Chapter 24

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I stood there still watching them hugging each other, the more I watched, the more I felt hurt.

I will never be feeling this way if I didn’t feel something.

Can I really be In love with Cade? I turned to leave the scene before they see me.

But I can’t be in love, I certainly can’t be in love with a guy who is only using me.

Very soon I will be returning to the city and our deal will certainly end and am sure that with the countless women he will have waiting for him, he wouldn’t even bother about me, I thought as I kept on walking back through the garden

Why did I have to fall for him,Why? I thought as I remembered the sweet things he says, the way he had been gentle and caring towards me, the way he had apologised after knowing that he did me wrong, the beautiful smile on his face each time he gives me a smile

Who wouldn’t fall for all those qualities,I thought as I sighed

“Alone again?”on hearing Cade father,I turned to see him standing not so far from me holding his walk stick

Seems like he was having his walk as usual,I thought as I gave him a smile and went to him

“What do you mean by alone again, I have your company right?”I asked as I went to him

“Then let’s keep each other Company because I feel bored and tired, why don’t you tell me your progress on the resort”he asked

I began to tell him the things we have finished and also the little that remain to be done.

There were times that have always felt lonely by just being by myself but Cade father was always there to listen to me and push me forward.

I can say that in this past few days, I have been more close to Cade father because he gives me his time to listen to what I have to say , i thought as I continued to tell him about the progress of the resort

“You know I never thought that I will reopening the resort again”he said after I finished talking

“Why? I can remember that Cade mother got angry when I mentioned the resort “I said wanting to know more

Cade is very secretive and he wouldn’t tell me a thing but for the resort to have been shut down because of some thing that happened in the past then some thing very bad must have happened and maybe his father might just tell me about it, I thought

I was surprised when he took hold of my hand and held it tightly

“There are things that are not to be known, I can assure you that you wouldn’t like to know what happened, so let’s just forget the past and move on”he said said frustrating me some more.

Why won’t they just tell me what made them close down the resort.

That was how Cade and Stephanie saw us when they finally finished their discussion or should I say their ill!cit renuion

“I can see that you and my father have gotten quite close” he said having that handsome smile on his face as he walked towards us..

At any other time, I would have lost my senses for a while and it will be because of his smile but seeing the way Stephanie clutched to his arm,i didnt sway a bit.

“Since you have always been busy with work, Emily and I keep each other company, hope you aren’t t jealous?”His father asked jokingly

“Of course not, she can keep you company and you can keep her company”He said and then he bent towards me and gave me a peck on the forehead

“Am sorry that have been neglecting you but it’s all due to work ,As soon as I am through, I will give you all my attention”he said and then walked off.

For a while I stayed like that,still feeling the tingling of his lips on my fore head but then I remembered that he must have done it for show, after all am only here to to pretend in front of his parents and every one else

“I would like to head back in, would you please escourt me”His father asked and i did as he said.



A while later to rid myself of the emotion I was feeling, I went to the house which was still being built to take some pictures.

I like to take pictures of things whenever am agitated or worried.

I know for sure that his resort will turn out to be a success and then when every thing begins to go well.

Cade will return to the city and our deal will be put to an end.

Before I always felt happy each time I think of the day I will be free from the deal but thinking about it now makes me feel sad

Could it be because of what I feel for Cade,I thought as I kept on taking pictures.

“Apart from cooking, is taking pictures another part of your hobby” David asked as he stood behind me

“David!!!!”I called as I went to him,happy to see him again.

He had been sent off by Cade to another island in the region and for a week, he hadn’t been around.

We weren’t even expecting him today,I thought

“Wow, I never thought that I was missed that much but seeing your warm welcome has changed my opinion”he said

“Of course you were missed”I said as I hit him playfully on the shoulder

“I still can’t believe that we are opening the resort again”he said

“Well you have to believe it, I made that possible”I said


“Yes, though Cade and his mother were not in approval of it but his father gave the go ahead”I said

“And Cade just let that happened?”he asked suddenly looking serious

“Yes”I replied not feeling sure of myself

“You look a bit off David, do you also know why the resort was shut down years ago, they know it but they are not letting me in on it, do you know why?”I asked

“Of course not”his quick denial only mean that he knows what happened too

“Seems like you wouldn’t tell me right?” I said

“Emily I…….”

“Its okay, I understand, if I will know the truth then I certainly will find out, I won’t put you under any pressure to tell me, I will take more pictures over there”I said as I gave him a smile and turned to leave

“Actually Emily………”He called only for Cade to appear

“What do you think you are doing?”cade asked as he stared at David .

“What do you think am doing?” David asked

“Don’t get me angry David, You know you made an agreement”Cade said looking so furious

“I know that I made an agreement and I won’t say any thing so be rest assured”He said and walked off

“Why do you keep on snooping around?”Cade said turning to look at me

“Do I look like am snooping?”I asked

“Yes you are, why dont you ever listen to me, have told you that what happened in the past should be kept there, why do you keep on being a busy body”He asked hurting my feeling

“Well am sorry if am being a busy body, am sorry if I wanted to know more of what happened years ago, am sorry if you think that my wanting to know more about you means am snooping, you can be rest assured Cade I won’t be asking again”I said as I turned to leave

“Emily I………”

“Let go Cade, have had enough of you thinking that my reasons of getting to know you have an ulterior motive, up till this day I hardly know any thing about you and you know a lot about me, isn’t that some how unfair”I asked as I walked off leaving him standing there

I walked towards the house thinking about what just happened.

I didn’t Realise that until I said it today,I still don’t know much about Cade.

Apart from being secretive, he looks like some one who doesn’t trust people easily,maybe it’s because of what happened in his past

Well he can keep his damn secret to himself, I don’t care, I thought as I was about to go in only to stop when I heard his mom voice

“I see you are back?”She said starring down at me while she stood upstairs.

Some how I felt like this isnt the first time have stood down here while she stood up there looking at me

Some where in my mind, I remember myself standing here looking at her but back then I was only a teenager and she looked more young

She had an evil look on her face as she stared at me back then

It was the same look she had now, I thought as I kept starring at her

Just what is this memory? I thought.


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