LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 23

I shifted backwards. “Hold up. You are in love with me?”.

“Adrian. I still love you”.

I was shocked. I didn’t even know what to say as i stared at her.

“Audrey …”. I started.

“Ian please tell me you love me”. She said crying.

“Audrey, we dated yeah but I’m over that”. I admitted.

“Come on Adrian, don’t you feel something for me?”.

I cleaned her tears on her face. “I love and admire you but as a friend”.

“Why can’t you love me back?”.

“I only see you as a close friend”. I replied truthfully.

“But we dated”. She yelled. “We were so in love and in a happy relationship”.

“That was years ago”. I told her. “Now things are different”.

“But you are no longer with Sophie”. Her eyes were red and her face looked pale.

“Yeah but Audrey, you are over thinking this, you need some rest”. I told her.

“Do you need me to change? Or what do you like in a girl? I can be that girl”. She ranted on.

I stopped her. “Audrey just stop okay. We broke up and you said you were perfectly fine with it.

“Yeah that was because I wanted to see you happy”.

“You could have at least told me how you felt”. I said softly.

“I just__”. She bursted into tears again.

I wiped her tears off. “Audrey please stop crying”.

She began cutting off all the flowers bit by bit.

“Sh!t”. I cussed. “Audrey stop it”.

She hit my chest. “Why can’t we work? I always loved you Adrian, please for once love me back”.

I held her hands. “Audrey I’m so sorry”.

I became emotional seeing her cry.

I cupped her cheeks. “I’m so sorry”.

“Why don’t you love me?”. She whispered.

“Audrey please stop”. I pleaded tearfully.

“Even if it takes years, I’ll wait for your love”. She said in a serious tone.

She took her backpack and was walking out.

I held her hand and drew her back. “Audrey, you are beautiful and you will find someone who will love you entirely”.

She freed her hands. “I want you to be that someone”.

“Audrey any person will be lucky to have you”. I assured her.

“Why can’t you love me? Tell me, please Adrian, i sincerely love you”. She cried real much.

“Audrey”. I said softly. “I’m sorry”.

I hugged her trying to stop her from crying. I’ve never felt this weak with a girl before.

She pulled away. “I have to get to class”.

I nodded and watched her as she walked away.

I sat back on the seat feeling frustrated.

“That went bad enough”. Xander said sitting beside me.

“You watched everything?”. I asked lowly.


“I never suspected for once that she still loved me”. I admitted. “I mean, she always seemed carefree”.

“Why did you both break up anyways?”. He asked curiously.

I sighed. “I fell in love with Sophie. My relationship with Audrey was just on friendship, thats all”.

“Well she never recovered from the break-up”. He said. “She thought she had a chance when she heard what you did to Sophie”.

I rested on the seat. “Everything is a mess and I hate it”.

“Yeah pretty messed up just when you thought you had everything going well”.

“I don’t want to hurt Audrey anymore or see her cry for me”. I explained.

He chuckled. “Dude! Love is not forced”.

I stood up. “Let me go check up on Audrey”.

He pushed me back on the seat. “Let her have some time alone first”.
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The bell rang signaling next period. I heaved a sigh of relief as I stood up. I walked out as other students trooped out.

They were still talking about what happened to Sophie. It’s still trending in the school blog and apparently everyone find it funny.

Just that, no one knows who planned the prank on her. I’m probably suspecting either Axel or Adrian. Those two are like the most popular boys in school and mostly everyone fears them.

“What are you thinking about?”. A voice piped into my thoughts.

I turned hastily to see Lily. “You scared me?”.

She panted heavily. “Have you seen him?”.

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Who?”.

“J.R, that psycho is gonna get it”.

“Why are you__”.

“Bye!!!”. She interrupted me running off.

Okay! That was weird.

I decided to head on to my class but first, I need to pee so I went to girls bathroom. I was shocked when I saw Sophie crying in front of the mirror.

I froze not knowing what to do, she was so alone and sad. I stepped in quietly and Sophie noticed I was there. She immediately wiped her tears, washed her hands in a hurry and left without saying a word.

Not sure what to think but why would Sophie be in here alone crying? Probably because of that prank earlier.

I used the bathroom and left. I was walking on the hallway to the next class when my phone beeped. I heard beep from every phone all at the same time.

People started to check whatever it was on their phones and laugh seriously. I was surprised, the chattered volume rose up in an instant.

I looked at my phone, everyone around me was talking about the photos. Certainly people were talking about the photos, it had already gone viral.

I put my phone back into my pocket and went ahead to English class.
I was currently in English class and it has been so boring lately. Miss Haley just came into class like 10 minutes ago and it has been boredom all through. Thank goodness! Its the last class before school’s over.

I glanced over at Audrey who I sat with. She has been gloomy ever since and her face looks kinda pale with her eyes all red. I tried to find out what’s wrong with her but she didn’t budge.

