LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 21
I stood by the curb waiting for a cab to take me to school.

Suddenly a red Porsche came by stopping by my side. The tinted windows came down down revealing a smiling J.R.

“You want a ride to school?”. He said with a grin.

I sighed. “Fine”.

I opened the car-door entering into the car then shut the door. He drove off immediately.

“So ..”. He started.

“So ..”. I repeated.

“How was umm, your night”. He asked nervously.

“It was kinda okay. How was yours?”.

“Tiring. I was running after a girl all night”.

I chuckled at his answer. “Did you catch up with her?”.

“Actually yes. I waited for her to appear this morning so I would drive her to school”. He replied truthfully.

I glanced at him. “You are being serious?”.

“Yep. Do you think I’m lying?”.

I shrugged. “I don’t know maybe”.

“Won’t you ask me what her name is?”.

“Just forget about it”. I dismissed it.

He finally reached school driving into the school parking lot. He parked the car and turned off the engine.

We got out of the car and headed into the school building.

“Lets hold hands”. He whispered.

“What!! No way”. I disagreed.

“Come on, I’m way cuter than anyone you have a crush on”. He said confidently.

I scoffed. “Oh please. Jayden Roy is every girl’s dream”.

He cocked his eyebrows. “Every girl’s dream?”.

“Huh!! Hello. His concert is tomorrow night and it is sold out fully which means he is loved by all”. I explained to him.

He chuckled. “Let me guess, you are going too”.

I nodded. “Yep. With Ashley as VIP, also we are getting backstage passes, how awesome is that?”.

“Is actually__”.

“There they are!! Our favorite couple”. Audrey came over interrupting J.R.

“You guys are dating. That’s so cool but be careful with J.R, he might pee at anytime”.

“That was at my 7th birthday and I was really nervous, okay?”.

I laughed heartily. “Oh My G0sh!!”.

“It was certainly really gross and awesome at the same time”. Lily explained.

I glanced at J.R and saw he was really annoyed.

“It can’t be that bad”. I said defending him.

“Yeah you are right”. Lily said. “Or maybe you didn’t see it thats why you weren’t laughing”.

“You both are unbelievable”. J.R muttered walking off.

“Lily that was harsh”. Audrey told her off.

She shrugged. “I’m sorry? Sometimes I can’t control it, i just feel like mocking people”.

I sighed. “Are you guys not gonna go apologize to him?”.

“You do it”. Audrey suggested. “He’s softer towards you”.


I walked away looking for J.R. I found him by his locker making a call.

“Just make sure nothing goes wrong”. He said on the phone.

“Hey”. I tapped him.

He turned back and slid his phone into his pocket. I was confused by what he did.

“Umm, sorry about what happened back there”. I apologized.

“No biggie, i mean it happened like 11 years ago”. He explained.


“So are you going to work today?”.

I nodded. “Yeah. Why?”.

“Well i’d like to spend more time with you”. He said staring at me.

“Like a date?”. I asked confused.

He ran his hands his hair nervously. “If you wanna call it that”.

“J.R, you are a really sweet guy but__”.

He placed his lips on mine interrupting me.
•Authoress Kamara Library
The classroom door opened and someone stepped in.

I pushed her away and saw Adrian looking at us.

This can not be happening right now.

Adrian crossed his arms. “Am I interrupting something?”.

“Hey babe”. Sophie walked over to Adrian but he stepped backwards.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. He stepped away from her. Does that mean he believes me?

Adrian faced me. “Dude!! We need to talk”.

“Are you ignoring me?”. Sophie said.

Adrian walked away.

I quickly took my backpack following him out.

“Adrian wait up”. I shouted after him.

But he didn’t stop.

I ran after him but stopped when I saw Roy with Jessy kssing.
•Authoress Kamara Library
He placed his lips on mine interrupting me. I tried to push him away but he held me closer, his hands on my waist. I applied some force on his chest but he didn’t move a bit.

My legs became jellylike as he continued. He bit my lips and I gasped. He took this as an opportunity and gain entry into my mouth, i could not control it so I kssed him back.

I’ve never been kssed that way before not even during my first kss.

He pulled away staring at me.

“Umm, you shouldn’t have done that”. I said nervously.

“You don’t like it?”. He asked.

“Not that. Its just__”.

Xander immediately came over. “Did I come at a bad time?”.

“No. You didn’t interrupt anything important”.

J.R raised his eyebrows. “Seriously?”.

Xander tapped him. “Dude. We gotta go”.

J.R glanced at me before leaving with Xander.

I sighed thinking about what happened earlier.

No Jessy, you can’t do this. You have to let it go. This was just a big mistake.

I mean he’s rich and I’m kinda average. I’m on scholarship here. He’s just gonna play me, maybe he’s bluffing with all he has been saying.

I’m nobody and he’s somebody. My conscience reminded me. G0sh!! I desperately need to talk to someone.
•Authoress Kamara Library
“He gotta be at the basketball court”. J.R said as we walked.

“You think?”.

He shrugged. “Yeah maybe”.

I sighed. “I don’t know. After what he saw”.

We got to the court and we met throwing balls angrily.

“Told you he’s gonna be here”. J.R said.

We walked down towards him.

“Adrian”. I called.

He turned to us. “What’s up”.

“What you saw was totally not__”.

He cut me off. “Its okay. I know how much you like my sister so you can’t cheat on her”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness”.

“So you believe us now?”. J.R asked.

Adrian smirked. “Of course. And I gave Sophie a little gift”.


We turned to see Lily running over.

“You won’t believe what just happened”.

Immediately, i heard a ‘ding’ on my phone along with the others.

I clicked on it and a video of flour pouring on Sophie was going viral in the school blog.

“Flour pouring”. Lily scoffed. “Oh please I can do worse”.

“If you think that was the only thing in store for her then expect more”. Adrian said.

“Oh My G0sh”. Lily shouted. “Adrian is in power mode”.

“Sophie is gonna regret messing with my heart”. He said angrily.
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