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Weston was seated at his office with his eyes fixed on his computer when his secretary knocked at his door before coming in.

“What do you want? Whatever you need, can’t it wait?” Weston asked still busy with his computer.

“Boss, we’re having an international conference meeting in ten minutes time but miss Josie is here” His secretary announced and Weston raised his face up quickly.


“Josie’s here?” Weston asked excitedly.

“Yes boss”

“Let her in and for the meeting, cancel all of it till some other day” Weston instructed and his secretary jaw dropped.

“Boss, it’s an….” He couldn’t complete his statement when Weston stood up from his seat.

“Josie come on in” Weston said and his secretary swallowed back his words as he left the office and Josie came in.

“Good morning Mr Weston” Josie greeted with a smile.

“How are you doing Josie? I had no idea you would be visiting today, I guess I would have cleared out my whole schedule” Weston said and they sat down at the couches in his office.

“I don’t think you have to go that far. I’m pretty sure, I will be getting an earful when mum finds out I came visiting you at the office” Josie pouted.

“Of course not, she won’t do that so don’t worry. I heard you’re having difficulties making up your mind on the college you want to apply into”

“When I was in junior high, I had no many options in mind but right now,. I sometimes feel like I don’t want to go to college” Josie said and Weston smirked.

“You’re only feeling this way because you feel pressurized. How about you decide on what you truly want not what your mum wants you to do”

“That’s even harder. I know so well that mum isn’t forcing me into doing medical line but whenever we talk about it, I feel like that’s what she really wants for me.

I might end up breaking her heart if I decide on something else” Josie said on a low tone.

“Josie dear, your mum wants you to decide on what makes you happy. So what field are you interested in?” Weston asked and Josie looked around the office as she thought hard on it.

“Emm… Should I put some thoughts into that before answering?” Josie requested with a silly smile.

“Of course. So what brings you to my office Josie? I’m pretty sure you’ve got something on your mind so spill it out”

Josie laughed awkwardly before answering.

“Mr Weston what’s your future plan with my mum? I noticed you guys aren’t making any efforts on your wedding” Josie said jovially.

“Well, your mum said she needs sometime to make up her mind on that. We’re engaged already but I have absolutely no idea why your mum is hesitating on our wedding” Weston said sadly.

“Don’t you think she’s feeling traumatized because of her marriage with my dad didn’t work out well.

It’s obvious, my mum wants you to try harder, you should give her some assurance in what you feel for her” Josie advised and Weston nodded positively.

“This shows, I’ve not been doing my best. But why do you think ladies are always hard to read or understand?” Weston asked curiously.

“It’s simple, because we’re ladies and we want men to understand what we want and need without even saying a word about it” Josie explained and Weston nodded.

“That makes sense. Josie, I had no idea you’re expert in this field. Did you get yourself a boyfriend? Is he good looking? I’m hoping he’s a nice guy” Weston asked with a smile and Josie blushed.

“Come on Mr Weston, we’re talking about you and mum. I don’t find my story included in it” Josie said still blushing.

“Josie, you’re making me even more curious. I have the feeling you have a crush on a guy but you’re not official” Weston guessed and Josie opened her eyes in shock.

“How did you know that?” Josie asked obviously surprised and Weston smiled.


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