LOVE HAPPENS SEASON 2: Episode 21-30

•Love Happens•
Written by Authoress Kamara
Season 2
Episode 30
“Come on, Ashley”. Jessy said impatiently.

I packed my books into my bag. “Done”.

She heaved a sigh of relief and held her backpack as we walked out of class heading to the school’s parking lot.

There was a driver waiting for us there. I had called my Mum and she sent a car to pick me after school.

He unlocked the door and we entered.

Jessy tapped her foot constantly.

I snickered. “Seriously? Whats up with you?”.

“I’m really nervous right now. I can’t believe in few hours from now, i’m going to see Jayden Roy”. She said excitedly.

“Okay if you say so”. I muttered.

We got to my house in about 30 minutes and soon we were in my room.

Jessy was pacing around with her phone in her hand.

I crossed my arms. “Whats wrong now?”.

“J.R isn’t picking his calls, he wasn’t in school and now he’s not answering”.

“Jessy relax, he’s probably with Adrian and Xander. He’ll call or send a message later”. I assured her.

She nodded. “Okay maybe you are right”.

She took her backpack. “I’m off to work, i’ll be back before six”.

I fell back on the bed. “Got it. I’ll just take a nap”.
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~Jayden Roy
I sat up from my bed feeling weird. I glanced around and realized i was in my room.

“Finally, you are awake”.

I turned to see Lily sitting on a couch pressing her phone.

“How long was I asleep?”. I asked confused.

“Four hours”. She simply said.

“Four hours?”. I was surprised.

“Yep”. She answered.

I groaned and fell back on the bed.

“You okay dude? You seem pretty down”.

I looked at her. “Since when did you start caring?”.

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t make me beat the hell out of you”.

“I’m just tired, thats all”.

The door opened and a guy wearing a white long coat walked in. Maybe a doctor.

“Sir Roy, you are awake”. He smiled coming over.

“What the h*ell happened?”.

Lily faced me. “You had a breakdown and fainted”.

What??! I looked over and saw the doctor with tools.

“What are you doing?”.

“I just want to take your temperature”. He said holding a thermometer.

I stood up from the bed. “I’m not sick, i’m okay, feeling great”.

“Sir Roy, your Dad__”.

I cut him off. “I don’t care what my Dad said, you are not treating me”.

I walked out of the room angrily and went ahead to the studio room. I saw Andrea behind the glass singing.

“Dad!!”. I called.

He turned to me. “Are you okay now?”.

“I’m great okay. Whats that doctor doing in my room?”.

Dad motioned them to stop what they were doing at the control panel.

“Everyone leave. I need to talk to my son”.

They all stood up and left one after the other, Adrian patted my back before going. Andrea came closer to kss me but I withdrew. She scoffed and left.

I faced my Dad. “I’ve had many concerts like this and I know i can handle this”.

“I know how to take care of this”. He replied.

“I know the doctor injected something into me like some soothing drug or__”.

“Who’s the girl?”. He asked all of a sudden.


He took my phone from a table and handed it to me. I turned it on and saw missed calls from Jessy. She actually missed me.

“Who’s she?”. My Dad sounded serious.

I dropped my phone. “My girlfriend, Jessamyn”.

“Thats why you were stressed?”. He asked staring at me.

I remained silent.

“Jayden, i need you to focus your full attention on this show happening tonight because AZ industries put a lot of money into this”. Dad explained intently.

I sighed listening to him as he talked constantly.

^^Hours later^^
I was in my dressing room as many professionals attended to me. In like an hour, i’ll be performing in front of a crowd.

“Sir Roy, you are all set”. The professional said swiveling my chair facing the mirror.

My natural blond hair was swept backwards and my green eyes shined the more, she had highlighted my face features.

I stared at myself in my reflection, i closed my eyes taking in a deep breath.

I felt the girl’s finger trace from my hair down to my face. She brought her lips close to my face.

I remained calm. “What are you doing?”.

She jumped in fear. “I was just, umm, i was helping you calm your nerves”.

“Get out”. I barked.

I don’t need anyone seducing me at this moment especially when I have a girlfriend.

“Sir, I was just__”.

“What happened?”. Adrian came over.

“Make her leave”.

The girl immediately left the dressing room.

“Come on, Roy, don’t take out your anger on other people”.

“She deserved it”. I mumbled.

Adrian faced me. “Are you sure you wanna do it tonight?”.

After my Dad and I talked, i told him that I wanted to reveal my true identity at the afterparty. It was made viral and mostly everyone already knew about it.

Most of my fans were desperate to attend the after party. But it was strictly invitations, at least the media is going to be there.

“I’ve made up my mind already”. I said.

“Okay if you say so”.

“Where’s Xander?”. I asked looking around.

“He went to go settle things with his Mum”.

“You talked him into it?”.

He nodded in response. “Yep”.

I cracked my knuckles thinking of the concert. I really needed my friends.

“You still nervous?”.

I nodded not saying a word. Only my close friends knows how nervous I am before every show.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, its your show and you are gonna kill it”. Adrian assured me.

I smoothed my silky blond hair. “Yeah you are right”.

The door opened and Audrey came in smiling.

“Roy, good luck”.

I smiled in response.

“Adrian”. She called.

Adrian kssed her cheeks. “I’ll be there”.

She left immediately.

I opened my mouth surprised raising my eyebrows.

Adrian shrugged. “What? It was bound to happen anyways”.

“You just keep surprising me”. I said to him.

He chuckled and left the dressing room.

I closed my eyes resting on the chair, Jessamyn’s face popped up in my mind. I smiled remembering her.
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I was still sleeping soundly when a scream pierced through my ears. I jerked up immediately seeing Jessy jumping around.

“You won’t believe what happened”.

I rolled my eyes. “Surprise me”.

“Jayden Roy is showing his real identity this night at the after-party”. She squealed excitedly.

I laughed seeing her all happy and jumping around.

“Its a dream come true”. She said. “I’ll finally see his face behind his mask”.

I fell back on the bed. “How did you know he was gonna do that anyway?”.

“It was announced on TV, radios and even on the internet by the owner of AZ industries which is the record label of Jayden Roy”. She explained. “His show is gonna be streaming live and guess what, tickets are sold out”.

“Lucky you”. I said closing my eyes.

“Oh no you don’t”. Jessy threw a pillow at me forcing me to stand up.

“Aargh”. I groaned.

“Go shower now”. She ordered.

I went into the bathroom to freshen and came out minutes later wearing a towel and noticed Jessy was dressed already.

She wore a short blue gown and white sneakers which made her look fabulous.

“You look nice”. I complimented her.

She blushed slightly. “Thanks, go get dressed”.

I walked to my wardrobe and selected my underwear putting them on then I searched for clothes to wear.

I finally settled on a white crop top, black trousers and white sneakers.

“Seriously? Do you always have to wear shorts or trousers?”. Jessy asked staring at me.

I shrugged walking over to my dresser, i took my hairbrush and and brushed my hair making it fall freely on my shoulders.

“I’m done”. I said taking my knapsack.

Jessy looked at me. “No makeup?”.

I shook my head negatively. “Nope”.

“Then lets go, come on”. She said hurriedly and left the room.

I chuckled and followed her behind. We got to the car in the garage and we entered. The driver drove out through the gates to the concert.

“I can’t wait”. Jessy squealed.

I laughed watching her. She really is so happy to see Jayden Roy.



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