LIVING A LIAR’S LIFE SEASON 2: Episode 21 to 30

Living A Liar’s Life
Season 2

Episode 24

By : Kebby NG

“My God,Why is it dark in here?”Alicia said as she walked into my apartment

She moved to the switch and put the lights on

“Look at you! Just why aren’t you out there”She asked when she saw me sitting on the floor with a bottle of drink on the floor

“Have you been drinking? What happen? You only drink when you are worried about some thing ?”

“What happened?”she asked as she came to stand In front of me

“Why aren’t you at the palace?”I asked

” I asked a question first,So answer”She replied

“Am not worried about any thing,I just felt tired and I needed some thing to drink”I said

“Poor you,Are you thinking about her,You are like this because you want her right?”she asked

“So finally you have guessed”I replied

“It took me a while right,I knew there must have been a reason you would be interested In helping me,So she was the reason?”

“I made my reason clear to you Alicia, I have to settle an old score with Brian and his whole family and also with your family”

“You never told what that score is? Will you tell me now”

“You don’t need to know,It’s some thing that happened years ago”I said getting up

“You told me that that imposter will also pay for stealing my identity and also for living my life,What will you do now that you have feelings for her”Alicia asked

“Even if I feel some thing,It doesn’t mean that we won’t be taking our revenge”

“I hope so,Just as you like Her,I also like Brian and even though it will be hard, We must get our revenge on them right?”

“We will get our revenge”I replied

If Alicia knows that I have no intention of harming a single hair on Dora.

She will be furious but then the whole truth will be known

And Every one will see that she is the one who suffered most in all of it

“I heard from her that you finally did it with Brian”I asked

“You always told me to use any opportunity to get what I want and that was what happened,You don’t need me to get into more details right?”She asked

“Of course not”I replied

“So now it’s your turn to do some thing,She left early this morning, Am not sure but from what I heard from one of her escourts,Seems like she went to the hospital”

“Hospital?”I asked

“Yes,She went there,Come to think of it,I heard from a maid who have been working as their escourt for long that the Two of them visit the hospital together and it’s not to seek for medical advice but for some thing else,It will be better if you look into it” she said

It must certainly be for her father,I thought

“Don’t worry I will get into it and if I find out any thing,I will tell you about it” I said As I went into the bath room.

I got to the hospital and though it was hard,I managed to get one of the nurse to tell me the ward of Peter Chadwick.

Its been years,Years since he took away little Helen

He did deserved some credit for having raised Helen well but what I cant forgive him for is for taking her away.

He promised to return her to me but Instead he stole her

And though Christopher ray,My adoptive father tried to find him,He never succeeded

It was like the man vanished with Helen but due to some mistake he made some years back,The investigator I hired was able to trail him.

I can still remember the day my investigator had given me the news

I had been so thrilled that I will be seeing Helen again

I flew all the way from the states just to see her

And I did,She was working in a coffee shop then.

A part time job,The investigator had told me,I remembered that I had stood in front of the coffee shop watching her serve the customers

Maybe that was the first time I began to fall for her , I know that it’s wrong and that I should have never set my eyes on her because she was Sharon daughter,She was supposed to be my niece

But my heart had payed no heed to it and besides am not really Sharon biological brother, she and her father just took me in and so if I fall for her it’s not a sin,I thought as I got to the room where Peter Chadwick had been placed.

I wasn’t around when the issue of Micheal occurred,if I had been I would have stopped her from marrying Brian

But she got married to him and that’s In Favour for me

I will able to avenge Sharon death that way,I thought

“William?”on hearing her voice I turned to see her standing behind me

“What are you doing here?”She asked

“Wow, what a surprise,Well I came to see a friend of mine and the nurse told me that this is his ward”I said and quickly she moved towards the door

“She clearly told you wrong, This is not his ward”She replied quickly trying to hide her father

If only she knew that I already know every thing,She wouldn’t be this defensive,I thought

“Oh she must have given me the wrong room number then,Tell me ! Why are you here?” I asked

“To see a friend too”

“Do I know this friend of yours?”I asked

“You don’t and there is no need for you to know who he is”Brian said behind me

Just the last person I wanted to see,I thought as I clenched my fist angrily

“Why are you here Brian?” She asked as she went to him

“I heard from Grace that you were at the hospital and i knew why,So I came to be with you”He said starring at me

“But you don’t have to be here,I can handle it all on my own”She said again

“I don’t want you to be alone,I want to stay even though you don’t want to see my face”He said as he pulled her into his arms

That should be me! I should be the one holding her in that possessive way,I thought

“Isn’t it too late to say that your majesty”I said

“What the hell do you mean”Brian asked

“You didn’t come here to support her but instead you came to check on her,To see if she is not cheating “I said

“Don’t provoke me here Mr Ray”He said

“Why? Am saying the truth after all and besides you doubted her first,You chose to trust some one else over her and in a fit of rage you slept with my sister”I added that last part not only to provoke Brian but to make Dora see why she mustnt forgive him

Brian walked towards me and pulled me by my collar

“Just what are you trying to achieve ?”Brian asked

“Nothing in particular”I replied smiling

“Have had it with you,I…….”

“No Brian,please not here”Dora Said as she stood in between us

“Please leave William,What ever happens between my husband Nd I is our problem”She said starring at me

“If that’s what you want,I will go and see my friend now,Good bye your majesty” I said bowing towards them and then I took my leave

Very soon I will be the one who gets to stay by her side,I thought as I went out of the hospital

“Am sorry but I can’t stand that guy any more”Brian said as we both stood in front of the room

“You should have try to control yourself, You are a king and your reputation matters a lot”I said

“You are right,Am sorry, I came back home only to be told that you went to some where on your own,it wasn’t hard for me to figure out where,So i Came only to find that guy here,I just lost it”

“Here you go again, How many times do I have to tell you that there is nothing …………”

“I know and I trust what you say,Am sorry”he said as he held my hand

“You keep on saying that”I said as I tried to pull free

“And I will keep on saying it until I get your forgiveness”He said

“I want to go and check on my father “I said wanting him to drop the subject

“Let’s talk about this Emma,I can’t bear your indifference towards me”he said

“You can’t call me Emma here,We only promise to do that at home”I said

“Stop avoiding the topic,Tell me are you still angry at me for not believing in you or is it because of what happened with Alicia”

“Not now Brian, please!”I said and turned to leave but he pulled me back and hugged me tight

“I made a mistake,Why won’t you just forgive me”He begged

“I try to,I really do Brian but each time I want to,I remember what you did and it hurts, I know that I agreed for it to happen but I don’t agree with the circumstance,I hate to know that you went to Alicia just to spite me”I said as I stood in his arms

“I was drunk,I didn’t know what I was doing,I didn’t do it to spite you”He said

“I love you,I love you so much,Please Emma let’s forget every thing and start again” he begged

He was right! No matter what happen,it’s me he loves and that won’t ever change.

I should get rid of the anger and just love him the way he deserves

Holding him back I whispered lightly “Fine then,Let’s start again.

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