She slumped on the couch, letting out a loud sigh. She rested her head, looking very pale. Her makeup had turned to a complete mess making her look as if she was a ghost. She breathe out angrily as she grabbed the packet of ¢igarettes on the table.

She inhaled and puffed out smoke, staring into space. I shook my head sideways, this is my first time seeing her pathetic side.

I cleared my throat, sat on a different couch. I crossed my legs and stared at her. “So…..” I began.


“Don’t wanna talk about it.” She interfered not sparing me a look.

I scoffed. “I saved you, remember.”

She faced me. “How did you get to know?.” She asked.

“Babe am Jacob,I have my ways.”

“Yeah…no kidding.” She rolled her eyes. I scoffed under my breathe, bch!. She still haven’t gotten rid of her witty attitude huh..

“So why the h’ll did you do it?.” I questioned as I walked to get us an alcoholic drink.


“You know what am talking about.” I snapped coldly, extending a glass of wine towards her.

She collected it and frowned. “Why did I do it??. Well, what else…?. I hate her so much.”

“It wasn’t part of our plans, you know that!. You’ve screwed up everything, you should have been more patient Noelle” I scolded.

“Hey…don’t blame me!. I just hate the sight of that woman!. I despise her so much!.”

“Well that person you speak of, put you in the mess you were. And what did you do about it….?. You did nothing!. No one helped you, Geez…..babe, you need to act smart!. You’ve gat to exercise more patience whenever you wanna hunt your target and be smart too.” I half yelled.

She opened her mouth to speak but uttered nothing. She breathe out angrily as she clenched her fists. “Argh!.” She screamed.

“You need to control your temper sometimes.”

She kept mute for a sec and faced me. “So…what do you suggest we do now?.” She asked calmly.

“Right now…?”


“We stay put. Patience is golden sweetheart.” I smirked.

“Sure, Whatever. And by the way, don’t call me Noelle. It sucks hearing it from you.”

“You’re annoying.” I stood up heading to the kitchen.

“Hey you gat any food?. Am hungry!.” She half yelled.

“Go get it at your house!.” I replied.

“Fk you Jay.”


Sister Yuri.

I came out from the bathroom when I heard my phone ringing. I moved to where I kept it, on the bed and stared at the caller.
I smiled and picked it instantly. “Sweetheart.” She exclaimed, well she sounds happy this morning. I wonder what’s up with her.

“Hey mom. Good morning.”

“Morning, how was your night my dear?.” She asked.

“Fine and yours?. By the way, how is your business going?. Hope you ain’t stressing yourself?!.”

“Am doing well honey and everything is fine. In fact I called you cause I need your help urgently.” She said.


“What would that be mom?.” I asked, tightening the towel that I tied around my chest.

“Alright, I want you to come to the airport and pick me up.”

“What do you mean?.” I chuckled.

“Are you in America or what?.” I jokingly added.

“Well yeah.” She laughed.

“You really ain’t kidding right?. Why?. Thought you were going to spend two months there. What happened?.”

“Well, I got my work schedules cancelled.” She responded.

“Why mom?.” I gasped.

“You see dear….I feel so lonely and i really miss you guys so much especially my lovely Riley, so how is she doing?.”

My heart raced, I quickly thought of what happened to Riley. I kept mute, cracking my head for a suitable response.

“Yuri…why ain’t you talking?.” She asked softly.

“Oh uhm sorry mom. She is very very fine.” I bit my bottom lip after i said this to her.

“Is everything okay Yuri dear, talk to me.” She tells calmly.

“Yeah, mom all is well. So tell me about your business…” I stuttered as i tried to change the topic but I failed.

“You’re being mendacious Yuri.”

“What….?. No!. Why would I…!?.” I chuckled nervously.

“Am your mom Yuri, you stutter when you tell a lie. Yuri, what’s wrong?.”

“You’re right mom.” I surrendered.

I took a deep breathe and began. “Well…


I got to the dinning room, sat down and watched as three maids dish out everyone’s food. After they were done, I grabbed my fork. I was about to eat when she joined me.
“Good morning.” She said, as she took her seat.

