LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 22
“Flour pouring”. Lily scoffed. “Oh please I can do worse”.

“If you think that was the only thing in store for her then expect more”. Adrian said.

“Oh My G0sh”. Lily shouted. “Adrian is in power mode”.

“Sophie is gonna regret messing with my heart”. He said angrily.

“Slow down a little, would ya”.

Adrian rolled his eyes going back to throwing the balls.

“You know I have an idea to make this whole revenge thing sweeter”. Lily said mischievously.

“No way, nuh-uh, we are not listening to any of your ideas”. J.R said frowning.

“Sweetheart, are you still angry with me?”. Lily mocked him.

I snickered. “What’s up with the long face?”.

“Can you believe she told Jessy my greatest secret?”.

I raised an eyebrow. “That you are Jayden Roy?”.

“Shhh. Not that”. Lily hushed me. “The other one”.

The image immediately crossed my mind and I busted into laughter.

“See Xander thinks it’s funny”. Lily pointed out.

J.R frowned. “Seriously? You are not gonna reprimand her or something?”.

“What? Its funny”. I said between laughs.

“I get its funny but saying it in front of Jessy is unacceptable”.

Lily cooed. “Someone is crushing”.

“I think its past that stage”. I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

“What do you mean? Wait!! Don’t tell me”. She said. “They kssed?”.

“They made out”. I replied.

“That’s gonna be epic”.

“Who made out?”. Adrian said coming over.

“Roy and Jessamyn”. I told him.

“You know you are not supposed to call me Roy in school”. J.R said.

“You kssed that girl with glasses? For real? You are into her?”. Adrian asked shocked.

J.R shrugged. “Yeah. I did”.

“Does Andrea know about it?”. Adrian asked again.

“Andrea is back?”. Lily laughed. “And the drama keeps on coming”.

“Andrea and I never dated. We just had a few s*xual relationship, thats all”. J.R explained. “Something like friends with benefits”.

“I guess Andrea doesn’t see it that way”. Adrian continued.

“Who cares?”. J.R said with a shrug.

“You better start caring because both of you are gonna perform live on stage tomorrow night”. Lily reminded him.

“And everyone is watching”. I added.

“I like Jessy and thats final”. J.R said seriously.

“You like her but does she like you?”. Adrian asked. “Thats the main question”.

“Dude!! Don’t burst my bubble”. J.R warned him.

Adrian raised his hands in surrender. “Okay sorry, I just__”.

He was immediately interrupted by a phone ringing. He took the phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen.

“Guys I gotta answer this. See you later”. He said and walked away.

“What were we talking about again?”. Lily asked.

J.R groaned. “We were not talking about anything, okay?”.

“Did you just talk back at me?”.

J.R quickly ran away with Lily in pursuit of him.

I laughed as he ran away.


I looked back to see Audrey. “Hey”.

She looked moody. “Have you seen Adrian?”.

“He went out a couple of seconds ago”. I replied.

“Oh. Did he really play that prank on Sophie? Lily texted me earlier”.

“Yeah. Anything?”. I asked curious.

She shook her head negatively. “Nope. I’m just gonna go look for Adrian”. She said and walked away.

Is it me? Or did she just act weird. I shrugged, wonder what’s up with her. She seemed off.
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I laid on Adrian’s bed scrolling through my phone since he said I should check on the school blog.

A knock sounded on the door.


The door opened and my Mum stepped in dressed corporately.

“Hey baby”. She said sweetly.

“You are off to work?”. I asked surprised.

She nodded. “I have a lot to work on”.

“Okay. You can go besides Ian made breakfast for me already”.

She sighed. “The backstage passes are in your room and also your invitation card”.

“Invitation card?”. I raised an eyebrow. “To where?”.

“To some after party held by the singer you told me about”. My Mum said.

“Jayden Roy?”. I asked.

“Yep. The after party is like maybe an hour after the concert. The Invitation was sent here this morning and it was for you and your friend”. My Mum explained.

Jayden Roy must have sent them. I mean i told him that Jessy was obsessed about him, like literally.

“Can I go?”.

“If you are okay by tomorrow, then you are free to go. I mean, why not? Your brother is also going”.

I smiled. “Thanks Mum”.

“Well I have to go”. My Mum said heading out the door.

“Have a nice day”. I shouted after her.

“I sure will”. She replied faintly.

I immediately heard a ‘ding’ on my phone. I picked it up from Adrian’s bedside table turning it on. I clicked on it and it led me to the school blog where there was a trending video.

I played the video and saw it was Sophie, She came out of a class and flour poured on her immediately. I bursted into laughter, Adrian must have done this, that knucklehead.

I went to contacts and searched for his number. Then i called him, his phone rang for a while before he answered. I heard voices before everyone became silent.

?Hey Sis. Why you calling??
?You dumb a$$. You did that??
?Maybe I did. Maybe i didn’t?
?It was totally awesome. You could have seen her face ?
?I know right?
?Were you also invited to Jayden Roy’s after-party?
?Yeah. My friends and I are really close to him?
?Oh? I got invited too?
?We’ll talk when I get back home?
?Okay. Bye. ?
?Love you sis ?

He said and I disconnected the call.

I went back to the school blog so I could laugh at Sophie all over again.
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She hanged up and I placed my phone back into my pocket.

“Hey Adrian”.

I turned to see Audrey. “Oh hey. Are you not supposed to be in class?”.

“Oh really? What about you?”.

I chuckled. “I plan on ditching classes today”.

“Why? So you could really focus on pranking Sophie?”.

I laughed. “You really get me Audrey. So are you going to class now?”.

“Adrian I need to talk to you”. She said in a serious tone.

“Sure. Where?”.

“Lets go to the school garden”. She suggested.

We walked through a walkway in school that leads to the garden, She held my hand as we walked there. Strange! She’s never done that, We got there and everywhere looked refreshing.

There were many seats with standard lamp beside each seat.

We sat on one of the seat. No one else was here.

“So what do you want to talk about?”. I asked her.

“Its beautiful”. She said smiling.

I looked around. “Yeah. Its really cool”.

She held my hand. “I really need to know something?”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Know what?”.

“Do you like me?”. She asked staring at me.

“Of course I like you, we are friends”.

“No I don’t mean that. Like in another way?”.

Another way? Wait!! What?

“Audrey what are you saying? You are really confusing me”.

“I just want to know if you love me or not”. Tears dropped from her eyes.

I shifted backwards. “Hold up. You are in love with me?”.

“Adrian. I still love you”.

I was shocked. I didn’t even know what to say as i stared at her.
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