Susan dragged her hands but ended up grabbing her hand bag instead which ended up damaging the handle.

“What are you doing?!
Georgia scolded in a low voice, she didn’t want to make a scene because knowing Susan, she would definitely play the victim.

“Where do you think you’re going?
Mr Sterling raised his hands to sI.ap Georgia, it had become a conditioned reflex to always sI.ap her.Miss Sterling? Hope there isn’t a problem here?

A man walked over standing beside Georgia, as he looked coldly at Mr Sterling who froze as he awkwardly brought down his hands to his side.

The man glared at him like he would rip out his heart from his chest at that moment.

“And who are you?
Susan asked in annoyance as the show has been cut off!

“An acquaintance of miss Sterling, any problem with that?
The man asked as he fixed his eyes on Mr Sterling

“Honey let’s leave here okay?
Mr Sterling told his wife and without waiting for an approval, he guided susan outside.

How the h’ll did Georgia get acquainted with someone like Mr Meyer?!
Mr Sterling thought

Georgia sighed in relief
“Good day Mr Meyer”
Georgia acknowledged him, grateful that he came there at that time

Ron smiled softly
“same here Miss Sterling, I can see you haven’t ordered anything yet”
He asked her

“oh yes, I’m waiting for my friend, she’ll be here very soon”
Georgia informed, happy that she didn’t have to change location any longer

“Can I join you, maybe I’ll leave when your friend comes”
Ron asked

“Umm I Don’t think that would be okay,no offence but I plan to spend my time with my friend alone”

Georgia declined politely
There was something about this man that gives her the shivers
She couldn’t tell what it was.

Ron was not surprised about her direct answer

‘She had always been like this’
He thought
What could have happened that she couldn’t remember him?
What happened to her?

He was a ruthless man but this woman was the one who found a soft spot in his heart.


Ron decided to be a gentleman man, no matter what he couldn’t draw any conclusion or reasons for her to forget him

And insisting on staying would only make her wary of him and less friendly, that he wouldn’t afford.

“I totally understand Miss Sterling, I’ll take my leave”
Ron said with a smile and Georgia returned it with a polite one.

Leah came right in that moment just as Ron walked away from Georgia’s table and went to another table just next to them.

“Hey Leah”
Georgia called out and they hugged each other

“You don’t look happy”
Leah stated earning a tired sigh from Georgia

“Tell me, what’s wrong?
Leah asked concerned

“It’s about Louise, Leah my family did so many bad things to them without the knowledge of my mom and I, Louise is in the hospital, Velvet dropped out of school, Aunt Emilia died and her husband left them to an unknown place, all because of my family”

Georgia said as she covered her face with her left palm

Leah was shocked, that was really a news.

“Oh Georgia, don’t cry, it’s okay, Gosh no offence but your family are really the devil’s incarnate!


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