I ignored her greetings, concentrating on the delicious pancakes in front of me.

“Good morning Riley.” She said again, loud this time.

I faced her with a very deadly glare as she looked away instantly. “Am not deaf Tonia. Save your greetings cause I don’t need it!.” I snapped at her angrily.

Her facial expression changed, she looked pale and I love it seeing her this way. Now she knows how it feels when she used to address me rudely.

“Okay.” She muttered low as she faced her meal.

Shortly, he also joined us. I smirked, recalling the interesting conversation we had. He avoided my gaze cause I was staring at him and sat down.

“Where’s sister Yuri?.” He asked one of the three maids that were waiting to clean up after we’re done with our breakfast.

“She went out Sir.” The first one replied with respect, by lowering her head.

“Where did she go to?.”

“She didn’t mention where she was going to sir.”

“Okay then.” He sighed.

We heard a sound from the living room, it’s the door bell. A maid went to get it as we continued eating.

“I hope she’s doing fine. It’s odd she didn’t inform any of us, she isn’t like that.” Tonia said.

I scoffed within, as if she cares about her sister. She’s also bad like her evil twin, Jessica. Gosh, I felt like using my fork to design her face…!.

“Of course am good.” Someone responded.

We all turned our attention at the living room door, Sister Yuri with a faint smile and….

“Mom..?.” Scott said, standing up.

Tonia and I also rose up to our feet as we walked to ’em.

“Mom.” I muttered in surprise.

“You didn’t tell us you were coming for a visit mom.” Scott uttered, he also seemed surprised.

“I missed you all, so I decided to come home to spend some time with y’all.” She replied.

She moved to me and gave me a warm hug, I smiled returning her hug. “How have you been doing my dear?.” She asked.

She withdrew from me and stared at me. “You’re not, Yuri has told me everything.” She said softly with a sad look.

She briefly looked at my stomach and faced Tonia.

“You….” She exclaimed angrily.

“How could you do something cruel to her!.”

Tonia, she bent her head low, obviously ashamed. “Am sorry mom.” She said.

“Sorry?.” Mom $Iapped Tonia really hard on the cheek, she raised up her head with teary eyes.

“Mom, please calm down.” Sister Yuri begged.

“You said sorry???. Can sorry make everything better?. I warned you, didn’t I?. I told you to stay away from that lady you call your best friend!. Now….look what you’ve done….you joined hands with that pathetic human to destroy the unborn child of your sister in law!. How could you Tonia?!. You ain’t like this before….how could you be this cruel to your fellow human!. What wrong has Riley ever done to you two?.” She voiced out furiously at Tonia.

“M…mom am so sorry, I never knew Jessica was using me. Please forgive me mom, am sorry.” She cried as she tried to hold her mother’s hand.

“Don’t touch me!.” She scolded and continued, “Am so disappointed in you Tonia, you should have been locked up with your dear friend!.”

“Am so sorry.” She continued to sob. She faced me and did the unexpected, she knelt down before me with her hands clasped together.

“Riley, please I want you to find a place deep in your heart to forgive me. I know what I did was totally mean, please am so sorry!.” She begged.

I watched her as she shed tears, her eyes….she looked guilty. Yeah, am very upset for what she did but…..seeing her like this makes me want to change my mind.

Sister Yuri stared at me with pleading eyes while Scott remained emotionless as usual.

“Alright….” I sighed loudly, “I forgive you.”

“Really?.” Her mood changed instantly, her lips curved into a big smile.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Oh!. Thank you so much!.” She stood up and hugged me.

“Sure.” I said, disengaging from her.

“Riley….” Mom stated but i interfered.

“Mom, it’s okay. Am good, I also need you to forgive Tonia. Am sure she has learnt her lesson.” I said.

After a brief silent, she nodded slowly. “I have forgiven you, Tonia.” She said.

“Thanks mom.” She hugged her mother as sister Yuri also joined them.


“Thank you so much Riley.” She repeated as I smiled in response.

Guess …I have feelings. Am not like Jessica, that mon$ter!.


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