in his arms, her head rested at the spot were his heart was situated

He could feel his heart beating widely, something that had never happened before.

With a smile he thought, this is where she belonged right in his arms.

“So do you get the answer to your question now?

Dylan asked only for the little woman to stagger out from his arms and sprint out of the garage.

Watching the woman run away from him like a little cat running away from the big bad wolf, Dylan chuckled.

Despite the water pouring down on her as she stood under the shower, Georgia still couldn’t get over what happened few minutes ago in the garage.

She had ran into the house and ran past Aunt Felicia who asked her what was wrong but the woman didn’t get the answer.


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