Authoress Berry Julie

Chapter 51

“I knew my brother is the one sponsoring his education,his sister nor his Mum could have afford Ivy Royals,they are wretched and everyone knows that” Jessica said after Javad told her Mr Ethan is the one sponsoring Arusha in Ivy Royals.

“And you can just tell the whole school,your brother is the one sponsoring Arusha” Javad suggested.

“Ofcourse I’m going to do just that, I’m going to embarrass him so much that he’ll regret ever calling me an opportunist” Jessica smiled, she’s glad she finally has something to use against Arusha.


“There’s another thing also” Javad said.
“What?” Jessica asked.
“Remember you promised not to mention to Mr Ethan that i came to you. Please do not let Mr Ethan know of this.” Javad said.
“I won’t,trust me” Jessica said.

“Arusha and Irish’s Mum had an accident and her legs were broken,she was on wheelchair. I think Irish talked Mr Ethan into it cause he paid the surgery bills and every other expenses that came along with it and it was a whole lot of money,he also rented a new apartment for them and furnished it immensely” Javad said.
“What!” Jessica screamed as she got to her feet.

“They are the real opportunists here Jessy, you can use those things i told you against them. I felt sorry for you when that opportunist called you an opportunist cause i know you’re not, you’re Mr Ethan’s younger sister. You need to do something Jessy…” Javad was saying but Jessica already flee out of the room.

He laughed hard “This is gonna be fun”
He quickly got to his feet and walked out of Jessica’s room. He needed to go see what drama she’ll perform.

Irish descended the stairs, She just left Arin’s room,she was headed to the living room to join Ethan when she heard Jessica screamed.
She limped towards her and Irish wondered what was going on.

“You and your brother are the real opportunists here!! You made my brother pay for your mum’s surgery bills and also made him rent an apartment for you,you took advantage of his weak spot for y…”
“Shut up!!!” Irish shouted at her for the first time.

Ethan and Mrs Harlow who were seated in the living room,rushed towards the stairs and Mrs Gabrielle also left what she was doing in the kitchen to see what’s going on.

Jessica looked shocked,she hadn’t expected Irish to shut her up.

“I never for once used Ethan’s weak spot for me as an advantage, he’s here. You can ask him that. And about the surgery bills,I’m working so hard to pay him back, he never rented an apartment for me, i rented it myself,with my money! Jessica you’re just a little rude girl who needs serious counselling,I’m done tolerating your insensitive behavior and if you get on my nerves one more time, i’ll have to teach you some lessons and trust me my lessons are not as calm as i am,you definitely won’t like to taste my venom. Be warned Jessica. ” Irish said angrily.

She walked out of the scene and Javad was disappointed from where he was watching.

“Who told you all that Jessica?” Ethan asked angrily.
“Who!” He yelled at her for the first time and she shifted back in fear.

“I..i…” She stammered,her eyes heavy with tears.
She never thought Ethan would ever yell at her,she was more furious at Irish cause she had caused this.

“Speak up! Cause there’s no way you would ever know that i handled Mrs Helen’s surgery bills,you weren’t even around at the time. Who told you huh?” Ethan asked and Jessica kept mute.

She couldn’t betray Javad,no matter what.
She had promised him and she won’t want him to lose his job.
He told her that because he cared for her.

Javad broke into cold sweat and his legs shook.
The look in Jessica’s eyes felt like she’s ready to say the truth.
Who wouldn’t spill the truth with the way Ethan was glaring hard at her.

Jessica started crying and looked over to her mum for help and Mrs Gabrielle sighed.
She was fed up with the whole thing!
Things keep sprouting from different directions and it has Jessica involved in it.

“I told her, Ethan” Mrs Gabrielle broke the seemingly endless silence.

“And i didn’t mean it the way she confronted Irish over it. It wasn’t even today i told her,it was a day after she returned from Paris. I told her how kind you were to pay Mrs Helen’s surgery bills.” Mrs Gabrielle lied to Ethan,for the first time in years.

