“What the fk?!”he screeched the car to a sudden halt just before her house, his eyes snapping towards her…

“Well, that was what I dreamt about.”Sabrina shrugged her shoulder, though a little scared at his reaction. That only means that he himself has no idea.

It was a 70-30 percentage. The lowest percent of him doesn’t want to believe what she had just uttered.

While the huge part of him- 70%- knew there was no reason why Sabrina would tell him lies.

And since the huge part of him went with that believe; be stared ahead as he tried recollecting few memories.

Few memories of how he’d once heard a certain voice that kept calling him home.

He remembered how he’d sticked with the fat ‘No’ and didn’t allow whatever enchantment the strange voice was conveying to get to him.

He also remembered when Anita had all of a sudden disappeared into a tunnel yesterday at school.

A tunnel.. For all he knew; a tunnel was a magical thing. It can’t just been seen on rare occasions.

He knew it was connected with a strange power and not just anybody could see it. So why did he?

He saw it that day but why?

He raked his hand in his hair, without even knowing he was tousling it. ‘Whatever that strange thing is, it’s not going to end well’ he thought to himself.

Luciano’s ringing phone broke into the silence, and striking a fist upon the steering wheel, he retrieved his phone from the cupholder and into his hand.

Boldly written across the screen was the name; ‘Seth’. Peaking a look at Luciano’s phone as she leaned against the leather seat, she saw his name too but quickly looked away when she saw a little bit of furiousness in his eyes.

“A minute,”he doesn’t know why he had glanced at her and said, but he was relieved when she gave him a positive nod.

At the last ring, he successfully slides the call to receiver and placed it across his ear.

“Yes?”he said into the phone, his voice developing a little sharpness that he wished Seth wouldn’t notice, but Seth is Seth anyways.

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he heard Seth’s slump response.

“No need to be so mean about the call, Lucian. I just called to tell you to come back real quick cause you’ve got a visitor.”

‘Is he drunk?’he immediately thought. And he knew the answer without the help of a soothsayer; Seth has drank himself to a high degree, that was sure.

Seth had hanged up the call instantly. So he placed his phone back at the cupholder and started the car.

Since Sabrina’s house was about few feets away now, the drive didn’t take long. He stopped the car and she unhooked the seatbelt that was against her body.

Turning, she opened the car door and climbed out of it.

Not fully though because he caught her wrist and stopped her before her second feet could touch the ground.

Sabrina meets his eyes and she saw a certain feeling roaming them. But before she can fathom whatever that look was, Luciano had blinked it away the next second.

“Thank you for relaying the dream to me.”he told her, an uneasy smile on his face.

Looking down at Luciano’s soothing hand that was wrapped around her wrist, she nodded. Was it foreign how she so much likes his touch on any part of her body?

After he’d earned a nod from her, she released her wrist and leaned away.

A disappointed feeling seeped up her skin and not wanting him to see through her nor read her emotions, she quickly dropped her second foot on the ground.

“Bye.”she choked on her word as she slammed the door shut, avoiding his face as she ran into her house.

Confused, he reversed and drove the way back to the palace.

Now; who could his visitor be?


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