By Tofunmi Nikky


The beauty land***

Queen Roselia could be seen hastily dumping all her clothes into a duffel bag that was placed right on the bed.

Had it been some other days; it would be the maid doing the packing and putting everything in order.


But not like she cares today, she just dumped everything hazardously into the bag.

“Roselia, come out of your room right now!”she heard her mother call for her.

A knock sounded on the door thereafter and she almost groaned, rolling her eyes as she zipped up bag.

“Queen Roselia, your mother seeks you.”her bodyguard that was always on the stand by the door stopped knocking to say.

She grabbed the bag’s straps and as she dragged it behind her, she cursed under her breath. How she wished she could get a maid to do this for her, but it can’t work.

She turned the key in the lock and yanked the door open. She took a step out and couldn’t further because her mother was now obstructing her way.

She briefly shut her eyes, sighing exasperatedly.

“Where to?”Her mother ran her eyes all over her, before damping her arms at akimbo on her waist as a frown crept on her face.

“Magadascar, mother. I can’t just stay back here and expect Luciano to just come back. Who knows, he might take a decade.”she told her mother, using her free hand to crease her forehead.

“He’ll come, daughter. You can’t go to his world just like that.”her mother looked almost frightened, but looking back at Roselia’s face; she wasn’t even the least convinced.

Roselia looked past her mother, tightening her hold on the bag’s straps.

“Take care of the palace, Dante.”Instead of responding, Roselia instructed the guard who in turn nodded, and using her power as she knew her mother could be so adamant, she easily slipped past her.

“I’m sorry mother, but I need to go find Luciano. And I promise to bring back my hubby.”Roselia looked back behind her back at her mother and stated with a very huge determination.

She saw her mother’s eyes swelling up not wanting to see the upcoming tears and feel guilty, she snapped her index finger against her thumb and once a tunnel appeared, she got into it.

As the tunnel disappeared into the air, her mother held her hurting chest, a drop of tear meaning to escape her eye.


As soon as Seth stomped back into the palace, he found his emotions rushing back into his head. He slumped on the couch, feeling the wild sense of a deja vú.

He looked down at his bI..oody knuckles and couldn’t help gritting his teeth in annoyance.

He gulped down nothing as he recollects the scene he’d just witnessed.

Could Luciano possibly like Sabrina? Or wait, what if Sabrina feels the same way.

“Fk!”he cussed and not able to contain his feeling, he stalked towards the bar section.

He poured himself a shot of whiskey and downed it. It went with a shrill down his throat and he winched slightly, feeling the hotness.

She’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever met. Dmn it, couldn’t she see it in his eyes?

Or was it that it wasn’t that revealing for her to see he so fking want her?

But then, there she was minutes ago locked in Luciano’s arm. The way Lucian was staring at her with that look that spelt admiration, he doesn’t know why but he hates the sight.

Shaking his head to get away the thought for the next few minutes, he knew he had to will himself into this whiskey and doesn’t mind getting himself drunk to stupor; as long as it was able to take away her thought from his head for the next few hours.

He quickly diverted his eyes to the bottle of whiskey and deciding to take the shortcut, he threw away its cap and grabbing the whiskey off the table, he took it to his mouth and start chunking it down the throat.

The way it felt down his throat and straight to his stomach was heavenly.

So heavenly he loves it.

He was only halfway through the whiskey when the clicking of heels against the flooring reached his hearing.

“Hi there?”The feminine voice greeted and as fast as possible, he snapped his head to the direction as he swirled around.

Disappointment washed through his face when he saw the sight that wasn’t Sabrina.

He grumbled something under his breath that goes along the line ‘fk off’ when he saw her staring so intently at him.

“Hi.”the female before him said again, and this time flashing him a smile which earned an audibly loud scoff from Seth.

He made to turn away when she stretched her right hand in his direction for a shake.

“I’m Roselia by name.”she spoke, but Seth just kept looking between her and her outstretched palm without a word.

He felt himself staggering backward and instead leaned against the counter, as he stared back at her smiling face with a huge smirk.


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