Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 41

“Summon all the male workers in the house to the living room now, everyone needs to be questioned” Ethan said.
“Okay Mr Ethan” Javad said.
“Including you Javad” Ethan said, shocking Javad to the bone.

He feels so bad that Ethan doesn’t seem to trust him anymore! And that’s gonna make things more difficult cause obviously he’ll start questioning his every move.

And he had told Morgan to change the plan but Catherine had insisted on taking Irish out of the way first cause she’s being a pain in her as$.

Arusha had entered instead of her and he wouldn’t have mind to kill him alongside Irish but the boy had been smart enough to run out.


Now it seems Ethan lost his trust in him already and obviously Morgan is gonna be mad at him for the plan failure.



Ethan finished addressing the male workers and they all left.
Arin and Arusha went to bed already.

“Do you think the person will come to you?” Irish asked.
Ethan had told the workers of the incidence and the perpetrator being in the house, he had threatened the anonymous perpetrator to come to him before he involves the cops.

“I don’t know” Ethan sighed.
“And involving the cops… everything will be spilled to the press” Irish said.
“Exactly! And i hate being in the news. It really sucks! ” Ethan said.
“You don’t have to involve the cops ”
“Your life is at stake here” Ethan said.
“And your reputation is as well…if it gets to the news that your daughter’s nanny almost got killed an anonymous person who obviously stays in this house,it’s gonna soil your reputation and not only that, but also affect your businesses all over the world ”

“It’s not like loosing business partners would affect me….”Ethan shrugged.
He has enough money to last him for his lifetime without even working anymore.

“I know but i won’t be the reason for that. Let’s just let it go. I’m sure whoever it is would have seen the handwriting on the wall and won’t try such again” Irish said.

“You always want to let go of everything, it’ll be selfish of me to protect my own business while putting your life at stake” Ethan said.

“Mr Ethan, involving the cops might truly soil your reputation,I’m going to start protecting Irish from now, the incidence won’t repeat itself anymore. I promise” Carl said and Ethan sighed deeply.
“It’s still hard to believe someone’s after your life in this house…” Ethan said.
“It’s all so confusing, I’m scared out of my wits” Irish said.

“Of course you should be. Im so sorry you’re in this mess”
“No, you shouldn’t be please. Going through all these is not even enough to pay you for all you’ve done for me”

“I don’t want you to feel okay with everything that happens to you in this house just because you feel indebted to me okay?” Ethan said.
Irish nodded.
“Go meet Gladys to show you to your room and i made sure it’s opposite Irish’s. Have you gotten your luggages?” Ethan asked.

“No Mr Ethan, i will after i check out my room” Carl said.
“Ohh… okay” Ethan said.
“Have you heard from Doc Luc?” Irish asked.
“No, he hasn’t called and i called him,he’s not picking up neither is he replying to my messages”

“He.. might be busy but isn’t mum’s legs surgery…”
“Exactly why i wanted to hear from him, i just hope everything’s fine” Ethan said.
“Me too” Irish said.

“Let’s go to sleep, I’ll try to contact him in the morning,I’m sure he would have solved whatever issue it is and be rest assured,you’ll be fine okay?” Ethan said and Irish nodded.


“Let’s get you dressed for school Arin” Irish said to Arin who was reluctant.
“What’s wrong?” Irish asked knowing Arin isn’t a kid who doesn’t like going to school.
She would have been in the bathroom by the time she comes into her room.

“What’s going on? Why are there bodyguards suddenly at our door, why?” Arin asked.
“I just felt we have to strengthen our security ” Ethan walked in before Irish could answer and she sighed in relief.
“Good morning Dad” Arin walked up to him.
“Good morning princess” He bent to kiss her forehead.
“Good morning…” Irish said.
“Good morning Irish” Ethan smiled.

“Dad, Why do you feel we have to strengthen our security? Did anything happen?” Arin asked.
“Nothing, believe me princess” Ethan said.
“Okay Dad”
“Go get ready for school,time is running fast” Ethan said.
“I’m pissed at Jessy and grandma” Arin frowned.
“They postponed their visit again!” Arin said.
“Really?” Ethan asked.
“Yeah, Gabrielle told me that yesternight. They keep postponing their visit and my birthday is in few days”Arin groaned.

“Ohh…they might be here before your birthday, you know Jessy won’t miss your birthday for anything”
“But i…”
“Let’s continue this after you’re back from school, you’re running late already” Ethan said.
“Okay Dad” Arin said and walked into the bathroom.

