LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 26
“Can you stop being annoying? Even if just this once”. He yelled at me.

I flinched and moved back a bit.

He sighed softly. “G0sh!! Love, I’m so sorry”.

“I’m sorry if I cared to know what happened to you, you can go ahead and do what you like, I don’t care”. I said trying to hold back my tears.

I turned and walked towards the door, he rushed towards me and hugged me from behind. He wrapped his hands on my waist and placed his head on my shoulders.

“Leave me alone”. I said and pulled his hands away from my waist.

He held my waist again tightening his grip as I struggle to remove his hands.

“I’m sorry”. He whispered.

“I said leave me alone”. I shouted.

He turned me to face him. “I’m sorry, Love, I didn’t mean to yell at you”.

The tears I was holding back rolled down and I started crying.

He wiped my cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Please don’t cry”.

He hugged me tight. “I was just so angry, I love you so much, Ashley”.

He pulled away caressing my cheeks. “I’m sorry”.

“Stop saying sorry. My ears throb”. I joked.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, i will never do it again. I promise”. He ksses my forehead.

I smiled. “Promise?”.

He chuckled. “Promise”.

“I love you”.

He kssed my eyes, then my nose. “I love you too”. He finally kssed my l!ps.

I kssed him back for some minutes before we unlocked slowly. He took me to the bed and we sat down properly.

“Do you wanna talk about it?”. I asked softly.

He shook his head negatively. “Maybe another time”.

I held his palm. “Whenever you are ready, we’ll talk about it”.

He hugged me close to himself. “Thank you for understanding”.

“I’m trying to be a better girl-friend”. I replied.

He pulled away. “Lets go on a date. Anywhere and anytime”.

“How about I’ll think about it”. I teased him.

He ksses my nose. “Take as long as you want”.

I pouted. “I want Ice-cream”.

He held my hand. “Lets go to the kitchen then”.

He intertwined our fingers as we stood up heading downstairs.

I paused seeing Adrian seated on the floor.

I disentangled my fingers away from Xander rushing over to Adrian.

I raised his head. “Ian. Are you okay?”.

He hugged me tightly.

I patted his back as i caressed his hair lightly. I rubbed his back in circular motions soothing him.

“What happened?”. I whispered to J.R.

He made a sign of a heart breaking.

I pulled away and crouched in front of him holding his cheeks. G0sh!! They were wet from his tears.

“Ian”. I said softly.

“I’m fine, i just lost it for a moment”.

“Crying doesn’t mean you are weak. Just let it out sometimes”. I assured him.

He nodded and wiped his face. I also noticed J.R looking all sullen and moody.

“We’ll just go out for sometime”. Xander said.

Adrian stood up. “I’ll be back”.

I sighed. “Okay”.

Adrian stood up and walked out of the main door followed by J.R.

Xander faced me. “He’s gonna be fine”.

“I hope so”.

He hugged me and I breathed in his scent. We pulled away and he placed a kss on my forehead before going after them.

I went over to the kitchen expecting to see Jessy but it was empty. I became confused, maybe she went back to my room.

I walked over to the stairs climbing all the way up to my room. I opened the door and stepped in searching around.

“Jessy”. I shouted looking for her.

No reply. Weird.

I heard sniffs from the bathroom. I headed towards the direction and went there entering inside and I saw Jessy with wipes obviously cleaning her face.

“Jessy. What happened?”. I asked curious.

She said nothing walking past me and went over to the bed flopping on it.

I walked over to her. “You gonna tell me whats wrong?”. I jumped on the bed.

She sighed. “I’m a horrible person”.

I sat close to her on the bed. “Why would you say that?”.

“Because I hurt someone”. She replied sadly.

I raised my eyebrows. “Hurt someone?”.

“J.R told me he likes me and__”.

I cut her off. “Thats great. You both will make a great couple”.

“He told me he liked me, we kssed but I rejected him”. She continued.

I frowned confused. “You rejected him? Why? I thought you liked him”.

“What if he’s just playing around and just wants me as a fling?”. She asked nervous.

I tapped her. “What made you think that?”.

“Thats how rich guys are. At least from what I’ve heard”. She admitted truthfully.

I crossed my arms. “Umm, hello, is Xander playing me?”.

“Well Axel played you”.

“That doesn’t mean that they are all like that”. I assured her. “Guys are different”.

She fell back on the bed. “I messed up big time. I was just trying to avoid a heartbreak”.

“By hurting the guy you like?”.

“Okay I admit I was wrong by doing that but how do I tell him?”.

“Thats a good point”. I said. “I’ll make Adrian do it”.

