LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 29
My alarm clock kept on ringing, i lazily sat up to turn it off. I yawned rubbing my eyes tiredly, yesterday had worn me out.

We had gone to every ride in the park except the ferris wheel, i was really scared of it so I couldn’t go with them. After we were done with everything, we all went home. I smiled as I remembered it.

I heard a sound from my phone, i checked it and giggled seeing it was from Xander. His daily good-morning texts, which to me are often cheesy but I like it anyway.

I pulled the covers away and got down from bed heading to the bathroom, I stopped remembering something. Adrian.

I quickly ran to his room pushing his door quietly, i tiptoed inside hoping not to wake him up yet. I went over to the bed where he was sleeping, climbed and fell on it.

I heard him groan underneath the covers. I laughed resting my weight on him for a while before standing up.

He sat up. “Are you cr@zy?”.

“You tell me, you are the one who came home late with a smile on your face”. I teased him.

He fell back on the bed. “Nothing okay? Now let me go back to sleep”.

I pushed him but he didn’t budge. I sighed going back to my room.

“Ashley”. He called me back.

I turned back. “Yeah?”.

“What does it mean if a girl kssed you?”. He asked nervously.

“Adrian, i’m not a le.sbian, i have a boyfriend, remember?”. I joked.

“Please be serious”.

I walked over to him and sat on the bed. “A girl kssed you? Yesterday?”.

He nodded resting on his pillows. “Yep and I really don’t know what to do”.

“And you kssed her back?”. I asked.

“Well yeah”.

“Oh my sweet twin brother Adrian”. I ruffled his hair. “Finally you let go of Sophie”.

He removed my hand. “I don’t get you”.

“You kssed the girl means you like her, i mean, you may not like her now but you’ll grow to like her”. I explained. “Why did you kss her back if she kssed you? You like her”.

He ran his hands through his hair nervously. “D@mn it”.

I nudged him. “So who’s the girl that finally captured your attention?”.

“Its Audrey, we kssed yesterday twice”.

I was taken aback. “Audrey? Thats__”.

“Weird, i know. I just …”. He trailed off.

“So you guys are back together now?”. I asked curious.

“I seriously don’t know yet, i just don’t want to hurt her”. He said softly.

“Just follow your heart”. I advised him.

“Yeah just like what you did and it led you to my best-friend”. He said sarcastically.

I laughed. “You are still not over that?”.

“Now all Xander is gonna be talking about is you and only you, it sounds weird but at least J.R is there”.

“I don’t think so, J.R and Jessy are dating”.

“Oh just kill me”. He said dramatically. “My two best-friends are in love, oh wow”.

I giggled. “Go take your bath and we’ll talk about this in school, maybe I can help you out with Audrey”.

“I’m not going to school”. He said.

I raised my eyebrows. “Why?”.

“I don’t feel like”. He said tiredly.

I stood up. “Or you wanna avoid Audrey?”.

He rolled his eyes going back to sleep.

“Goodnight or should I say good-morning?”.

He yawned in response. “Just go already”.

I laughed walking off to my room to freshen up. Minutes later I came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed, i went to my wardrobe searching for clothes to wear.

I wore a light tank-top with a grey sweater over it, then ripped jeans along with my white low-cut converse. I packed my hair into a ponytail then took my backpack jogging out of my room down the stairs.

I went over to the dining room but it was empty, i went to the kitchen but it was also empty. Weird, Mum is always either of those places every morning.

I went back upstairs to Adrian’s room. I pushed open his door without knocking, i noticed Adrian hurriedly closed his laptop.

“Have you seen Mum?”. I asked ignoring the laptop.

“Uh, yeah, i think she’s still in the office because she didn’t come back yesterday”.

“Weird. She didn’t call”.

“Dad is coming back today by afternoon so she wants to make sure that everything is set at the office”. He explained.

I nodded and went out the door closing it. I was about going downstairs when I stopped. Who’s gonna drive me to school?

I walked back to Adrian’s room and heard his voice. He was talking to someone?

I bent and peeped through the keyhole and noticed it was a video-chat from the laptop.

“Are you sure he’s ready for tonight? He seems pretty nervous”. He said to the person on the laptop.

Who is he talking about? I shouldn’t be eavesdropping. I knocked on his door, i heard rustling before i went in.

“I need you to drive me to school”.

He stood up. “Lets go”. He grabbed his car keys and walked past me.

I followed him and we went to the large garage, we got into the car and he drove me to school. In less than 20 minutes, I was at school.

I bade him goodbye and got down from the car, i went into the school buildings walking the hallways looking around for Xander or Jessy.

