“How were you able to leave with yourself all these years huh? to think we were best friends, my mom and yours were even more like sisters so how?

Your mom didn’t even come for my mom’s funeral!

Louise painfully said

“Well that’s because my mom was no more Louise!
Georgia shouted when she could no longer bear Louise’s shouting and her judgemental statements.

As much as she understands how Louise feels and knows it’s okay for her reaction to be that way, she was hurt that they didn’t trust her and her mom.

They had been friends for so many years, was it that easy to believe everything?

Louise and Velvet were shocked

Velvet rushed close to Georgia holding her hands
“Is-is Aunt Evelyn really”
She put her palm over her mouth in shock, she wasn’t able to finish the statement before she burst into tears

Georgia turned to face her with a sigh, she shouldn’t have broken the news that way especially when Velvet was there
“Velvet could you please wait outside?

Velvet nodded without hesitation as she was so overwhelmed with tears.

Louise felt shocked and she momentarily forgot about her hate for the family and Georgia

“When? How?
Louise asked sadness creeping into her chest.

No matter how she hated them now, that didn’t mean there wasn’t any atom of love for aunt Evelyn deep down

She could remember the good times they shared together.
Aunt Evelyn’s fondness and love.

“Two years ago, October 15th”
Georgia said and Louise’s eyes narrowed slightly in confusion, that was before her mom died
Louise thought but then hate began creeping into her heart

“I’m sorry to hear that but it doesn’t justify what you all did to us, maybe it’s karma”
Louise said before she could realize what her words

She immediately felt sorry and bad

Georgia asked hurt as tears slipped out of her eyes

“Look I-”
Louise tried to say she didn’t mean to but Georgia cut her off

“My mom was a good woman, who put everyone else first before herself and that was the sole reason why some people like her husband trampled on her kindness, so there was nothing like karma involved in my mom’s de.ath”

“I came here to explain things to you, a very huge misunderstanding that happened, even though your hatred is too much which I understand it should, you shouldn’t have said what you said Louise”

Louise felt more bad as Georgia spoke those words

“I’ll let you be for now, maybe some other time”
Georgia said with reddened eyes and walked to the door but paused and turned to look at Louise

“I’m sad you thought my mom and I were capable of such after all the years of friendship”

Louise wanted to call her back but Georgia had already left.

Louise was so confused and she burst into tears as she covered her face with both her palms.

Georgia felt so sad at the moment as she walked into her car and drove to a restaurant
Reaching there, she called Leah via phone call

“Hey Gi what’s up?
Leah said enthusiastically immediately it got connected

“Hey Leah are you free?
Georgia asked

“Umm I just finished a shoot now, hold a sec Gi”

Leah said and Georgia waited
she could hear ruffling at Leah’s end as she heard her talking to someone

“Perfect Gi, I’m free for today, that’s awesome, so where are you, I’ll come over”
Leah said happy that she was done for the shoot today

Though she was a public figure, a model and girls gets jealous of her game and all, they didn’t really know what models passes through and it wasn’t all gold on a platter

They don’t get to eat everything they crave for, they even have their special diet whether it’s their preference or not prepared by their managers who monitors their weight every single week.

If it wasn’t for a hobby since she was little, she could swear she would have given up on modelling a long time ago.

Modelling isn’t something you do just because it pays or it brings fame and popularity, if that was it, you’ll be gone as fast as you came.

It was just like writing, if you decide to write a book because of the money then you wouldn’t go far in it.

“I’m at FIVE STAR restaurant, you should know the address given we’ve been here before”
Georgia informed

“Yeah yeah, thanks to your gluttonous nature, I got to know almost all the restaurants in the city”
Leah said as she rolled her eyes.


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