LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE: Episode 41 to 50

Living A Liar’s Life

(American Story)

Episode 47

By : Kebby NG

“Your Highness,This one will look more perfect on you”

“No this one will”

“The black gown will be the best for the ceremony”

The three maids said,They had been asked to help me pick a dress for the coronation ceremony which will be taking place Tomorrow.

Three dress had been bought for me but I didn’t know which one to pick and so I had called for the advice of the three maid who I was sure that their loyalty lies with me.

Its been a week after I was discharged from the hospital.

A week since have agreed to keep up with the pretence.

Its not an easy thing living some one else life but I just can’t see my self breaking the news to Dora parents about her death.

And it’s mainly my fault that she is dead,If only I had refused Micheal,The real Dora will still be alive

I can still remember what Brian told me on the day I decided to continue to live as Dora.

“You know you don’t have to, You didn’t mean for Dora to die”He said

“But If I hadn’t agree Micheal would never have killed her

“From what you have told me, You aren’t to be blamed, Micheal forced you to do it”

“But I still feel that I owe the real Dora, if I hadn’t come into your lives,Dora will be your bride and not me”

“Am glad that Dora didn’t turn out to be my bride, I would never have met you” he said giving me a smile

“Am also glad that with every thing,I still met the man of my dreams” I said

“You are the only thing I don’t regret in all of this”I added

“And I too”He said

“What are you going to do about your dad?”He asked

“I prefer him to be in this hospital but under a false name,So that way no one will be able to link him to me, Knowing that he will be safe here makes me feel relieved”I said

“Fine then,We will keep your father safe with a fake name and you will continue to act like Dora Baxter and you will continue to be my wife”He added and I nodded giving him a gentle smile.

Though I would have liked it if am known with my real name but it’s not time yet,Not yet.

“Which one do you prefer your Highness”The maid asked bringing me back to reality

“Any one would do?”I replied

“But your Highness,You need to choose one,So we can get it ready for you tomorrow”Another said

“I just don’t know what to pick! I will get back to it later,I need to see my husband”I said and went out of the room before the maid could stop me

On the third ring, A lady answered

“This is the Baxter mansion,How can I help you”

“I need to talk to both the Baxter”He said

“Both of them”The lady asked

“Yes ,The both of them, Tell them it pertain to a certain secret they have been keeping for the past 25 years,They will under stand”He said


“Just do as I say woman,Aren’t you just a worker there”He asked

“Yes I might be a worker but it ……..”

“Just go and get them on the phone!” He said as his voice changed to one of Anger.

“Just hang on a moment”The lady said

He smiled,Knowing that as soon as they get the message,They will come running in.

“Hello! Who is this?” Mr Baxter asked

“Just who I wanted to talk to”The man responded

“Who are you and how do you know what happen 25 years ago?”He asked

“I can’t tell you who I am but all I can tell you is that soon enough your secret about that child will be out”

“Which child? Who are you to tell me this?”,

“You think that by taking some one child and ruining her life,You think you will be free,Well you are wrong,Your past is about to catch up with you and I can assure you that each and every one of you who took part In it,Will surely pay”

“Wh……what do you know ? Who are you ? Tell me right now”Mr Baxter yelled angryily

“Just some one who wants justice,Till I call again Mr Baxter” He said and cut the call.

“Don’t you think this will be more suit able”My PA asked showing me the blue suit

“I don’t like it, It’s my coronation tomorrow,You have no idea how much it means to me, You don’t know what I had to go through because of it,What I did just to be here”I said thinking about the little girl who had been living here then.

“Let’s Play together! I feel lonely” she would always call to me back then

“That child isn’t some one you should be talking to, Stay away from her Brian, She is dangerous”My father would always say to me.

I was just a kid,I had to listen to my father’s word

So instead of being her friend,I had been cruel and mean to her.

The first time I met her,I knew her to be the daughter of the gardener.

She was the only little kid I could play with but every thing changed when my father knew that I was friendly with her

There was a day he caught me talking to her.

He had taken me to my room and that was the first time he layed his hands on me

“Have told you, Stay away from that girl,She can become a threat to you some day”He had said

“How dad! You keep on saying she would be a threat but how will that happen?”I asked

“You don’t have to know? Just listen to your dad okay, Do you want to see me kicked out of the throne?”

“No”I replied as I cleaned the tears on my face.

” Then do what I tell you okay,Stay away from her,If possible be mean to her,Be cruel okay?”

And I was mean and cruel to her until the day of the fire incident where she disappeared.

I feel that I had wronged her in the past and that’s why I keep on looking for her now.

Though they keep on saying that she is dead but am sure that she is not dead,Am very sure of that.

“What are you thinking of that you look so serious your Highness”My PA asked

“Nothing! Just get me a better suit for tomorrow, Tomorrow has to go well” I said

“Okay your Highness,I will do as you say!”He said and left the room.

Just then my phone began to ring and I picked it

“Brian stone! Finally you picked my call”The stranger said

“Who is this?”I asked

“The only person who knows who you truly are”He responded

” If you are only going to say rubbish then I will hang up”I said about to do so when he said

“Twenty five years ago,You helped in destroying a little girl life”

How did he know that,I thought .

“Who are you?”

“Just some one who wants justice for the what happened 25 years ago”

“Get ready Brian stone,Your past will soon catch up on you”He said and cut the call

I stood starring at the phone,Who is he and how is he connected to what happened twenty five years ago.

Quickly I left the room and I went to see my father

They had both decided to stay in the palace for the coronation that will be taking place tomorrow

I got to the room which had been given to them and luckily mom was not around to listen to our conversation

“What’s wrong?”He asked as he stared at me

“Did you get any phone call”I asked

“Don’t tell me that you got a call too”He asked

“I did and it was about what happened 25 years ago”I said

“He is only bluffing”He replied

“But dad,that didn’t sound like bluff to me”

“Don’t think much about it! Just focus on your coronation which will be taking place tomorrow” He said

“I can’t dad! Don’t you find it odd that this happen when my coronation is about to take place tomorrow”

“Stop worrying over nothing”

“We both know that it is some thing,We both know how we treated that child,if she was the one who is doing this! Well we have no right to stop her, After all we made her life hell”I said angrily

“We did nothing! We are just fought for what was ours”

“I thought it was because she is a bad influence, That was why you told me to stay away from her or is there some thing else to it?”I asked

” There is nothing to it,Just don’t pay attention to the call, Now I have to answer an important call,Leave Brian”He said and angrily I left the room.

I got to my room,Still fuming, Just then I got a call.

I answered the call only because it was a call from the police station

I had asked them to update me on Micheal case and that might be what they wanted to tell me now

“Yes am listening”I answered

“Have called to give you bad news your Highness”He said

“What bad news?”I asked

“Micheal has escaped”He said

“What? But I thought he was being watched twenty four seven”I yelled angrily

“Yes he was but while there was a riot in the prison,He escaped during that time”

“Damn, we all know that his main target is my family,What are you going to do about Micheal escape?”,

“We are doing our possible best to look for him, So don’t worry your Highness, He will be found soon and we are going to send some of our men to keep watch over you and your family”He said

“You better! “I said and as soon as I cut the call, I threw my phone away

“Micheal has escaped?”I heard Emma say behind me and I turned to stare at her.

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