Anita instantly stopped, shocked that the supposed nerd knew her name.

“Look behind your back. It sucks how as big and sassy as you’re, you forgot what to do when you’re on your period.

Now, look at what a mess you’ve turned your skirt… Gush, you’re so ridiculous.”Roselia mocked, giving a disgusting face.

Anita immediately looked behind her with an ho..rrified face. It was so fast how tears started blossoming down her -caked up with makeup- face.

She just ended her menstrual cycle last week, but here it was again, her white floral skirt all stained with bI.ood.

?OMG, Her skirt is all ruined up?

? She’s crying, Brett.?

?Yes she is… What does that have to do with me?

?I thought you said you’ve hard a crush on her since ages?

?Yes, but seeing this, whatever I once felt towards her is gone?

?And who is that girl, is she new???

Luciano’s Limousine screeched to a halt at the school’s parking lot just as Anita wanted to make a run.

She was hoping she could just get into her car, drive back home and cry herself to death.

?Prince Luciano is here!?

Roselia disregarded Anita’s sobs beside her and her face dissolved into a big grin when she saw Luciano stepping out of the car… Until, a feminine figure stepped out with him.

? Sabrina is here… Look?

? She’s so beautiful it hurts…?

?They are a perfect match?

?Ugh, I wanted her first!?

Roselia cracked her knuckles in anger. That was the Sabrina girl he told his men to punish back then.

“Guess she haven’t learnt her lesson.”Roselia thought with an immense amount of anger.

She couldn’t take it. Roselia started stalking her way towards them.

“Hubby…”she called and when he snapped his head at her with a warning expression, she quickly corrected herself,”I mean Luciano, good morning honey.”

She threw her arms up and made to hug him but Luciano grabbed Sabrina’s wrist and she slightly slammed into his chest. Sabrina was confused at what what happening.

“Honey, I mean… Luciano, I…”She stopped when she saw him lost staring at the girl’s eyes.

Luciano’s jaw ticked when Roselia’s hand touched his bicep, and he knew he had to indirectly tell her to go to h’ll.

He cupped Sabrina’s face in his palm and leaned in.

Anita ran the opposite direction immediately, not wanting to see the scene.

Roselia’s face paled and her eyes popped out of their sockets as Luciano slammed his lips unto Sabrina’s, claiming her plump lips and gaining an erupting scream from the crowds.


As soon as Sabrina felt his lips on hers, alongside the obvious glares that Roselia was shooting up her skull, she jerked away from Luciano before the kiss would get more intense.

Luciano turned back to look at Roselia’s jaw strucked face and almost rolled his eyes.. What’s her problem, exactly?

?OMG, look at that!?

?He just fking kssed her?

?She just pulled back, maybe she’s not into the prince ?

And at the last rumor that flied up Sabrina’s ear, she found herself stalking away from the parking lot and out of the scene.

She got into her first class and slumped on the chair with a relieved breath.

But was there even anything to be relieved about? Luciano just kssed her…

He even did it in front of the whole crowd but why is she feeling like it’s wrong.

Oh yes, because of the unfamiliar lady by their front whom perhaps Luciano might have kssed her to get rid off.

Sabrina rubbed a palm over her neck as nervous kicked in heavy bucks.

She likes the kss; heck, she enjoyed it but the way the lady was staring daggers at her was as if she nows all about her.

The teacher came in and started the class, causing Sabrina to huff aloud.

She’d forgotten she hasn’t taken off her backpack, so she quickly slipped it off her shoulders and slammed it frustrating against the desk, which hopefully, she was glad Mr Blake didn’t hear the thump.

Lost in her thoughts, she leaned forward against her desk, not even caring to bring out a notebook.


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