M.I.A (Merciless In Action) SEASON 2: Episode 1-10

M.I.A (Merciless In Action)
Written by: Seunnzzy

Season 2 Episode 1

Author’s POV

After DIG Peters ended the call with Agent Ayoola, he went back to the conference room.
” how did it go?” DIG Williams asked.
” MIA is dead” he announced and everyone smiled happily except DIG Martins who wept.
” I thought you said your MIA is indestructible ” DIG Elliot said staring evilly at Mr martins.
” you will pay for this…….you will all pay for this” DIG martins said.
” You can’t do anything, I must tell you this, your MIA is quite something, now I know why you have so much confidence in him” DIG Peters said.
” what happened?” DIG Aliyu asked.
” Agent Ayoola told me he took down 5 units of them before they could kill him” he said and they were all shocked.
” whaaaatt”
” 5 units?….that’s…..OhMyGod…that’s 60 men” DIG Elliot said surprised.
” yeah, I find it hard to believe my self” DIG Peters said.
” Are they sure he’s dead?” DIG Williams asked.
” Affirmative, Agent ayoola killed him and dumped his body in the river” DIG Peters said.
” ohh, that’s good then” he said.
” unfortunately they are unable to get the file from him” DIG Peters said then move closer to Mr Martins.
” Now tell us……where is the file? ” DIG Peters asked.
” Are you crazy?……how am I supposed to know?…….since he came back from South Africa I haven’t seen him” DIG Martins said angrily.
” so do you know where he must have kept it?” DIG peters asked.
” how am I supposed to know that?…..he told me what was in the file and accused me of knowing about it all which I don’t ” DIG Martins said.
” he thought I knew about it which is why he didn’t tell me anything, if you hadn’t take on the garment of evil and murdered him I’d have told you to ask him by yourself” DIG Martins spat angrily at them.
” I really hope you all rot in hell” he added then DIG Peters pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.
” what are you waiting for?……kill me?” DIG Martin said.
” don’t do it Peter,……don’t ” DIG aliyu and others tried to calm him down.
” I won’t kill you cause you know we will all be in trouble” DIG Peters said.
” you can go back to your family now, but just to be clear if you ever mention this to anyone, I mean anyone I swear to you……you will lose all your family in an instant ” DIG Peters said.
” And if you think I’m bluffing, try it and see the outcome ” he added then DIG Martins stood up and left.
” do you think he will keep quiet about it?” DIG Williams asked.
” I don’t know but I hope my warning sync into his brain cause I meant everyword, I will have someone to tail him” DIG Peters said.
” what about the file?…..if we don’t find it all the money will go to waste especially when no one knows where it is” DIG Elliot said.
” we will search MIA’s house and see if we can find anything, we have to find that file” he said.
” this is getting out of hand, this is not how I pictured it, it’s not supposed to come this far” he added.
” what about the report?, people would want to know what happened?” DIG Elliot said.
” I think we should frame him for drug trafficking or Child Abuse or something ” DIG Williams suggested.
” Nah, I don’t think anyone will believe that……..the guy quite made a name for himself in the society, everyone will know it’s a lie” DIG Peters said.
” we will just tell them something or perhaps denied that we knew anything about it ” he added.
(Three hours later)

The boat reach the port in Lagos at around few minutes past six, the day is just breaking then the man turned to wake Desmond.
” Sir, Sir……wake up we are in Lagos ” the man said then shake him but he made no movement.
” Haha, Sir….we are in Lagos,…. Wake up ” the man said shaking him harder then he gasped out.
” e eh eh, I told you to let’s go to the hospital and you refused, how are you to make it…..you can’t even stand to your feet” the man said.
Desmond tried his best to stand to his feet, then he climbed off the boat.
” thank…..you, I…i owe you my life” Desmond said.
” let me help you to the hospital” the man insisted.
” never mind, I will be fine……..can…you do me….one… One… More favour” Desmond said.
” yeah I guess ” the man said.
” tell no one about this……..forget It ever happened” Desmond said groaning in pain.
” yeah sure, I understand ” the man replied.
” thank you once again” Desmond said then turned to leave.
” wait…..have this” the man said giving him a raincoat to cover himself and Desmond collected it from him.
” thank you very much” Desmond said then wore the coat and use the hood to cover his head.
Not so much people can be seen around the place which gives Desmond a chance to move freely without anyone suspecting him especially with the way he walks.
He staggered weakly as he walks around, he got into the streets then he saw people moving around probably those going to work.
People don’t notice him much cause of the raincoat he put on, as he take each step he could feel all his body burning hot.
He didn’t stop but continue moving about since he doesn’t have any cash with him, he will have to trek.
(Dasilva Residence)

