Mrs Pavarotti, the Queen, was making her way down the stairs with the chef.

The middle aged woman who’s obviously in her early fifties had the queen’s handbag in her hand as they walked to the living room.

It was by then that Roselia was at the door and turning the doorknob, she left.

The queen was could only catch the glimpse of her back. And seeing Seth on the couch laying on his back and perhaps fast asleep, she thought she might be one of his visitors or friends.

So instead of bothering him, she signalled for the chef to let them further and be on their way to the grocery store.


Roselia stomped annoyingly down the roadside, her heels clicking so loudly against the tarred road. She was biting so hard on her bottom lip that it would draw blood anytime soon.

Was this the reason why he didn’t bother coming back home?

Could it possibly be that he didn’t remember anything about their world or her? Or could he be on a pretense?

No, it wasn’t possible. She saw the saw he had stated for her to be out of the palace with any remorse.

She saw the look on his face and the way it didn’t hold any type of recognition for her.

Now, instead of been there to tell him it’s time to go home and then they’ll go together; it seems that for now, she’s to first make him gain back his memories.

She doesn’t know how long it might take but she’s willing to wait till then.

After all, no other person could have her heart except him. There’s no way she’s loving someone else because she’s already gave her heart to him… She’s willed it to him and she’s not regretting it.

“Okay, I think I have to go back to the hotel and stay there for the meantime.”she mumbled to herself.

But how’s she going to get there?

She was on the thought when she saw a certain flashy car at a distance away from her.

The way was coming from inside the palace and Roselia watched as it stopped by the pathway.

Then she saw her…

“My hubby’s mother here in this world… I don’t know the queen of Magadascar was this beauty.”Roselia cooed to herself, watching as the Queen walked majestically towards the car as the palace gate was locked.

‘What if you try and impress her. Make his mother like you and that will make you a step closer to Luciano.’her subconsciousness told her.

But how will she do that? she can’t just jumped before the Queen and start impressing her, right? something has to happen to which she’s going to run to her rescue.

As the Queen opened the door, a certain middle aged woman entered the passenger’s seat while the driver was already behind the wheels.

The Queen was supposed to get into the car without any hindrance and drive away but Roselia decided to change that.

The Queen got into the car but Roselia made her red dress to get stuck in the car in the process.

Then the Queen began trying to shut the door without knowing it was the hem of her dress hindering the car door from been locked.

And before any of her workers could come to her assistance, Roselia had flashed like lightening to the scene.

The Queen was confused when she retrieved the door handle from her, and wanted to question her but stopped when she saw her picking the hem of her dress that was a little bit on the floor up.

“Here it is, your Majesty.”Roselia smiled brightly and bowed slightly, sliding the queen’s dress back into the car and in the proper place.

The Queen’s face glistened at her curtsy and manners.

While Roselia wanted to be a little bit annoyed at the fact that she was also a Queen but in a situation like this; she was bowing for another Queen like her.

Moreover, she was in a higher position and possessed a great power unlike her.

But instead of scolding herself, she remembered she was doing this for love. Love… Love that is worth it.

“Thanks pretty.”the Queen spoke appreciatively and Roselia nodded.

Roselia pretended to be turning to leave and a smile crept on her face when she heard her call her back,”Take this, dear.”

She immediately flapped the smile from her face and let it drop to the floor as turned to the Queen with an uneasy look.

It was the Queen’s number boldly written across the small card.

“Call me, dear.”And with that, the Queen shut the car door and Roselia watched as it was driven up the road.

With a lopsided smile, Roselia looked at the card in her hand. Amused at herself, she jabbed her fist in the air before walking away from the spot.

Now, how’s she getting back to the hotel?

As if on point, a blonde guy parked his car across the street and walked into the house at the opposite.

Roselia hastened her steps and in no time, she was snapping the car’s door opened and climbing into the car.

The car key had already appeared in the lock, so she just had to start up the engine.

She would have used her powers and create a tunnel so she can just appear at her room without any stress, but what was life without no fun?

She smiled heartily, played the music, and then sent the car racing at a crazily amount of speed up the road.


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