LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 24
I held him back. “Ad__”.

He pushed me to a wall grasping my neck. I gasped for breath as I choked.

“One thing about me is that I’m short tempered and easily triggered”. He said. “Don’t you ever touch me with those st!nking hands”.

I tried to talk but I couldn’t.

“You do know me Sophie and you know what I’m capable of”. He said mischievously. “If you come close to me, I’ll stop all these pranks and something much worse to you”.

“Don’t test me”. He added.

“Adrian please”. Samantha pleaded.

He glared at her for a while before letting me go. Then he walked away.

I took a deep breath.

“Sophie that was close”. Sam said.

I rested on the wall. “What do I do now? You heard what he said”.

“Maybe you shouldn’t to come to school tomorrow”. She suggested.

“What!! Come on, there’s must be__”.

She cut me off. “Who knows he might plan something more horrible than what happened today”.

“So I should miss every day of school so Adrian’s prank plans won’t affect me”. I said sarcastically.

“Only for tomorrow which is Friday and i’m sure Adrian will forget it over the weekend”.

I looked at her. “Are you sure about this?”.

“Maybe”. She shrugged. “But if I was the one whose heart got broken, i’d probably do something much worse”.

I frowned. “Are you even helping at all?”.

“Sorry, sorry”. She apologized. “Just don’t come to school tomorrow and you’ll see, he’ll forget everything by monday”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. “I hope it works”.
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I giggled as I jumped around the bed more. Yes!! My leg was back to normal. I can’t wait to get to school tomorrow to mock Sophie.

I heard a knock on my door. I became confused, Mum has gone to work earlier and Adrian never knocks.

I walked over to the door and opened it slowly revealing his handsome face. Xander.

I smiled. “Hey”.

“I see your leg is perfectly fine”. He said.

“Just a slight pain but I can walk”.

He dropped his backpack and went over to my bed sitting on it.

I walked over to him. “So how was school?”. I sat on his l@ps str@ddling him.

He held me closer. “It was okay but__”.

I quickly shut him up with a kss, he squeezed my b.utt and pulled me close. He kssed me back with passion, i could feel his smile against my lips. My hands move towards his hair and I ran my fingers through it.

He drew back and started kssing my jawline, my ear with his one hand on my th!gh and the other on my wa!st.

My legs wrapped around his waist as we kss and his hand on my b.utt. I pull his neck close and deepened the kss.

He lay me down on the bed and we continue kssing, he trails down my collarbone to my neck. I m0an loud as my legs are around his waist, my hands messing up his hair.

I pulled away. “Maybe we should stop, if Adrian__”.

He cuts me off. “Adrian is still in school”.

He kssed me hungrily shutting me up, i moan as I pushed myself up grinding against him. He gr0aned, I unbuttoned his sh!rt and let my f!ngers slip in his shirt and roam about his bare chest.

He finally pulled away. “Okay that was hot”.

I giggled. “Maybe we should do it again”.

“You are naughty and you know that right”. He said with a grin.

“Only for my baby”. I replied smirking.

He c0cked his head slightly to one side. “Since when did you start calling me that?”.

“Should I stop?”. I asked teasing him.

“I like it. Baby”.

I pouted. “Call me that name you always call me”.


I grinned sheepishly. “Yeah that”.

He laughed. “You are unbelievable”.

“Did you guys just fck each other?”.
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“Umm, no thanks, I’m actually going to Ashley’s place”. I told him.

“I’ll take you there, i’m heading towards there too”. J.R insisted.

G0sh!! I didn’t really want to ride with him.

“Huh, i really don’t want to take much of__”.

He cut me off. “No its okay”.

We walked to the school’s parking lot and we entered his car. He immediately drove as soon as he turned on the engine.

“Where’s Xander?”. I asked him.

“He left not quite long ago to go see Ashley”.

I nodded. “Oh”.

“Anything else you wanna ask?”.

“Is something wrong with Audrey?”. I asked curious.

I couldn’t help it. I just needed to know, i mean she looked pale and her eyes were kinda red.

“No why?”. He asked.

I shrugged. “She seemed off today”.