“How was your night? I hope you had a sound sleep?” Ethan asked Irish.
“Yeah, i tried as much as possible not to allow the incidence affect my sleep and knowing Carl is right at my door gave me more relief”

“I’m glad you slept well, i want you to make sure your day goes well too okay?”
“I even have lots of work to do, i won’t have the time to think of anything Have you contacted Doc Luc yet?”
“He’s still not picking up” Ethan said and Irish sighed .
“Is there any way we can contact Sunil and Shreedah?” Irish asked worriedly .
“No,be rest assured. I’m sure everything is fine.”
“I’m sure everything isn’t. I just hope Mum is fine”
“I’m going to keep trying to reach Doc Luc,it might be poor service or something, you know India is so far away” Ethan said.

“I should bring out Arin’s school wears” Irish said when she heard the shower stopped running.
She moved to Arin’s wardrobe.
“Okay, I’m going to dress up for work”
“Bye, have a nice day” Irish said.
“You too”


“So..this is how it feels to have bodyguards” Irish smiled.
“I must admit Mr Ethan really likes you”Carl said.

They were both seated in her workshop while the two other bodyguards offered to stand by the door.

“I must admit the feeling is mutual, i like Ethan too” Irish said.
“I knew it!”Carl laughed.
“What? Is it that obvious?” Irish asked, stopping in the middle of her sewing.
“It is. It is all written all over your face”Carl said.
“Of course but its all good, i know the type of lady you are, you’re the best lady Mr Ethan ever felt attracted to. You’re loved by so many people in this house except people who are envious of you”

“Geez! You just flattered me” Irish laughed.
“No, it’s just some real facts”Carl said.
“Where’s Alex?” Irish asked.
“In the quarters ”
“Don’t you think he’ll be feeling lonely?”
“No, probably sleeping”Carl said.
“He’s a sleep freak” Irish laughed.
“Yeah yeah”

“Hi guys, come in. You’re not meant to stand ” Irish said.
“Please don’t refuse this time” She quickly added before they could turn down her offer.
They’ve been standing and she feels so uncomfortable with it.
“Come in guys,sit”Carl said to them and they finally walked in and got seated.
“There’s no rule that says you mustn’t sit right?” Irish asked.
“Then why must you always stand? Your legs doesn’t ache?” Irish asked.

“We’ve gotten used to it. Have i ever told you the story of when i was a bodyguard for a president?”
“Really? No” Irish said, turning to Carl eagerly .


**Two days later**

“You mean he said we should start coming to his hospital now?” Irish asked Ethan for the third time.
“Yeah, Doc Luc just called me now and told me that”
“They’re in California already?” Arusha asked.
“How’s mum? Was her legs surgery successful?”

“He didn’t tell me anything, he only want us to come to his hospital now” Ethan said.

“That mean mum’s second surgery was not successful” Irish said sadly.
“I’m glad the most important one was successful, she won’t have to live with the fear of dieing soon anymore, and we aren’t tired of pushing her wheelchair,are we?”

“Mum is alive, that’s the biggest grace,any other thing will be tend to later. Let’s go, i can’t wait to see her” Arusha said.

Ethan smiled, intrigued by Arusha’s words.
He knows for sure that Arusha is going places and he’s gonna help him as much as he can.


“We’ve been trying to reach you for the past few days but you weren’t responding, only to call us suddenly and summon us to the hospital” Irish said,after they walked into the hospital reception and saw Doc Luc.

“Good day to you all” Doc Luc said keeping a straight face.
“Where’s mum? ” Arusha asked.
“Was the surgery successful?” Ethan asked.
“I guess you’ll have to see for yourself” Doc Luc said.
“Go bring Mrs Helen” He said to a nurse who quickly went to carry out his order.

“Well..i guess she’s on her wheelchair but why can’t we go to see her?” Irish asked.
“What’s going on Lucky?” Ethan was asking when he saw Mrs Helen..

Walking… on her feet with smiles, right beside the nurse.

Surprise was all written over their faces as she approached them.

“Mummy!!” Arusha was the first to snap out of the shock.
He ran right into her arms..

Irish followed and Ethan just stood, smiling happily.

This is so great.

Their embrace was so touching and he wouldn’t like to interrupt them.
“It must have been so long they saw their mum on her feet” Doc Luc smiled.
“Not really, she hadn’t seen her for a long time and just when she gets to see her , she doesn’t walk, I’m so happy but hey,you could have simply picked our calls or reply our messages, we were worried, i was extra worried thinking something had gone wrong” Ethan said to Luc.
“I thought a little surprise will help” Luc chuckled.
“It did…it really did” Ethan smiled.
“And i shouldn’t forget. Doc Sunil and Shreedah sent their greetings” Doc Luc said.
“Ohh…great” Ethan smiled.