She won’t want her daughter to get into Ethan’s bad book, she still wondered who told Jessica though .. she’s going to find out from her later.

Javad sighed in relief from the top of stairs.
He smiled and wiped out the sweat off his face.

Ethan stared at Mrs Gabrielle, searching her eyes.
“You should know this Jessica…it is my money! And i would do whatever i want with it. Do never question whatever i use my money for again!” Ethan warned and also walked out of the scene.

“Jessica,it’s time you stopped all these. Do not make your hatred for Irish and her family get you into Ethan’s bad book, believe me, you’re not going to find it funny. Just quit troubling Irish, she’s not who we think she is,she’s far different, Jessica”, Mrs Harlow said and Jessi stared at her in disbelief .

Mrs Harlow walked back to the living room to continue the movie she was watching with Ethan.

Jessica can’t believe Mrs Harlow is starting to take Irish’s side too.

‘She must have enchanted her too’ Jessica thought and broke into another round of tears .
She’s not as strong as she behaves,she breaks down easily.

“Come with me to the kitchen. Now” Mrs Gabrielle said sternly and Jessica limped after her.
She was still battling with the shock of Irene talking back at her.
She’s so gonna humiliate her brother tomorrow.

“There you are! Limping! But causing trouble all over the house” Mrs Gabrielle obviously in disapproval of Jessica behavior.

“Sit down and tell me who the hell told you about Mrs Helen” Mrs Gabrielle said and Jessica reluctantly sat down.

The aroma of the soup she was preparing waft through Jessica’s nostrils and she sniffed it,with her eyes closed.

“I’m waiting” Mrs Gabrielle said, resting her back on the kitchen counter,with her arms folded beneath her brea$ts.
Jessica stared at her mum mutely, seeing the determined look on Mrs Gabrielle’s face,she knows she can’t escape explaining. This is one of the few times Mrs Gabrielle is being strict on her.

“Thank you for covering up for me mummy” Jessica said,her voice sounding like that of a kid .
She totally acts like a baby whenever she’s alone with her Mum.

“If you don’t tell me who told you,I’ll go back to Ethan and tell him i wasn’t the one who told you about Mrs Helen and trust me,you’ll have so much fun telling him who did” Mrs Gabrielle threatened.
“Mum!” Jessica pouted.
“Speak up Jessica” Mrs Gabrielle said and quickly checked on the soup she was preparing.

She had promised Javad not to tell Ethan, so telling her Mum does not mean she broke the promise.
Her mum wasn’t Ethan after all.

“Javad did” Jessica finally said.
“Ethan’s personal bodyguard?” Mrs Gabrielle was stunned and Jessica nodded.

“He did that because he cared about me, he was pained when i was called an opportunist cause im not, he wanted to make me see they are the real opportunists,not me” Jessica said.
All she said fell on Gabrielle deaf ears.

She wondered what was going on.
What is Javad trying to do?
She remembered when Irish told her there’s something fishy about Javad but she had denied then.

Now, it seems Irish is right.
Why had he told Jessica that, knowing Jessica and Irish are not in good terms.

He wants to create enmity?
And he almost made Jessica fall into Ethan’s bad book!

She really needs to keep a close eye on him from now just like Irish had suggested then.
There’s definitely something wrong somewhere.

“Do not listen to whatever Javad tell you from now on okay?” She said to Jessica.
“Okay Mum” Jessica nodded.
“And whatever he tells you, come to me first before doing anything okay?”
Jessica nodded again.

“You should be very careful around him, infact,i want you to stay away from him. He made Ethan yell at you for the first time” Mrs Gabrielle said and Irish’s eyes was once again laced with tears.

Mrs Gabrielle sighed and passed her her handkerchief.
She wiped her tears grumpily.

“Is he going to apologise for yelling at me?” Jessica asked her mum, hopefully.