“No no no no”. She objected. “I don’t want Adrian in this matter, i’m kinda scared of his temper”.

I chuckled. “Okay fine. Xander will do it, i’ll just tell him to call J.R over to some secluded place and then you just go over and talk”.

She squealed. “Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver”.

“And I also have a surprise”. I told her.

“Hit me”.

“Okay. Jayden Roy is throwing an after party and you were invited”.

“Shut up”. She shouted. “For real?”.

“For real. We got VIP tickets for his concert, my mum got backstage passes for us and we just got invited to the best after-party ever”. I told her.

She jumped around happily. “Yes yes yes”.

I laughed watching her. “I guess everything is figured out”.

She stopped. “If eventually I get to have some alone time with J.R, how do I tell him that I like him?”.
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“So you guys are here? Why?”. I asked.

Xander sat back on the beanbag. “Well they are pretty not okay right now”.

“And my house was the right place to come?”.

“Yep because you care for us”. Xander replied dramatically.

I glanced over at Adrian who was hugging a pillow lying down on my bed and Roy was on the floor staring into space.

I walked over to Adrian. “You wanna go kick something? Like football? Lets go play”.

“Kick something? Like the way Sophie kicked my heart around like a ball”. He replied sadly.

I sighed walking over to Roy. “Do you wanna listen to some music? To help you calm down”. I said crouching in front of him.

He gave me his phone and I turned it on going over to Music app. I scrolled down his songs and clicked on one but it didn’t play.

“Why is it acting this way”. I tapped it frustratingly.

“Music has rejected me just like her”. Roy said.

I dropped the phone facing Xander. “You are right, they are a mess”.

I snapped my fingers in front of Adrian. “Look just because some btch broke your heart doesn’t mean you lie around like a big sack of marshmallows”.

“Marshmallows don’t come in sacks”. Xander corrected me.

“I’m just trying to prove a point here that Adrian should stop sulking here because of a girl broke his heart while there are other fishes in the sea”. I explained.

“Its not that easy”. Adrian muttered.

I turned to Roy. “Now you, you need to get up because you have a concert tomorrow and you need to prepare ahead”.

Roy sprang up. “Thats it. The concert”.

“What about the concert?”. Xander asked.

“Maybe I should just tell Jessy that I’m Jayden Roy then maybe she will accept me”.

I smacked his head pushing him to the ground then I sat on him while he yelped in pain.

Adrian sat up. “Lily stop it”.

I stood up. “Did you hear what he just said?”.

“Roy, you are not telling anyone your real identity if she doesn’t love you for you then she’s not worth it”. Adrian said.

“Okay maybe I can’t tell her but I should reveal my real identity at the After-party”. Roy said.

“Your Dad said you are doing that on your 19th birthday”. Xander reminder him. “And its like a month away”.

“Look Jessy likes you maybe it was all too sudden for her thats__”.

“Am I interrupting something?”.

I turned to see Audrey coming in.

“Hey!! You are here”. I said to her.

“I came to give you this”. She handed me a case.

I took it and opened it removing a phone. “Axel’s phone? It was with you all this time?”.

She nodded. “Yeah. I better go”.

“Wait. You should stay, we are trying__”.

“I need to go”. She interrupted me.

I noticed she glanced at Adrian before saying that.

“I just remembered. Axel has not gotten his own share of revenge”. Xander said.

“Audrey please stay so we can plan this”. I pleaded.

She smiled thinly. “Okay. I’ll stay for a while”.

“So what have we got. We should think of something that will embarrass Axel”. I said.

“To the point of peeing on himself”. Roy added.

Adrian furrowed his eyebrows. “And how do we do that?”.

“Snakes”. Xander said.

Adrian shook his head negatively. “Nah. Too cliche”.

“Blood is scary”. Audrey spoke up.

Adrian smirked. “What about blood and snakes?”.

“Axel is gonna get it hard”. Xander laughed.

“Yeah just like what Adrian did to Sophie”. Roy snickered. “It was hilarious”.

Audrey immediately stood up and rushed out the door.

“You guys keep talking and I’ll go check whats up with Audrey”. I said going after her.

I went out the door and went to the stairway where Audrey was seated.

I sat close to her. “Is this about you liking Adrian?”.

“I love him so much Lily. I can’t bear seeing him cry over another girl”.

“Audrey I’ll be frank with you. Adrian might recover from this heartbreak but I’m not sure if he will notice you”.

“I’ll wait for him Lily”. She remained adamant.

“Audrey, I know Adrian. If he loves you, he would have said it all this time. He is not in love with you”.

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