Mrs Silva is in the kitchen making breakfast, vickie is in her room getting ready for work.
Grace is awake in her room browsing on her phone then she saw a news about Desmond on instagram.
She spranged up immediately and she refused to believe the news about her brother and she made more research about it and she saw the picture of his wreckage car and house gate.
” Oh no…….MOOOMMM” she shouted and left her room in an instant.
When Mrs Dasilva heard her scream she came out of the kitchen, Vickie also came out of her room to meet her.
” Why the scream, Grace?” Vickie asked.
” Mom, come see this” grace said showing them the news.
” No……I don’t believe this….you can’t believe anything you see on the news this days” Mrs Silva said trying to control her emotion.
” yeah, Mom is right…..it’s probably a rumour ” Vickie said.
” C’mon Sis…..does this look like a rumour to you?…..this is his house and that’s his car” Grace said already crying.
” calm down, let me call his phone to clear this suspicions……let’s not jump into conclusion” Vickie said then dialled Desmond’s number.
The number was unreachable and she tried a few more times and still got the same response which only add more to their worries.
” ugh….you guys stay here I will have to go to Hanford City to look for him, maybe he needs our help” Vickie said.
” Sis, eyewitness said they shot him multiple time and he fell into the river” Grace said.
” well I refused to believe that…..they haven’t found his body…. right, that means he’s still out there” Vickie said.
” mom please don’t cry, it’s probably false report, I’m going to find him ” Vickie said.
” No, I’m coming with you” Mrs Silva said.
” No Mom, you stay here and I will go” Vickie said.
” It’s not a debate……I’m coming” Mrs Silva said standing up to her feet.
” Grace you stay here” Mrs Silva said then went to her room to change.
Few minutes later they both got dressed then they went out taking Vickie’s car.
(One hour later)

Desmond got to their street and he couldn’t walk any longer, he keeps falling every now and then and people are staring at him.
He opened his eyes then manage to stand up then moved towards their house which is down the street and about a few minutes later he got there.
He pressed the alarm button for a couple of times and when no one came out he fell down and went unconscious right in front of the house.
Grace was in her room so engrossed at the news she was reading on net that she didn’t hear the doorbell.
Just when she read it finish she heard the doorbell the last time before it stopped.
She wondered if she really hear it then decided to check it out, she got outside and looked through the gate but see no one.
Just as she was about to turn back she saw blood on the doorbell and she opened the gate to verify and she was shocked to see someone lying on the ground.
She looked around and she see no one around the place then she tried to look at the person.
She removed the hood and she was shocked to see it’s her brother.
” Oh My God, oh my God, Brother ” she said shaking right where she stand.
She think of what to do then she looked around one more time to make sure no one is around before she pulled him into the compound.
She closed the gate immediately she dragged him in, then went to check on him.
” brother, brother wake up, please wake up” she said then she bolted into the house to grab her.
She scrolled through her contact and dialled her sister’s number and she picked.
” we haven’t reached there yet Grace” Vickie said over the phone.
” He’s here” grace said.
” what are you talking about?” she asked.
” Come back home right now……. He’s at the house and he’s badly injured” grace said.
” what do you mean?” Vickie asked.
” he’s bl.eeding everywhere, and he’s unconscious…….please come back right away” grace said crying.
” alright, alright….. We’re coming back now……..just get him in the house and try to put pressure on his wound and try to stop the bl.eeding, and make sure he continues breathing” Vickie said.
” ugh…ugh….okay ” grace said then ended the call.
She tried to carry him but she couldn’t so she dragged him instead, she took him to the parlour.
She went in search of a clean cloth to clean all his wounds, as she was doing all these, her hands are shaking and she couldn’t even control herself.
About forty minutes Vickies car entered the compound and they came out and went inside the house.
” Oh my God, Desmond ” Vickie shouted as she ran to him.
” Desmond, Desmond…..is he going to be alright?” Mrs Silva asked as she cried.
” let’s take him to his room” Vickie said then they carried him to the his room.
They pulled one table and laid him on it and Vickie check his vitals organs.
” his vitals are going down, he’s lost too much bl©©d ” Vickie said as she checked his vitals.
” Grace get me the first-aid kit” Vickie said then grace went to get it.
” please hold on tight Desmond, hang in there” Vickie said.
Grace came back with the kit and Vickie opened it and started treating him, she cleaned his wound and manage to remove all the bullets.
” OhMyGod Desmond, what have you gotten yourself into?” Mrs Silva said weeping.
Vickie sew and cover his wounds, she stopped the bl.eeding but it’s not enough, he needs treatment and also bl©©d.
” I need to go over to the hospital and get some blood and drips as well” Vickie said.
” will he be alright after that?” Mrs Silva said.
” I don’t know mom, right now I’m scared……he’s badly hurt, lost so much blood, so many fracture and bruises, broken ribs, broken arms, twisted ankle, wounded legs and I don’t even know if he has any internal bl.eeding……..how he’s still alive is still a mystery Mom…….I’m scared ”
” You have to please save him Vickie…….you are the only one, you have to” Mrs Silva said.
” I need to go over to the hospital……i will be back soon” Vickie said then went to her room to change her clothes.
She came out a while later with her clothes changed, then went out immediately.