“I can’t tell. He seems pissed” Mrs Gabrielle said truthfully.
Jessica blew her nose into the handkerchief. “It’s all because of those people, he never yelled at me when they weren’t here. Irish and her family has enchanted you all”

“Com’on! Don’t say that. Irish has a natural charm,she’s a very nice lady who had looked so forward to meet you,i wonder why you do not like her” Mrs Gabrielle said.
“Because she’s a gold digger Mum,she is. I’m so sure. Her niceness and smiles are all facade” Jessica said,like she was so sure of what she was saying.

Mrs Gabrielle sighed softly. ” She’s not, can’t you see Mrs Harlow is starting to like her too. That’s because she’s a great person. And Irish really likes you, if you had been nice to her,you would have gotten dozens of beautiful dresses”
“I don’t want anything from her! She can’t win me over with dresses” Jessica said even though she’s starting to imagine how terrific she would look in those dresses. Irish’s really good at what she does.

Gabrielle smiled, she hopes Jessica would see Irene for who she is soon.

“And how are you feeling?” She asked.
“Terrible! I can’t believe that nincompoop scarred my jaw!” Jessica blew out a shaky breath, she was pissed.

“No, your jaw isn’t gonna be scarred,the bruise is so little and once it heals,it’s gonna peel off. You’ll get back your smooth skin in no time” Mrs Gabrielle assured.

“Really?” Jessica was ecstatic.
“Yeah” Mrs Gabrielle said,the soup was ready and she brought it down from the cooker.

“Will you be able to go to school tomorrow?” Gabrielle asked.
“Yeah, i need to get something done” Jessica said and Gabrielle stared at her suspiciously.

“I don’t want you to do anything to Arusha at school tomorrow,he apologized to you already” Mrs Gabrielle said, knowing what Jessy is capable of.

Jessica shrugged in response to what her Mum said.
She’s gonna do what she has in mind and no one can stop her.

“I want some soup Mum” Jessica said.
“Okay Jessy”



Olivia almost jumped into Arusha’s arms when she saw him approach her.
She was waiting for him in the school hallway just after she alighted from her Roll Royce.

It’s Monday morning and she had been excited all weekend because she got to speak to Irish who turned out to be a gem!
They spoke at length and it had felt like they had known each other for ages.

“Hey” Arusha smiled.
“Hi” She blinked warmly at him,his heart melted.
She was looking more beautiful this morning…he noticed.
“How was your weekend” Arusha asked as they headed to the class.
He felt happy,just being beside her.
“Great! And Irish is a gem! I totally enjoyed speaking to her” Olivia grinned .

“She had said the same” Arusha smiled “And she refused to tell me what you both talked about.
She told me you both talked about my black a$s.” Arusha groaned and Olivia bursted into laughter,she held him for support and Arusha smiled while he watched her laugh heartily.

Her beauty trapped him right on the spot, and he felt like he was on the air by just watching her laugh.

His heart danced to the rhythm of her laughter and he couldn’t even explain what he feels for her, he has never felt this way before.

Olivia stopped laughing and she blushed, seeing Arusha stare at her.
She got to study his face closely then and gasped when she saw his bruised forehead. She hadn’t even noticed it,out of excitement.
Arusha wondered what made her have this kind of expression.

“ your forehead!” She exclaimed.
“Ohh” Arusha sighed.
“What happened?”Olivia asked worriedly,she gently caressed the wound and he tried not to wince in pain but she could tell it hurts.

The plaster had gotten wet this morning while he was taking his bath and he had to remove it and he totally forgot to use another one before leaving the house.
Mrs Helen hadn’t seen him leave the house or she would have reminded him.

“What happened?”Olivia repeated.
“I don’t want to lie to you. I’m not ready to talk about it now” Arusha said and Olivia nodded in understanding.

“We’re late for class,let’s hurry” Arusha took her hand and they both couldn’t ignore the feeling that swept through them.

It was too blissful to ignore.
They stared lovingly at each other for a while before running to class.



The teacher was not in class when they walked in.
Jessica stared at Arusha with hatred as he walked to his seat with the buffoon beside him.

She realised she hadn’t loved him after all,she only had a crush on him and now it has ended,she feels raw hate for him now.
She smiled, thinking about her plan.