“Did you inform the cops about their kidnap yet?” Doc Luc asked.
“Why? You should”
“We can’t, Shreedah’s daughter life is at stake here, they’ll go after her if we dare go to the cops and i definitely don’t want that. She can’t loose her child just because we want justice.”
“Oh…Damn! Those badass will surely get meet their match soon” Doc Luc said.
“I hope so too”

“Seems they are done” Luc said and Ethan walked up to them.
“Good day Mrs Helen” Ethan said bowing a bit.
He adjusted his face cap as he raised his head.
“Thank you so much” Was the first word Mrs Helen said to him before pulling him into a hug.
“It’s fine” Ethan smiled.
“I wouldn’t be on my feet if not for you, My family could’ve still getting drag over a debt we know nothing about,i won’t have to live with the sadness of dieing anytime soon anymore. Thank you so much Mr Ethan” Mrs Helen said,still embracing him.

“I’m glad you’re fine now, I’m so happy to see you back on your feet looking as energetic as ever” Ethan smiled.
“All thanks to you” Mrs Helen smiled too as she released him from her embrace.

“Enough of the ‘thank you’ ma’am” Ethan said.
“I have to thank you cause im so grateful, you did more than enough to ensure my health is back to normal. We may not have enough to pay you back but i promise we’ll do every little thing we can to make you happy too”

“Yes” Irish said.
“We’re really grateful” Arusha said.

“It’s being so long i saw you looking this fit, you look great Mum” Irish smiled.
“I feel great also” Mrs Helen smiled.
“You saw lots of Indians right?” Arusha asked.
“Lots of them, i would have loved to go on a tour but i couldn’t wait to see you guys”

“Doc Luc had all us worried, we never knew he was cooking up something delicious” Irish said.
“You can now call me world best surprise planner” Doc Luc said and they laughed.

“So,we can go home with her now right?” Arusha asked.
“No, she’s gonna be in the hospital for some days to complete her treatment” Doc Luc said.
“Really?” Arusha asked.
“That’s better then, it’s gonna give me more time for the apartment hunting”
“Apartment hunting?” Mrs Helen asked.

“Yeah, we won’t be staying in that apartment anymore, we’ll be getting a better and safer apartment” Arusha grinned and anyone would think he’s the one going to pay for the apartment.

“Let’s go to your ward to continue our discussion, i don’t want cameras on Ethan anytime soon” Irish said.



“This is better and wider!” Arusha said to Irish as they both checked pictures of apartment put up for sale on her phone”

They were back home after spending much time their mum.
Arin and Gabrielle will be going with them tomorrow to check on Mrs Helen.

“Didn’t you see the price?” Irish asked.
“Ohh” Arusha raised his brow.
“Let’s continue searching” Arusha said and they did.


“This is so tiring!”Arusha laid on Irish’s bed.
They were yet to find an apartment they can afford.
“Are you okay Miss Irish?” One of her bodyguards asked through the door.
“Yes i am” Irish shouted and Arusha laughed.
“Your bodyguards are so funny” He said.
“Sometimes i do forget i even have bodyguards, i feel so uncomfortable with them” Irish sighed.
“That’s because you’re not used to having them around” Arusha said.

“Wow! Come check this apartment Arus” Irish smiled.
“Great! We finally found a perfect one with a perfect price”
“And the location is not so far from here, we’re gonna go check it out tomorrow after leaving the hospital”
“And then we move in when?” Arusha asked.
“Let’s go check it out first” Irish said.
“I’m so gonna miss this place” Arusha said sadly.
“Man! We haven’t even paid for the new apartment yet” Irish rolled her eyes.
“I know right” Arusha laughed.

“May i come in?” Ethan asked through the door.
“Yes” Irish said.

He walked in and closed the door behind him.
“What’s up?” He asked, settling on the chair.
“We found an apartment” Arusha said.
“Yeah and we’ll be checking it out tomorrow” Irish said.
“Ohh…great, i hope the price isn’t too high?”
“It isn’t and even if it is, i can afford it. I’m a wealthy woman yunno” Irish said dramatically and they laughed.

“The price isn’t too high, it’s affordable” Irish smiled.
“Ohh..okay” Ethan said.