Suddenly Sophie walked into the class. All eyes turned to her, she was wearing her cheerleader outfit.

“And why are you late, Miss Burns?”. Miss. Haley asked.

“I was umm .. I was bus .. busy in the restroom”. She stuttered.

Everyone bursted into laughter. I guess thats kinda embarrassing.

“Go take your seat. It shouldn’t repeat itself”. Miss Haley said.

Sophie went to sit with Samantha at their usual position.

After a while, the bell rang signaling end of school.

I happily packed my books putting them into my backpack. I quickly stood up along with others.

Suddenly, Sophie shrieked.

“What is it now? Miss Burns, its end of school so you can go home”. Miss. Haley said.

“I’m stuck, i can’t move”. She said scared.

Miss Haley walked over to her. “What are you talking about?”.

Students stopped watching her, i stopped as I was also curious as what was going to happen.

“I can’t move my b.utt from this chair”. Sophie said lowly as everyone laughed at her.

“But I just stood up”. Samantha said.

Sophie glared at her and she immediately kept her mouth shut.

As Sophie tried to get up, popcorn immediately rained on her.

I gasped as others brought out their phone taking pictures.

“Sophie!!”. Lily yelled at the other side of the classroom. “Smile for the camera, say cheese”.

Suddenly, Cheese poured all over Sophie in addition to the popcorn, it splashed about but no one cared as they laughed at her.

I turned and saw Audrey walking out the door. I quickly followed her out the door walking after her.

I caught up with her. “Hey. Audrey, is something wrong?”.

She turned to me. “What would think of the person playing pranks on Sophie?”.

Her eyes looked red. Has she been crying?

“Audrey are you okay?”. I asked concerned.

“Please answer the question”. She pleaded.

“I’d say the person hates Sophie?”.


I looked at her. “What are you talking about?”.

“I just .. I’m going home”. She said and ran away.

I became confused.

I felt my phone vibrating. I zipped open my bag and took it out of my back-pack and swiped answering it.

?Hey Ashley.?
?Jessy. I got big news for you?

Big news?

?What is it??
?Just come over, okay?, then you’ll get the scoop?
?Okay fine. On my way there?
?Okay bye?

She disconnected the call and I placed my phone back into my bag.

“Do you need a ride?”.

I turned to see J.R. I remained silent as I stared at him, I’ve been avoiding him ever since he kssed me. I really don’t want to talk about it.

“Umm, no thanks, I’m actually going to Ashley’s place”.

“I’ll take you there, i’m heading towards there too”.

G0sh!! I didn’t really want to ride with him.

“Huh, i really don’t want to take much of__”.

He cut me off. “No its okay”.
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“But that was too much”. I cried.

We were in an empty class, just Samantha and I.

“Sophie you need to calm down”. She soothed me.

“Calm down? Throughout today, i’ve been laughed at”. I said tearfully.

“Who do you think might have done it?”. She asked me.

“I really don’t know, Sam”. I cleaned my tears. “And to think just this morning I was so happy when I kssed Xander”.

“Thats it”. Sam snapped her fingers. “It might have been Adrian, i mean he’s the only one who has such power in school”.

“Its not possible Sam”. I disagreed. “Adrian is nuts over me, he can’t do it”.

“People change”. She replied.

I sighed. “Come on lets go home”.

We stood up and went out of class walking through the almost empty hallway but I stopped when I saw Adrian walking towards me.

“Adrian”. I hugged him. “Did you see what they did to me?”.

He pulled away. “It was funny right, gosh I really tried”.

I looked at him. “You did all this?”.

He scoffed. “Of course I did. Who else?”.

“Told ya”. Samantha said.

“Adrian but__”.

He cut me off. “Don’t even think about saying anything, what I did was mere payback”.

“Payback? For what?”. I asked.

“For what? You are really asking me that? You kssed my best-friend in front of me and you still have the nerves to look at me”. He said angrily.

Wait!! He knows?

“What I did to you was just little”. He said. “You played with my heart like it was some fcking toy”.

My tears dropped. “I’m sorry”.

“Sorry? You are sorry? After running over my heart like a treadmill? You have the guts to still say sorry?”. He yelled.

“Sophie lets go”. Sam dragged me. “Just leave while you can”.

“Listen to her”. He said walking away.

I held him back. “Ad__”.

He pushed me to a wall grasping my neck. I gasped for breath as I choked.

“One thing about me is that I’m short tempered and easily triggered”. He said. “Don’t you ever touch me with those fcking stinking hands”.

I tried to talk but I couldn’t.

“You do know me Sophie and you know what I’m capable of”. He said mischievously. “If you come close to me, I’ll fcking stop all these pranks and something much worse to you”.

“Don’t test me”. He added.

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