“Also you”. I heard him mutter.

“What did you say?”.

“I didn’t even see you today apart from the morning when that happened”.

I blushed as I remembered it.

“And it looked like you were avoiding me but I was like, for what reason?”. He ranted on.

I fiddled with my fingers as he kept on talking. I really don’t want to say anything that might hurt him or whatsoever.

“And here we are”. He said breaking into my thoughts.

I looked outside the window to see we were at Ashley’s house. Or rather, Mansion.

The gates opened automatically and J.R drove inside and the gates immediately rolled back closing.

I stepped out of his car as I glanced around confused. Why is it so empty?

“Why are you looking that way?”. J.R asked.

“When I was here before, there were a bunch of security guards and maids including servants and all that”. I explained.

“Oh they are only here when their parents are around”. He said.

“Ashley’s Mum was there that day”. I added.

“That explains it. Adrian doesn’t like the idea of people watching over him and attending to him, same goes with Ashley, I think”. He said. “So the workers are only available when their parents are around”.

I understood. “Oh that explains it”.

We headed to the front porch and went over the front door. I pressed the doorbell.

J.R scoffed inserting a key opening the door.

I gaped in surprise. “You have their keys?”.

He shrugged. “I’m particularly close to them”.

We went into the house and glanced around. Her house is always more beautiful every time I see it.

“Come on lets go”. J.R urged me climbing up the stairs.

I followed him up the stairs and to Ashley’s room. I was about to knock when he stopped me.

“What are you doing?”. He whispered.

“I wanna knock”. I told him.

“Just go in”.

“You are interrupting a person’s privacy”. I told him off.

He shook his head negatively and pushed the door open going inside. I went in too and met Ashley and Xander laughing, his hair was tousled and his shirt was open.

Oh My G0sh!! Did they?

“Did you guys just fuck each other?”. J.R spoke up.
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My cheeks flushed bright red from embarrassment. I covered my face with my palms.

“No we didn’t”. I said in a muffled tone.

Xander pried my hands away.

“Since you both had a close moment, I need to talk to my best-friend”. Jessy said.

She immediately came over to me hugging me.

“I miss you”. I said as we unlocked from the hug.

“I miss you too. School was so boring, no one to talk too”.

“Excuse me”. J.R cleared his throat. “What am I?”.

I rolled my eyes. “I have a lot to tell you”.

She giggled. “Me too”.

I smiled. “But first some snacks”.

“I’ll go get them”. She said and went out of my room.

J.R stared at us for a while before going after Jessy.

“Is there something going on between them?”. I asked curiously.

Xander shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe”.

I sat on his laps. “So really .. How was school?”.

“School was fun for me but not so great for Adrian”. He said.

“Why? Didn’t he watch what he did to Sophie? It was hilarious”. I snickered.

Xander sighed. “Yeah but something else happened”.


“Well Audrey__”.

The door opened and Adrian came in.

“Hey Sis”. He walked in.

“Ian!!”. I squealed excitedly as I stood up from Xander’s laps running to hug him.

He hugged me close. “Did you miss me that much?”.

“Yeah”. I replied.

He pulled away. “I thought your boyfriend gave you company”.

“Well he did but__”.

“Can I borrow him?”. Adrian asked.

“Borrow who? Xander?”.

He nodded. “Yeah”.

I pretended to think. “I don’t know”.

Adrian sighed. “Seriously? You are gonna do that now”.

I went over to Xander on the bed hugging him tightly.

“Love, Adrian and I really need to talk about something”.

I pouted. “But you will come back”.

“He’s gonna be in my room, not like i’m kidnapping him or something”. Adrian said frustratingly.

Xander pulled away from me and gave me a light peck on my lips before he went over to the door leaving.

“Oh please, I wanna puke”. Adrian faked a gag.

I rolled my eyes. “You just took my boy-friend away so you go do whatever you want or I’ll come take him back”.

“He was my best-friend before you came along”. He said and left.

I flopped back on the bed. What was so serious that Adrian couldn’t wait? What the hell are they even talking? I quickly sat up. And where the h*ell is Jessy?

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