Aria face brightened when she walked into a next class and saw the space next to Austen vacant.

With a gladdened face, she pushed through the lockers and sat down beside him.

Austen whose head was buried over his phone as pressed on it looked beside him instantly.

“What are you doing beside me?”He spat at her and scoffed at the smile that was still on her face.

“Sitting, of course.”she shrugged and said.

Like the seat burns, he shifted far away from her and continued his business on the phone. Can’t she learn to go bother someone else?

“You know this is unfair, right? Ever since I had told you about my feelings towards you, you’ve been distancing yourself from me.

You don’t even look at me when I walk past you. Is it a crime that I like you?”Aria said, sniffing and trying to keep her tears away.

“It’s a big fking crime, especially when I don’t even like you back!”he blunted to her face as he leaned closer.

She tried to maintained her balance on her seat but as Austen kept leaning closer, she fell off the seat and unto the floor.

“Better.”he smirked triumphantly before jumping on his feet and walking out of the class.



Sabrina felt pressed on her way to the cafetaria and decided to use the restroom.

She got in and did the needed, but as she turned around to leave the restroom, her face paled at the sight before her.

“Nice meeting you, Sabrina.”Roselia smiled deviIishly, stretching forth her left hand towards Sabrina for a shake.

“Do you remember the beauty land? The place you got your beauty that right now you are using to trick and seduce Luciano, my husband?”Roselia asked her, her palm still before Sabrina.

Sabrina felt her heart skip a beat immediately.

“If you can vividly remember the day you were brought to the land and spoken to by my monsters to leave Luciano alone, you’ll recollect the fact that they could have beaten you to d.eath or just kll you off at the spot but didn’t because I took pity on you and told them not to.

“Roselia smirked at the end of her statement, loving the look of horror on Sabrina’s face.

“Now, shake my hand and tell me that ‘it’s nice meeting you'”Roselia urged her.

Gulping, Sabrina brought forward her hand. She was fidgeting internally and somehow wish to crawl into the ground.

“Nice meeting you.”Sabrina muttered, shaking her hand and quickly withdrawing the next second.

Impressed, Roselia smiled with a nod and walked out of the restroom, her powers slamming the door shut and turning the lock.

“Fk!”Sabrina cvrsed and ran to the door, she laid her hands on the doorknob but it refused to open.

“Somebody help!!”she yelled exasperatedly on top her voice, trying the doorknob but she knew her efforts were futile.

A tear escaped down her eye and blossomed down on her cheek as she slumped her back against the door, and crawled into a ball. Her heart starts to ache…


Luciano searched almost each and every nooks of the school’s building but couldn’t find Sabrina. Perhaps she’s left for home and couldn’t stay back because of what happened. But he needed to see her, and they have to talk things through.

He’s going to tell her that he never meant it, but fk! he meant it and didn’t really did that to give Roselia a show but because at that time he really wants to.

Realizing he was walking towards the restroom, he made to turn away but stopped the movement when he saw Roselia coming out of the girl’s restroom with a huge smirk plastered on her face.

He stylishly turned around and made sure she was gone before running towards the restroom.

“Could she be here?”he thought, leaning forward and his eyes glimmed with shock when he heard the sound of sniffing, indicating someone was inside.

As in on cue, loud bangs began to sound on door from inside.


“Somebody help!”hearing her voice made him stand back upright immediately. His hands folds into fists, knowing this was Roselia’s handiwork. He could have punched on the wall if Sabrina didn’t bang on the door again with urgency.

He hurriedly withdrawn his phone from his pocket and placed it by his ear, one of his guards picking up the phone at the first ring.

“Hey Draco, get me the keys to the female restroom. Now.”After placing the order across to him, he ended the call.

Putting his phone back in his back pocket, he was suspicious when he could no longer hear any voice nor sound from inside.

In a panic that someone has gone wrong, he knew he was running out of patience when he lifted his foot upward and jerked the door.

Once, twice, thrice and… The door flew open and a triumphant sigh escaped his breath.

Sabrina quickly stood up from the floor she was seated and charged for outside. Her breathing stopped alongside her walk when she saw who was at the door.

“Lucian.”She cooed softly, fluttering her lashes in bewilderment.

“Sabrina. C’mon, let’s get out of here.”he said to her, ignoring the shocked expression on her face.

She nodded and they both left the premises of the restroom, walking side by side in silence.

Luciano had his hands inside his well fitted trouser pockets as they walked. He knew he had to say something as they were about turning the corner and leads to the cafeteria.

“About what happened…”he started.

“…. it’s a mistake?”even though she shouldn’t have spoken, she found herself completing his sentence for him. A hint of pain shoots through her heart at her own words.

She didn’t regret kissing him, but what if he does? There’s a huge chance he did that to prove something to Roselia, which caused her heart to hammer against her chest.

Hearing that, he stopped and held her in place, placing his hands on her shoulders.

“No, that wasn’t what I wanted to say. For all I know, it wasn’t mistake.”he told her, looking into her pair of ocean blue eyes.

At that, she wanted to smile but decided not to show it to her face, instead, she did internally.

“Okay.”she only nodded, and he smiled slightly, stepping back.

He walked few feet further and sat down on the long bench located at the front of the school’s gym. He patted the space beside him and nodding, she awkwardly sat down beside him.

It was a little space left between them and she can’t help sneaking a glance at it. She so much want to fill up the space, get closer to him but she has no such boldness.

“About what you said that am not from this world, she said the same thing.”his voice got her out of her thinking trance, causing her to furrow her brows confusingly.

“Who?”she couldn’t help asking.

“The lady we saw while at the parking lot. I think her name is Rosalyn…”he creased his forehead uncertainly as he spoke.

“Roselia, not Rosalyn.”she corrected, shifting more further into the seat and resting her back for comfortability.

“Not like I care about her name.”he chuckled and says as Sabrina laughed slightly.

“What did she want?”She arched her brow at him and asked. Of course, she knew what Roselia could possibly want.

She knew why she was down here at where wasn’t even her world. And she knew she has to convince him not to follow her back or listen to whatever she says.

“She suddenly came to the palace yesterday and started muttering shits about me being her fking ‘hubby’ when am not even married.

I told her she must have mistook the palace for where she’s going and had to tell her to go. Then, this morning; she was at the parking lot waiting for me again.

Again, she came to meet me and said all those words that qualifies me as hers, which I clearly wasn’t.”he explained, before he heard his phone flashing in his pocket.

“You shouldn’t mind her. She’s…”As she spoke and tried to convince him, he was already rising from seat and staring down at something at his phone that was held so tight in his hand.

“Sorry but I have to go.”He only spared her a little glance before briskly walking away. Her nerves cracked and she immediately rose up on her feet too, knowing something is wrong.

And she also noticed the look in his eyes when he glanced back at her. His eyes were roaming with indecision before he walked away.

She quickly ran back into the class to get her backpack. Whatever way she has to go through, she’s going to make sure she stops him.


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