“Arusha,how would it feel to resume Ivy Royals high school on Monday?” Ethan asked.
“Huh?” Arusha asked,sure he had heard wrong.
“What!” Irish exclaimed under her breath.

Ivy Royals?
One of the top schools in California?
He has only seen the school’s picture once and he had skipped after seeing the manificence and the wealth lavished on it, he knew he wouldn’t even dare dream being a cleaner in the school not to talk of being a student.

The grandeur is so different from every school’s.
They always come first in every freaking thing.

It was also said that their teachers all graduated from the best universities across the states with the highest GPS.
Ivy Royals is a school of the rich, it’s not even affordable for middle class,not to mention the poor.
Their school fees isn’t revealed to the public but it is said that they do pay huge amount of money.

“I..i don’t un.. understand” Arusha stammered.
“Well… I’ve wanted to change your school since the first time we discussed but i felt it’d be better if your mum survives first and I’m glad she did. I’m sorry i didn’t informed you beforehand but you’ll be resuming Ivy Royals high school on Monday as a student, your school wears will be delivered to you today” Ethan said and Arusha was left dumbfounded.

He held Irish who was also speechless from the piece of news to keep him stable.

“Mr Ethan..” Arusha said tearily before hugging him tight.
“I..i…” Arusha was saying.
“You don’t have to say anything Arusha,” Ethan smiled, knowing he can’t find the right words to say.
He’s being so emotional right now and he perfectly understands.

“I’m so grateful” Arusha sniffed back tears.
“But..wait…I’ll be resuming Ivy Royals?” Arusha asked waiting for the last confirmation.
“Yes” Ethan nodded and Arusha’s scream of excitement echoed through the whole building .

Irish just stood dumbfounded.


**Next Day***

“You’ll be resuming Ivy Royals high school tomorrow? Mrs Helen asked in disbelief.
“Yes Mum” Arusha smiled.
“My school wears has been delivered already” He added .

Arin and Gabrielle left just now and Irish walked them to the car.

Arin agreed to leave after Mrs Helen promised to knit more beautiful sweaters for her.
She’s going to make for Gabrielle too.
They all enjoyed one another’s company and they chatted like families.

“The school of the rich…how?” Mrs Helen asked in surprise.
“Mr Ethan is going to be sponsoring me” Arusha said.
“! Wow! I really need to thank him, why isn’t he here today though?”
“I think he has an urgent meeting to attend. I didn’t sleep a wink last night, i was up checking more informations about the school online and I’m so amazed, i still can’t believe I’ll step into that…school tomorrow” Arusha sighed happily.

“You’re sure gonna miss your friends”
“Friends? You know i don’t have a friend in my present school, the guys don’t ever want to talk to me cause i can have their girls with just a wink and of course because of my brains” Arusha said with pride.

“You don’t ever stop talking about girls” Mrs Helen dragged his cheek painfully.
“Ouch.. Mum!” He pouted, rubbing his cheek.
Mrs Helen laughed.. “I’m sorry about that”
“Your apology isn’t accepted” Arusha frowned.
“I guess you need more cheek dragging then..”
“No…no” Arusha stood up from her bed and walked to the chair.

Mrs Helen laughed heartily “Com’on”.

“ are you gonna cope there? You know it’s far different from your present school” She said.
“I know but trust me I’m gonna cope” Arusha said.
“I know you will”
“You need to see the activities performed in that school, their garden..” Arusha was saying.

“Enough of the school talk already Mr Ivy Royals” Irish said walking into the ward.
“Have you told mum we’ve found an apartment ?” She asked.
“Yes Mum, we’ll be going to check it out after we leave here” Irish said.
“Ohh… okay. And i must say you stay with amazing people, they are as nice as Ethan”
“Yes! They are” Irish smiled.
“I would never have believed if i was told I’ll ever meet Ethan Harlow. Everything happened so fast” Arusha said.
“Yes, so fast” Mrs Helen agreed.
“And i wouldn’t have believed if i was told I’ll attend Ivy Royals high school” Arusha grinned.
“Arrrgh!” Irish sighed.

“I’m so happy for you Irish, I’m proud of you and I know your dad will be too” Mr Helen said.

Irish and Arusha fall silent.
” Don’t start mum,All this are the past” Arusha said hugging her as Mrs Helen pats his hair.

Irish tried to force back the tears threatening to fell.
“Come here” Mrs Helen said and they all hugged eachother.



“We shouldn’t take long in checking out the apartment, i need to go get ready for SCHOOL tomorrow” Arusha smiled.

“Geez!” Irish groaned and he laughed.


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