Chapter 48

*Ivy Royals high School*

He didn’t come to the cafeteria yesterday” Jessica said to Paris and Jane.

They were eating in the cafeteria and Jessica has been staring at the door.

“Yeah,i noticed too” Paris said. She had said hi to him his morning and he had responded with a smile again.
She’s thrilled.

“The guys has never bullied him” Jessica said.
Her plan had been to always save him whenever the guys try to bully him, she knows he’s not well to do and he has the looks,the guys are definitely gonna bully him for that and that’s where she’s gonna come in but surprisingly no one has bullied him so far.

“Bully him? He clearly warned everyone not to try that with him or they’ll see the crazy side of him” Jane said.
“Really?” Jessica asked in surprise.

“Yes, he’s so bold and fearless” Paris said.
“Wow!” Jessica smiled.

He was winning her heart the more,he should just approach her already.

Lunch break was almost over and Arusha wasn’t in the cafeteria.

“I want to get something,I’ll be back” Jessica said to her friends.

She walked out of the cafeteria and headed for their class.


“Oh…my. She’s so pretty” Olivia said, scrolling through Irish’s pictures.
She saw how she pulled her hair in a bun with tendrils framing her face, exactly the way she does hers too but it seems Irish is more experienced than her, she would like to take lessons on the hair style from Irish cause it looks so perfect and beautiful on her.

“She’s so beautiful” Olivia said admiringly.
She has always wanted a big sister that she would share intimate things with.
Arusha doesn’t know how lucky he is.

“Her eyes are striking” Olivia said and Arusha smiled.
“Thank you but enough of the comments Oli,the meal is getting cold” Arusha said.
“Just one more” Olivia grinned,she liked the way Arusha had called her Oli,she liked the name and it sounded perfect coming out of his mouth.

“Is this your Mum?” Olivia asked, staring at the picture of a pretty woman who was seated on a wheelchair and Irish beside her.

Arusha peeped into the picture.
It was a picture Irish took together with mum when she was still on the wheelchair.
“Yes but thankfully she’s not on wheelchair anymore” Arusha smiled gratefully.

“Ohh..Thank God” Olivia said and she was ready to look at Irish’s pictures all over again but Arusha slowly collected his phone from her.

She laughed. “I’m sorry,i just couldn’t avoid admiring the perfection of her looks”

There’s one more thing that drew Olivia to her.
Her decency.

She dressed decently in all of her pictures and it didn’t even hide her great figure.

“I’m gonna tell her that when i see her on Saturday” Arusha said.
“She doesn’t stay with you?”
“Yes , she’s working as a live-in nanny,she only come home on weekends but i don’t think she’ll be coming home for this weekend so I’m going to meet her. ”

“Ohhkay but why isn’t she coming home this weekend?” Olivia asked.
They’ve started eating.
“She’s a fashion designer and her employer had set up a work shop for her in his house”
“Wow” Olivia was touched.

“Yeah she works in her workshop whenever she’s not taking care of his daughter and i think she’s now starting to get more orders,so she’ll have to stay there to work” Arusha said.

“That’s terrific, i love that. Everything about your sister is just so cool. She keeps making me yearn for a big sister” Olivia pouted and Arusha smiled.
“She won’t mind being your big sister if she meets you..” Arusha said.
“Really?” Olivia’s eyes widened.
“When am i…” Olivia was saying.

“What’s going on here?” Arusha asked in horror as she walked closer to the them.
“You both are eating in the class?” She almost screamed, blinded with jealousy.
She never thought Jessica was a threat but now she knows better! Olivia always have Arusha’s attention to herself alone,he doesn’t talk to other people like he do to Olivia.
How couldn’t she have noticed this!?

“I..i she has a phobia..” Arusha said, panicking.
Olivia patted his hand .
“You know this is prohibited in Ivy Royals and yet you went ahead with it? I guess you haven’t been punished in Ivy Royals” Jessica laughed. “I’m going to report you both now!”

“Go ahead” Olivia bit into a chicken and Arusha stared at her, bewildered.
She looked so relaxed and fearless.
“Go ahead bitch! Why are you still standing there?” Olivia asked.
“You just called me a bitch?” Arusha asked not wanting to believe what she just heard.
“Hey! I don’t give a fuck about you. You’re a queen to other students who’ll gladly fall at your feet and do everything you want but not me.If anything,I’m the real queen here, i rock with a real crown” Olivia said and almost slapped her mouth for revealing too much but Jessica and Arusha seemed not to notice the truth behind her words.

Jessica stared at Olivia speechlessly.
Part of her was scared she finally found someone that doesn’t give a fuck about her and another part of her wanted to tear Olivia into pieces.

“Marl! We should plead with her not to go report,you don’t have to do this please” Arusha said, he was scared of the punishmenta looming.
“Plead?” Olivia laughed.

“You daughter of an infamous safecracker” Jessica said angrily and Olivia laughed hard.
“Be ready to receive your punishment in ten folds” Jessica said and walked out of the class.
She was so pissed!
She had been worried Arusha is gonna be punished too but now she doesn’t give a fk!
She can’t wait to see Olivia get punished, no one get away with speaking to her that way !