I sighted Jessy at her locker and went over to her. “Hey”.

She turned to me. “Oh its you, Ashley”.

“Thanks for the good-morning hug”. I said.

She quickly hugged me tightly. “Sorry”.

I pulled away. “Whats wrong?”.

“Apparently, J.R isn’t going to be in school today”. She complained.

“Same with Adrian. Have you seen Xander?”.

She shook her head negatively. “Nope, not even Lily and Audrey are in school”.

“It must be like a group friend thing”. I assured her.

She agreed with me. “Yeah you are right”.

“I’ve got shocking news”. I said excitedly.

“Hold that, are you ready for Jayden Roy’s concert? tonight? .

“You are the one getting all worked up about this. How’s it gonna be like if you see him at the after party?”.

She shrugged. “He’s my celebrity crush, i’m gonna scream, duh”.

I paused. “Please tell me you are kidding”.

She laughed. “Act fancy, got it”.

I shook my head. “You are so cr@zy”.

The bell immediately rang interrupting our funny moment. We went to our separate classes.
•Authoress Kamara Library
I watched as Roy fretted pacing around his room.

“You just gotta calm down”. I soothed him.

“I can’t calm down. I have a show in like 10 hours, what do you expect me to do?”.

The door opened and Adrian came in holding his laptop.

“Barry called me here, what the fuck is going on?”. He asked angrily.

I sat on a couch. “Where were you?”.

“I had to drop Ashley off”. He explained.

“Well that’s the emergency”. I pointed towards Roy.

Roy sat down on his swivel chair turning it around. “I need to relax for a bit”.

Adrian dropped his laptop. “Roy, what really is the problem?”.

He sighed. “Jessy is gonna be watching and now i feel conscious of that, what if i don’t perform well?”.

“Thats why you are like this?”. I asked surprised. “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

Adrian walked over to him. “You are Jayden Roy and whatever you do, your fans will love you”.

“I don’t know, man”.

“Roy, you’ve done lots of show. Why are you nervous now?”.

He ran his hands through his hair. “I just__”.

Adrian cut him off. “Its about Jessamyn?”.

“I really want to tell her I’m Jayden Roy but I can’t because she won’t take it lightly”.

I took a mirror and placed it in front of him. “Who do you see?”.

He shrugged. “Myself?”.

I turned his chair to face me. “Take off your contacts”.

He reluctantly removed them and his real eyes showed. Green eyes.

He removed whatever he always placed on his hair, hair concealer or whatever and his real hair color showed. Blond.

I placed his mirror in front of him. “Thats the real Jayden Roy, the one your fans know”.

“What do you mean?”.

“Whether you are J.R or Jayden Roy, Jessy will love you so matter what”. I assured him.

“Make him wear his contacts back, he looks hotter than me right now”. Adrian joked.

Roy laughed. “Maybe you are right, i’m going up the stage as Jayden Roy not J.R but it doesn’t matter because I’m still the same person”.

“Thats the spirit”. I agreed.

“Jessy is coming for the after-party”. He said all of a sudden.

I walked away and went back to the couch sitting on it. “I’m done here”.

“Why did you do that? What if she figures it out?”. Adrian asked him.

“I’m planning to tell her that I’m Jayden Roy any away”.

“You planned to tell who?”. Andrea asked walking in.

Roy groaned. “What are you doing here?”.

“Let me remind you that we are performing together at the concert”.

“Until then, now get out”. Roy replied.

The door opened again and Lily stepped in followed by Audrey.

“J.R, you look different”. Lily said. “Sorry I mean Jayden Roy”.

“You two are not supposed to be in here”. Andrea fired at Lily.

“Andrea, you remember me right? I promise you that you wouldn’t like to exchange words with me”. Audrey said.

“Aargh, i hate all of you”. Andrea shouted and walked out.

“Whats with her?”. Lily asked.

I shrugged. “That is the least of our problems right now”.

“Well, Roy, your Dad calls for you. You need to practice”. Lily continued.

Roy stood up and went out the door while we all followed.

We went to his studio and Roy went behind the glass.

Adrian went over to sit with the people at the control panels.

I sat back on the couch.

“How bad do you think he’s gonna do?”. Lily whispered.

“Very bad”. I replied.

A button was pushed at the panel and Roy was motioned to start singing.

Roy closed his eyes and started singing, the rhythm was going pretty good.

“He wrote that song himself?”. Lily asked.

I nodded. “Yep probably about Jessamyn”.

He continued singing until he reached a part about being rejected by love and he broke down.

“Whats happening?”. Roy’s Dad asked.

Adrian stopped the beat. “He’s having a nervous breakdown”.

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