Chapter 22

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“And what solution might you have conjured up?” Cade mother asked

“Don’t say it Emily! I already told you no” Cade warned

“Let her talk Cade”his father said giving me the go signal

“The only way I can think of is by bringing back the resort”I said and that got Cade mother laughing

“This must be a joke right? The resort have been shut down for years and do you know how much it will cost us to bring back the resort?”Cade mother said

“Think about it,if we can bring back the resort with the money we get, we will be able to do away the bankruptcy and there will be enough work for the islanders” I said

“You have got a point there”His father replied

“Don’t tell me you are going to pay attention to her idea”His mom yelled at her husband

“Just have you have said, it will cost us money to start the resort business again but it will also help our financial situation when we begin to profit from the resort once again”He said

“But the money is not really what we are after here, you very well know the real reason why we shut down the resort years ago”She said sounding a bit suspicious

“I know and that’s why I think it’s time we open it up again “He said

“But thats impossible, have you forgot what happened, what Cade had to go through, wh……..”

“That’s enough mom!!”Cade yelled out and she stopped whatever she was going to say

“Well I think it’s time that Cade forget the past and the only way to do that is opening the resort again and that’s what we will do, The company in the city is doing well enough and am sure that Cade can lend us some money to get the resort started on” He said looking at Cade who had gone silent

“Yes father, I will get every thing ready”he said and walked out of the room.

I followed him and I knew that because of what I said I had gotten him angry or could it be that he is scared about the thing that happened in the past?,I thought as I kept on following him

We got to the room and went to stand by the balcony

I didn’t like him being this way, I wished I hadn’t said anything earlier

“Cade I…….”

“Just leave me alone Emily”He said

“But Cade……..”

“I said you should leave me alone!!!! I told you to forget the resort but still you didn’t”

“I had to help those people, they might still be people like little Matthew and his mom, Can’t you even think about them?”I asked

“This is my island and they are my people, you don’t have any right to interfere”he said harshly

“I know that I don’t have that right, am not even your wife but still you said we can start off by being friends but I doubt if it would happen because you don’t see me as one”I said

“Emily I……..”

“Don’t try to justify what you said, it’s the truth after all and I hope that sometime you will open up to me and tell me why you are really against the opening of the resort” I said turning to leave

“Where are you going ?”he asked

“Leaving you as you wanted me to “I said and walked out of the room in anger.


“I know that I don’t have that right, am not even your wife but still you said we can start off by being friends but I doubt if it would happen because you don’t see me as one”

Her words kept tormenting me as I stood by the balcony trying to come to terms with the reopening of the resort.

It’s been years since we have open it and just the thought of having to open it again makes me feel like the past is catching up to me.

“When I looked through the study and didn’t find you there,I knew you would be here”My mom said

“Why do you keep on entering some one room with out knocking first”I asked

“Does it matter?”

“What if Emily here?”

“But she is not here, I know that for a fact because I saw her leaving the house a while ago”

“Just what made you tell her about the resort ” she asked And when I didn’t reply she continued

“Well what will we do! What happened eleven years ago must never be out in the open”She said

“It took your father and I a lot of time to completely get it buried”She added

“What if the resort is opened up and it starts again?”I asked

“Stop exaggerating Mom, as you have said, you took a lot of time to bury what happened and so it will be kept buried, the only people who know what happened is you and dad and David and though David and I are not on good terms,he won’t tell the truth because he has signed an agreement with father “I said

“I know all that but still aren’t you scared, don’t you think that is karma catching up on us”She asked

“I only feel nervous but the part of Karma catching up on me,well i don’t think that will have to happen because have been living my life thinking of what happened, I haven’t had peace in the last ten years and I know that as long as her death is my fault,I will never have peace “He said

“Cade stop beating yourself about it, we both know that what happened wasn’t some thing we wanted “she said

“But it could have been stopped, I could have stopped it but Instead I let my anger get the best of me”he said

“Stop it Cade, stop feeling guilty, that girl was the one who caused it all, she is to be blamed for every thing”She said

“She is not mom and i think it’s best that we stop talking about it, As long as no one knows the secret, I will be fine”I said

“I hope so”she replied

“Isn’t that David?”she asked and I looked down only to see David heading towards the resort path

“If he is going Through that way then he is going there to see your wife”she said

“Emily?”I asked

“When she left the house, she went through that same path, isn’t that kind of fishy to you?”she asked

“It’s nothing mom, David might just be going there to do some thing “I said

“And your wife?”she asked

“Have told her to stay away from him, I know she will”

“Well she might have done that if David isn’t so attractive but he is ”

“What are you trying to insinuate?”

“Nothing, am just saying that you should be careful”she said and left the room

She knew that what she said would get me intrigued.

I also had to know why David is going to where Emily might be,I thought as I left the room


“I can already see how great you will be “I said looking at the house that had been used as the resort before

The resort will come out good and am sure that we will make huge profit, once the house have been remodeled.

That’s when I will come in, it won’t be easy having to handle the advertising part on my own but I will figure out some thing when the time comes,I thought as I kept starring at the house

“Do you like it that much?”I turned only to see Cade standing some paces away

Still angry about what he did earlier, i didn’t bother to answer him

“Are you still angry about what I said ?”he asked

“You said I should leave you alone and I did as you asked me, so now am asking you to leave me alone too”I said

Instead of leaving he came to stand beside me

“This resort thing does it mean that much to you?”he asked

“If it didn’t mean some thing to me, I wouldn’t have asked ?”I said

“Seeing Mattew and his mom got me feeling down, all through the ride home, I kept on wondering how I can help her and also the rest who are suffering just like her and I knew that the only way is to reopen this resort and create jobs for them”I said

“You kept on refusing and so I just had to tell your father, am sorry if I had been too forward”I apologised

“I should be the one apologising, I should never have spoken to you rudely”he said

“Can we just work on this with out having to fight”I asked

“Sure,we can”he said giving me a smile, a very sexy smile

And once again, my heart began to beat fast, faster than normal and I could feel my cheeks going red.

Does this mean that am…… falling in love with Cade?.


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