She drove to the hospital and greeted the doctor and nurse she see around, then she went to the blood bank to get blood.
She got the type she needed and then went to get more drugs without letting anyone knowing about it.
After getting all that she needed in the bag and she met her fiance while going out.
” Heyy, hi” Simon said.
” hi” she replied nervously.
” hey, is everything alright?…….you’re acting funny” Simon asked.
” uhmm…yeah, yeah…… I just came to get something, I need to head out now” Vickie said and made to leave.
” heyy…..what’s the problem?” Simon asked then Vickie thought for a while and see that she could actually use his help.
” Alright……do you have any appointments?” she asked.
” ummm no..no…I’m free” Simon replied.
” come with me” Vickie said then they left the hospital together.
A while later they got back to the house they rushed in.
” what’s going on Vickie?” Simon asked as they entered the house.
Mrs Silva and Grace were surprised to see Simon and they gave Vickie a questioning look.
” it’s okay mom, we need his help” Vickie said and they nodded.
” just hurry up” Mrs Silva said.
” Help?….help for what?” Simon asked confusedly.
” please Just come with me” Vickie said as she lead him to where Desmond is.
Immediately he set his eyes on him he was shocked and surprised at the same time.
” MIA? ” he said.
” you knew him? ” Vickie asked.
” who doesn’t?, the guy like a badass legend in Hanford City, what’s he doing here?” Simon asked.
” I explained everything to you but right he needs our help, please Simon ” Vickie said.
” Alright……alright ” he replied and they begin immediately.
Vickie and Simon were able to stabilize him and with the help of Simon they straighten his broken arm and twisted ankle.
Immediately they are done and made sure no other internal injuries they left the room and went to the parlour where Mrs Silva and Grace is.
” how is he?……is he going to be okay” Mrs Silva asked.
” He’s stable at least for now” Simon said.
” why is he here?…..or should I say how did you found him ” he asked and no one answered.
” Vickie…..you need to tell me what’s going on” Simon said.
” you will understand everything, when he wakes up” Vickie said.
” That’s MIA in there,…..how did you find him?……..i understand you helping him but don’t you think whoever is after him followed him here” he said.
” I don’t think so” Vickie replied.
” what if he die here?…….the man is half dead already, with multiple gun wounds, fractures and bruises all over his body, broken ribs, broken arms, twisted ankle, deep wound on the leg, c’mon there’s a slight chance that he’s going to survive it” Simon said.
” he has to…….he has to survive” Vickie said with tear rolling down her face.
” I understand but He’s supposed to be at the hospital not here……..you’re inviting more trouble” Simon said then he faced Mrs Silva.
” Mom, please try to understand the situation ” he said.
” he can’t go to the hospital” Vickie countered.
” why Vickie?……why do you care so much for him?” Simon asked.
” BECAUSE HE’S MY BROTHER” Vickie shouted.

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