Anita raced her car back under the shelter of her home as soon as the security let open the gate.

With huge tears streaming down her face, she pushed out her key from the car’s engine and climbed out of the car.

“Ma’am, welcome…”The maid walking past stopped by her to greet.

“Shut up and eat your damned greetings!”Anita yelled at her, slamming her car door shut as she shut her off with her tooth grounded against the other.

Stomping angrily into the house, she kept lamenting.

The maid wasn’t surprised at her mood. If to talk, she’s going to thank the heavens because on Anita’s bad days like this, she could have landed her a sI.ap but didn’t.

The maid started walking back in but halted her steps when she saw Anita’s shirt all ruined up with bI.ood.

“Surely, what has happened was really bad.”the maid mumbled to herself, shaking her head before going into the building.

She sighed out and hurried back into the kitchen when she couln’t find Anita anywhere in sight.

Anita entered her room and went straight into the bathroom, her phone on her hand.

Her eyes sting as a result of her heavy cries. She went to stand before the mirror and sniffed in her tears on seeing her bI.oodshot eyes.

“I’m going to kll her, I don’t care about where could have came from.”she toned to herself and turning away from the mirror, she wasn’t looking at where she was going.

Almost tripping, her phone flew out of her hand and into the closet.

“Whatever.”she didn’t mind that the phone was just being drowned by the closet until she turned around to leave the bathroom.

“OMG! The sx tape of Austen and I that I had recorded.”her face widened with shock at the fact that the video she was planning to blackmailed Austen with just had drowned.


As soon as Sabrina left, Luciano also started walking away, glad to finally leave Roselia’s presence because it was actually getting more irritating.

He skipped down the stairs but immediately he heard the sound of her heels approaching behind him, he stopped and turned around.

“Luci-“Roselia stopped on the spot as soon as Luciano snapped a hot stare at her.

“Now, tell me… What do h’ll do you want from me. Without the need of a soothsayer, I already know about you.

It had be better you say why you’ve been stalking me now that’s I haven’t yet called my guards to throw you away into a dmned dungeon!”He curtly chipped in, clipping her word shut.

“I, I, You…. Uhm- the thing is, don’t you remember me?”Stammering, Roselia asked. Though she was never the scared type, but right now, Luciano has her stammering.

She thought she was going to speak with boldness but the way Luciano was simply looking down at her, it made it so hard for her.

Moreover, she was trying all her best not to make him more upset. A simple stare at her by him was enough to make her shake in fear.

“No. I. Don’t.”Luciano picked on the three words, making sure to put enough stress in them.

“Ok. Do you know you are not of this world?”Roselia took that answer from him as a progress, so she asked again with hopeful eyes.

He so much wanted to laugh right at her face and tell her it’s a big ‘lie’ but what if he’s heard that before?

Most especially the fact that he believed Sabrina might be right. Now, hearing it from Roselia again, it seems true.

She expected a response from him but instead, he wore a blank expression.

“Infact, you and I are not from here.”she buttressed, causing a dark glint to fly across Luciano’s face.

She quickly advanced towards him with slow steps but he took a huge step back, shaking his head negatively.

“I will take my leave now…”he said instead, and turned around to leave. She again made to follow but he stopped as quickly as he heard her clicking heels.

“And don’t you dare try to follow me.”he added, his icy voice conveying a warning that mustn’t be defiled. Then without even sparing a glance back at her, he walked away.

Nibbling on her lower lip, she palmed her face in her palms and gritted.

“This is harder than I thought.”


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