Arusha and Olivia ignored the usual comments from the students as they walked to their seats.

Some of the male students found Olivia attractive too but no one wants to go out with a girl whose father is an ‘infamous safecracker’

Arusha turned his gaze to Olivia as he sat down and he could see the anger burning in her eyes, he felt disappointed she hasn’t forgiven him.

Irish had told him she found his apology letter in the thrash,shredded into pieces.
He’s gonna apologise to her again regardless.

Her jaw was still plastered and he felt bad, seeing it.
It’s so irresponsible to hurt a lady,he had lost control and he feels so bad now.

Olivia brought out her laptop and realised Arusha did not bring out his.
She noticed his gaze was focused on something and she traced it to see he was staring at Jessica.

She noticed the plaster on Jessica’s jaw and wondered what it was about though she was mad she had caught Arusha staring at her.

Jealous should be the right word.

Does he find her attractive?

“I’ll be back Oli” Arusha said to Olivia and got to his feet.
He headed to Jessica’s seat and Olivia couldn’t believe how jealous she felt.
He was just her friend but what the heck is going on!?

“Jessica i’m so sorry to have hurt you, i lose control whenever it comes to Irish,i can’t stand anyone hurt her or be rude to her” Arusha said apologetically.

“Leave my seat,i don’t have anything to say to you” Jessica said, her face emotionless.
“I know it was irresponsible of me to hit you back, i apolo..” Arusha was saying.

“Leave me alone!” Jessica yelled loudly, banging her desk.
Everyone turned to them and immediately began whispering and mocking Arusha

I can’t believe someone like him wants to date Jessica too” A girl said loudly and the class erupted into laughter.

Arusha returned to his seat, greatly embarrassed.
Olivia felt embarrassed for him,she wondered what was going on.

She could tell Arusha hadn’t gone to ask Jessica out or whatever, something more serious was going on.

“What’s going on?” Olivia asked as Arusha sat down.
He looked pissed and embarrassed at the same time..
The teacher walked in before he could explain.

“During lunch break…” Arusha said to her and she nodded.



“Woah…That’s gross!!” Olivia exclaimed after Arusha explained the whole incidence to her.
They were on break and the students hadn’t left the class completely,some were still hanging around.
“And that was why i couldn’t return your call immediately, the house was heated at that moment” Arusha said.

“I can’t believe Irish agreed to speak to me after all that and none of it even showed in her voice! She was extremely nice to me” Olivia said, still stunned by what Arusha just narrated.

She now understands the whole reason behind Arusha going to Jessica’s seat, the wound on his forehead,her jaw,palm and foot.

Though Arusha had omitted Ethan’ name from the whole thing,he respected the fact that Ethan Harlow is a public figure. Olivia doesn’t know yet that Ethan Harlow is his sister’s employer.

“Jessica doesn’t deserve any of your apology! Yet,she shredded your apology letter and embarrassed you in front of everyone, she was defending her Mum and you were defending your sister,that’s equal. Besides, she hit you first,she’s wrong in every way and she should apologize to you instead” Olivia was upset.
“I know but i feel it’s still irresponsible of me to hit a lady”Arusha said.

“You didn’t hit her! You both were throwing things at each other. Okay, agreed that you feel it’s irresponsible of you to retaliate. You apologized already. Twice! you already proved that you’re responsible which i feel it was unnecessary though cause i know you are. It’s up to her now” Olivia said, irritated with Jessica behavior.

She never knew Jessica was that mean.

“Don’t feel worried about it okay…”Olivia consoled Arusha
“I’m relieved i apologised though,it’s up to her to accept it or not” Arusha said.

“Yeah! We shouldn’t talk about her. A mean person like her doesn’t deserve our precious time, let’s eat Arusha and discuss better things” Olivia said and he smiled.



Lunch break was over and students walked into the class, Arusha and Olivia noticed how they pointed at him,whispered and laughed out loud.
They always mock him but this seems different.

He glanced at Olivia and saw that she was worried too.