“Olivia,the school authorities know you have the phobia for eating among so many people,you won’t get punished but i will be” Arusha said worriedly.
“You won’t, don’t worry I’m gonna settle it once the proprietor gets here,just don’t say anything,I’ll do the talking” Olivia said.
“You look so won’t be punished anyway” Arusha said.

“And you won’t be too, stop panicking and let’s continue eating”Olivia said.
“Eat? I can’t continue with the meal” Arusha said.
“Com’on, you won’t get punished”
“I’m gonna continue with the meal after the proprietor says that”Arusha said and Olivia sighed.

She covered the meal and they both stared at the door in silence.
Arusha’s heart pounded in fear, Mr Ethan might probably hear about it,he had promised him he isn’t gonna disappoint him and go against the school rules.
He would be so disappointed.

Few minutes later, Allysia walked in with the proprietor.
Damien sighed disappointed she had actually went to call him.
She’s not nice a bit,she’s a meanie.


“There they are” Jessica said with a triumphant smile as she approached them with Mr Natalie.
Arusha got to his feet,so as Olivia.
“Do not say anything” she reminded him.
“Your high… Olivia, I never knew you were the one she came to me for. She only said two students were breaking one of the school rules by eating in the class.” Mr Natalie said and Jessica stared on in confusion.
Arusha wasn’t surprised,he thought Mr Natalie said that cause he knew Olivia has a phobia…

“I know you wouldn’t have followed her if you knew it was me, lunch break will be over soon. Can you leave us to continue eating?” Olivia asked.
“Of course but he…has to be punished…” Mr Natalia said.
“For?” Olivia asked.
“You’re the only one allowed to eat in the class during lunch break,not him” Mr Natalie said.
“Okay then, if you’re gonna punish him,then you have to include me in the punishment ” Olivia said.
“…” Mr Natalie sighed, he glanced at Jessica who looked confused by the whole thing.
She knows Mr Natalie as a no-nonsense man who doesn’t joke with disciplinary actions.
She had expected him to start with the punishment immediately but here he is, speaking like a ten months old baby. .”I made him eat with me because he’s my friend,i feel lonely whenever i eat by myself. He’s not going to get punished Mr Natalie or you’ll have me punished too” Olivia said.
“Of course I’m not going to punish him, you both can sit and continue your meal,it’s just few minutes left for lunch break to be over” Mr Natalie smiled.

Olivia sat and Arusha was still standing in surprise.
He was wondering how Olivia was easily able to convince Mr Natalie.
She did it without stress that he started wondering if they were related in any way.

Olivia pulled his hand and he sat down.
“How did you do that?” He asked her.
“Jazz!” She whispered and they laughed.

“What in the world is going on?” Jessica finally asked.
She hadn’t wanted to believe that Mr Natalie was going to spare Olivia but now it seems so.

“Look Jessy, do not think everyone now has the right to eat in the class. Only Olivia does because she… ” Mr Natalie was saying.
“Has a phobia for eating among so many people”Jessica completed .
“Ohh… yeah!” Mr Natalie quickly said.

Jessica angrily pulled her hair band off her hair and let it down her back.
She was so fucking pissed.
“You’re going to spare her?” She asked, almost going crazy with anger.
“There’s a reason to that Jessica” Mr Natalie said.
“This is… unbelievable!” Jessica glared at Olivia who had continued eating.
Arusha was picking at the meal.
“Mr Natalie,who in the world has a phobia for eating among so many people? This is so crazy mehn!” Jessica blew out rasped breath.

“Eat!” Olivia said to Arusha.
“I am eating”
“No, you’re picking at your meal” Olivia said.
“Ohh” Arusha sighed.
“You said you will continue eating after Mr Natalie confirms that you’re not gonna be punished”
“I think i lost my appetite all of a sudden”
“Darn. You’re such a coward” Olivia rolled her eyes and Arusha laughed.

“What? I’m pissed at you” She said, packing the meal.
“I’m sorry about that Oli but this is the first time I’ll see you roll your eyes and it’s actually funny and cute at the same time” Arusha smiled.
“Tch!”Olivia rolled her eyes again and Arusha laughed.
She started laughing too,they were both oblivious to the fact that Mr Natalie and Jessica were there.

“Hey!!” Jessica screamed and they turned to her.
“This psycho is still here” Olivia muttered under her breath.

“Mr Natalie, did she bribed you or something? I never knew you were this corrupt” Jessica said rudely.
“Don’t talk to me that way Jessica! Or I’ll have you punished” Mr Natalie said.
Jessica laughed “Really?”
“Yeah, don’t think you can also get away with anything because I’m sparing Olivia, there’s a reason i did so. Caution your mouth so it won’t get you into trouble” Mr Natalie warned and Jessica stared at him in disbelief.

There’s a reason he did so?
She was so sure it wasn’t the phobia thing.
There must be a more solid reason.

Mr Natalie almost bowed to Olivia before leaving the class but he quickly cautioned himself.

Jessica banged a desk in anger and stared daggers at Marlene..

“You shouldn’t destroy that desk or you’re gonna pay for the damage, it’s better to hit the wall instead” Olivia said as she walked to her locker.
Jessica restrained herself from dragging her back and giving her the beating of her life.
“I told you Olivia has a phobia for eating among so many people but you still went ahead to report, we’re classmates and we’re meant to protect one another weaknesses, that was so unfair of you”Arusha said and Jessica felt his words deep in her heart.


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