By Authoress Succy

Chapter 31

“Dress up and come downstairs,” he said and walked out of the room, and she sighed in relief.

“What’s the need for dressing anyway?” she muttered and walked out of the room.

As she walked down the stairs, she couldn’t help but admire the beautiful surroundings in front of her.

The place was so beautiful. The stairs were long, and she could already feel her legs hurting.


She looked around and got lost in the beautiful sight outside the windows.

The windows were like shy eyes, large and welcoming the sunlight.

The mansion was made of concrete with tall glass windows that offered a view of the nearby mountains, providing a relaxing place to enjoy the changing seasons from the comfort of an easy chair.

She smiled as she looked around, imagining how it would feel to live in such a beautiful mansion.

“Aren’t you done looking?” she heard the familiar voice say, and she just rolled her eyes before fully ascending to the sitting room.

She hadn’t even realized she was already in the sitting room.

She stared at the sitting room in awe, making a sound of amazement, while Martin chuckled.

“You made me cancel my meeting with the board members. So what do you suggest I do?” Martin said, anger showing in his voice, and Evelyn sighed before sitting beside him.

“I’m really sorry,” Evelyn said, and Martin nodded, sipping his drink.

“So, why the h’ll were you drinking?” he asked, and Evelyn sighed.

She didn’t want to tell him. She was ashamed to admit that his father was in prison.

“Hmm, nothing,” she replied, faking a smile, and Martin scoffed.

“You almost put my company’s name at risk, and the only favor you’ll do for me is telling me why you were drinking,” Martin yelled, and Evelyn flinched back in fear.

“Nothing,” she replied, and Martin huffed. He knew something was wrong with her, and he wanted to find out for himself.

She glanced at the clock on the table and sighed when she saw it was 2:00 pm.

‘How long has she been here?’ she wondered, looking at the time.

Suddenly, she felt herself being lifted up, and Martin placed her on his thighs, making her eyes widen.

She tried to stand up, but Martin wouldn’t let her.

“What the heck do… do you think you’re doing?” she stuttered, and Martin just smiled, wrapping his arm around her waist and resting his head on her neck.

“Let’s watch a movie together,” he whispered in her ear and lightly I!cked her earlobe, making her shiver.

She suddenly remembered when they were in college and they used to do things like this.

Those were some of the best moments in their relationship.

Their relationship was complicated, but they still cherished the sweet memories they had together.


Martin was sitting on the blue fancy couch, looking at the TV while operating his phone at the same time.

Evelyn walked in, dressed in pink pants and a singlet.

She smiled when she saw Martin and walked towards him, standing in front of him, catching his attention.

They didn’t have any exams that day, so they decided to spend some time together.


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