LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 41

By : Kebby NG

“Its been a week already and still nothing?”I asked the police officer who was in my study

“We are trying our best your Highness,Micheal is a very sly man, Each time we manage to know his where about, he leaves Before we get there” the officer said

“Then find a way not to make him know,No matter what we must catch Micheal”I replied angrily

“Yes your Highness, We will do our best to get him “He replied and left the room.

Its been a week already and we have heard nothing, The bastard knew how to hide well, I thought.

Just then the door burst open and my PA ran in

“What’s going on?”I asked

“Its her Highness, She insist on going out”He said

“Where is she right now?”I asked

“At the entrance,No matter how many times your guards tell her to go back,She wouldnt listen”He said

I left the office and went to the entrance.

“I said let me pass, I need to go out” I heard her say as she tried to wiggle her way but the guards were too strong for her .

“Dora!”I called gently and she turned to stare at me

Angrily she walked towards me “it’s been a week already,How long are you going to keep me locked in the palace”She said

“Can every one leave us alone”I said and they did as I ordered ,Well apart from the guards who stood on guard not so far from us

“Just let me leave,I still have to look for my dad”She said

For the past one week, She has been filled with Worry and each time I see her that way, I feel very guilty

I shouldnt have gone to Micheal house to attack him, I should have just called the cops but my anger for once blinded my reasoning

“You can’t leave, Can’t you see that if you leave here, You are prone to danger”

“I don’t care,My father is out there and I don’t even know what Micheal is doing to him , All I know is that I need to leave” She said

“And am not going to let you leave!”I said

“Why do you insist on having me here, You hate me for lying to you , For taking some one else life, Why won’t you just let me leave, After all you should be happy that I will be leaving with out asking for any thing from you”She said

“Its still a no Emma, I won’t risk your life “He said

“Like you will care if some thing happen to me” she said

“And what if I tell you that I do care?”

“That will be a lie, You don’t care about me Brian,So just stop with the act and let me leave”She turned heading for the gate

But I pulled her back to my body, She tried to pull free but I held her back

“Let me go!”She said

For the past one week have tried to control my feelings towards Emma but I just can’t any more.

I don’t know when or how but what I do know is that, Have fallen for the lady who barged in to my life to turn it up side down.

Am sure that I started to fall for her when we were at the camp site but I didn’t want to acknowledge it

But every thing became clear when I realise that she was innocent in Micheal scheme.

Each time I heard her crying in the room, I wanted to go in and calm her but I had no right to do that,I missed her smile, She hadly smiled and am sure that it’s because of her Missing father.

She is always starring at her phone and waiting for Micheal call and that alone pisses me off, I don’t like sharing and I won’t have Emma thinking about any one else.

She might have lied and might have been living as some one else but still the same I love her and I won’t let her leave, Not now or ever.

“What wrong with you Brian, Is this your way of trying to stop me, Well you aren’t goi………”She didn’t get to finish what she was saying because I kssed her.

She stood quite still at first but she began to move her lips with mine.

I kssed her for a long time, I wanted her to only think about this kss and nothing else, i wanted her to know how I feel with this kss.

Suddenly she pushed me and moved out of my arms

“Is this another way to stop me,Le….let me tell you that it didn’t work”She said touching her lips

“Its not a way to stop you Emma,I just wanted you to know how I feel”I said

“And how do you feel?”She asked

I pulled her into my arms once again and held her tight

“I never thought I will be feeling this way ever since what Nina did to me”I said

“Feeling which way?”

“I love you ,It might be a bit odd and strange to you but I do love you”I said and angrily she pushed me away

“Is this another method to keep me here”She asked

“Its not ,I mean it Emma, I do love you and I know you do too”I said

“How did you know that?” she asked

“I over head your conversation with Nina in the bed room, She was telling you that she didn’t love me but you told her you love me”I said

“So you knew a long time ago that I loved you and yet you kept shut about it?” She asked looking sad

“No I…….”

“Just save it for some one else, You knew yet you toyed with my feelings”She said

“I didn’t toy with your feelings”

“How do you make up for the story of me seeing you and Nina in the bed and yet you say you love me”

“Emma I…..”

“Stop it Brian, Please,Just leave me alone”She said and walked back to the house.

I stood at the entrance watching her leave, Seems like she doesn’t believe that I love her and why would she, I never made her feel that I was interested in her any way

I was about going after her when my phone began to ring

I picked it without looking at the caller.

“Hello!”I said

“The next time you touch Emma like that again, I will make sure I cut off your damn hands “Micheal said suddenly

At first I stared around and when I saw no one, I spoke into the phone

“So you were having us watched?”I asked feeling angry

“I have nothing to do with you in particular,It’s the lady with you that am having watched and you will never know how “He replied

“Where are you?”

“Do you think I will tell you, You make me laugh”

“Once I find you,I will finish you off Micheal”I said

“Not if I do first,You caught me unaware the first time, I won’t let you go the second time”


“Calling me names won’t change any thing,I only called to tell you to let Emma leave”

“And why should I do that ?”

“Because I say so ,Because I want her to be here with me”

“And why would you want her to be there with you”I asked

“Are you stupid or are you pretending to be one”He asked

“Am not,I just want to know why you are asking me to realease her to you”

“Well it’s simple, It’s because My darling Emma belongs to me, She is mine and I won’t let you have her”He said and that made me angry

“Emma is not yours,You made it possible for her to be mine,She married me and as long as am her husband, I won’t let you any where near her”

“You really want to make me mad, let Emma come to me or I promise you that you will regret it” He said again

“You just don’t learn do you? Does Emma look like some one that wants to return to you?”

“She might not want to but she will when I talk to her about her father”

“You better not harm him!”

“Wow,Being in love with Emma have made you more thoughtful but don’t worry I won’t touch him and in exchange you bring Emma to me”

“You can wait forever cause I have no intention of taking her to you”I said and cut the call.

Micheal wants Emma, Just thinking about it made me feel angry.

Judging by what he said,He is willing to use any method to have Emma return to him and I won’t let that happen, I thought as I quickly went in search of Emma.

I went to the room to search for her but she wasn’t there,The guards also helped with the search but we found nothing.

Just then some where popped into my head and I went to the court yard and there she was sitted on one of the chairs placed there

I felt relieved when I saw her there and immediately I ran towards her and pulled her to her feet and then I hugged her tightly

“No matter what happens Emma don’t you dare leave me, Don’t!”I warned as I held her more fiercely.

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