“What do you think is going on?”Olivia asked.
“I don’t know, you should ask those two girls,your friends”Olivia said, referring to Danielle and Anna,she believes they’ll know something.

Everyone was in the class by then and the mockery had gone to the extreme.
Some were even sneering at him.
Arusha definitely knew something was wrong.
He called on Anna and Danielle and they were reluctant to go to him at first.

“What’s going on?” He asked them.
They were also looking at him like they won’t want to associate with him anymore.
“I never thought you were this poor,i thought you might be middle class and that was why i was crushing on you but now it’s all over” Anna snorted and Olivia wanted to give her the reply she deserves but Arusha stopped her.

“What is she driving at?” He asked Daniella cause it seems Anna is not interested in talking to him anymore.
“Well…” Danielle rolled her eyes.

“Jessica told everyone in the cafeteria that her brother is the reason you’re in this school,he’s your sponsor and that your sister coaxed him into paying your mother’s surgery bills,your sister took advantage of his weak spot for her! That’s manipulative and unfair!” Danielle groaned and Arusha went numb and pale.

“Allysia told everyone in the cafeteria that her brother is the reason you’re in this school,he’s your sponsor and that your sister coaxed him into paying your mother’s surgery bills,your sister took advantage of his weak spot for her! That’s manipulative and unfair!” Danielle groaned and Arusha went numb and pale.

Yeah… Mr Ethan is sponsoring him but….his sister hadn’t coaxed him into paying their mum’s surgery bills, Irish would never do such and did this thing just said his sister is manipulative.

“Did you just say my sister is manipulative?” Arusha asked, tightening his fist as he got up and he wasn’t aware his eyes had turned beast-like.
All he felt was rage.
His head spin as he tried to control himself.
He’s yet to digest everything and he’s trying to but someone just said his sister is manipulative.

“No…” Danielle shifted back, she has never seen him look this way.

His eyes shone with rage and his muscles tightened like he’s trying to restrain himself from hitting her.
“I didn’t say that. Jessica did” She said and quickly headed for her seat.

Arusha badly wanted to scream and destroy everything he could lay his hands on.
He needed to vent out his anger.

If only Jessica was a male,he would have punched her till she bleeds.
He wouldn’t mind been expelled.

“Breathe in and out”Olivia’s said quietly and hearing her small voice soothe his rage a little.

She was fuming herself but she knew Arusha was more angry than she was and she could see how he was trying to restrain himself and his eyes … he has never looked this way.

“Breathe in and out” She repeated,that was the only thing she could say at the time, she was lost for words.
He had told her he could be pretty violent when it comes to Irish.

She glared at Jessica who wore a triumphant smile.
She’s probably thinking she would get away with this, Olivia patiently waiting for Arusha to be calm,then she’ll make Jessica regret what she did.

Arusha slowly sat down, he had breathed in and out like Olivia said and it helped him a bit.
He never thought Jessica could be this cruel.

At first,he had wanted to tell the whole school that she wasn’t even Ethan’s relative, she’s not related to him in any way,her mother was only a classy maid in his house but he wouldn’t stoop so low to do that right?

He thought she was someone who needed people’s help to change but now it seems she can never be cured.
Hatred suits her like second skin.. Olivia took his palm in hers, hoping he would look at her and he did.

His eyes were almost back to normal but she could see some traces of hurt in it, it didn’t sparkle as it used to,it was dark and grim.
He was indeed hurt by what that beast had said.
He laughed and Olivia face lit up.
She saw the sparkle in his eyes as quickly as it disappeared.

He had laugh, thinking she looks like a mother comforting her son for not buying him ice cream.
Her eyes looked sorry like she was the one who offended him.
He’s so glad there’s at least someone who cares for him in this school.

Someone who didn’t turn his back on him even when every other person did .

“Thank you Oli” He smiled sadly.

“I can’t believe that he is, smiling and laughing like nothing happened” Jessica thought glancing at Arusha and Olivia

She wanted to make him sad like he had made her.



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